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Best Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) 2024: Expert Reviews & Features

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Top ATS - Best Applicant Tracking Systems | expert reviews & features.

Best Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) 2024: Expert Reviews & Features

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In 2024, the recruitment landscape will continue to experience major transformation, driven by advancements in recruitment technology, which will change workforce demographics and evolve candidate preferences. 

These traditional hiring methods have given way to a more dynamic and tech-driven ecosystem, characterised by a surge in remote work, gig economy roles, and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in talent acquisition. 

This transformation is exemplified by the adoption of recruitment chatbots to simplify the hiring process, marking a significant shift towards efficiency and innovation in how companies connect with potential candidates.

Recruiters are increasingly focusing on building diverse and inclusive teams, prioritising candidate experience, and leveraging data analytics to make data-driven hiring decisions. 

The competition for top talent remains intense, making it crucial for organisations to adapt to these changes to stay and remain competitive in the job market.  

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have emerged as indispensable hiring tools in the modern hiring process. 

These AI recruitment software solutions streamline end-to-end hiring operations, from posting job openings and reviewing applications to scheduling interviews and managing candidate pipelines. 

ATS not only enhance efficiency but also ensures compliance with hiring regulations and facilitates better communication among hiring teams. 

It becomes an essential recruitment tool for recruiters, HRs and hiring managers. 

Let’s figure out the top 10 Applicant Tracking Systems. 

Top 10 ATS for Successful Recruitment in 2024  

1. iSmartRecruit

Top applicant tracking system (ats) for agencies and hrs.
Best applicant tracking systems (ats) 2024: expert reviews & features -

Want to streamline and automate your tedious hiring tasks? Want to hire top talent faster than your competitors? 

If yes, then you need an All-in-one recruitment tool that helps you manage every single hiring activity, right? 

Choose iSmartrecruit’s AI Recruitment Software, which 10000+ recruiters in 70 countries use to manage their end-to-end recruitment activities, from job posting to hiring the best ones, all on a single platform. 

This most-loved recruitment software is not only customisable but also affordable and has every feature hiring professionals need. 

Let’s check out some of the vital features iSmartrecruit offers. 

Key Features 

  • Advanced Database Search Option 
  • Auto-pilot Workflows   
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting 
  • AI-based Profile & Job Matching   
  • Recruitment Marketing   
  • Effective client/candidate relationship management   
  • Highly customisable


iSmartRecruit offers a custom pricing model tailored for every business, whether you are a small business or a big organisation.

Free Trial: Available on request. 

Capterra Review: 4.6  

2. Jobvite  

Welcome to the homepage of jovite, where you can explore one of the best applicant tracking systems available.
Best applicant tracking systems (ats) 2024: expert reviews & features -

Do you want to streamline your talent acquisition activities from start to end? 

Then, Jobvite is your go-to solution. It offers the ideal collaboration for your recruitment team to achieve success for your organisation. With the Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite, you will experience a complete solution seamlessly integrating with your existing recruitment technology infrastructure, enriching the candidate pool, and expediting your hiring processes. 

Key Features

  • Robust Talent Pipeline
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Custom workflows 
  • Predictive analytics   


Reach out to their sales for pricing details.

Free Trial: Yes

Capterra Review: 4.1 

3. GoHire 

A landing page for small businesses looking to streamline their hiring process with the best applicant tracking systems (ats).
Best applicant tracking systems (ats) 2024: expert reviews & features -

Do you want to streamline hiring for your small business? 

Introducing GoHire, the ultimate recruitment software solution for smart businesses who are looking for seamless hiring processes. 

With their commitment to simplicity and efficiency, GoHire offers intuitive hiring software designed to connect you with the ideal talent easily. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to a human-centric approach in recruitment, where finding the perfect fit for your team is as easy as it should be.

Key Features 

  • Career Site Software
  • Social Media Recruitment 
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Applicant Tracking 


  • Starter – $89 / mo billed monthly 
  • Growth – $150 / mo billed monthly 
  • Pro – $290 / mo billed monthly

Free Trial: Yes

Capterra Review: 4.6 

4. SmartRecruiters

A website with the words hiring without boundaries, specializing in best applicant tracking systems.
Best applicant tracking systems (ats) 2024: expert reviews & features -

Are you seeking a solution that enables you to hire without boundaries? 

Then, experience the future of recruitment with SmartRecruiters, your all-in-one hiring solution for agile recruitment. Streamline your process and empower team collaboration with intuitive tools designed for every stakeholder.

Customise workflows effortlessly to match your business needs and seamlessly integrate with a vast array of third-party apps and HR systems. 

Move faster, hire smarter, and elevate your hiring game with SmartRecruiters.

Key Features 

  • Seamless integration 
  • User-friendly Applicant Tracking 
  • Faster Screening
  • Modernise Offer Management 


Contact their sales for pricing details.

Free Trial: Avail on request 

Capterra Review: 4.2 

5. Recruitee

An ats landing page for a collaborative hiring software that builds winning teams.
Best applicant tracking systems (ats) 2024: expert reviews & features -

Are you wondering who provides the best team collaboration features?

The answer is: Recruitee. Recruitee revolutionises team building with its collaborative hiring software. Unite your hiring teams, enhance sourcing efforts, automate processes, and evaluate candidates with precision. 

Elevate your employer branding and reclaim valuable time, saving up to 64% with Recruitee’s seamless automation features and integrating with 120+ of your favourite apps. 

Key Features 

  • Multi-posting & Smart Campaigns
  • Referral Hub  
  • Customise Reports 
  • Team Collaboration Tools 
  • Automation in Screening 


  • Launch – $ 244 /month
  • Scale – $ 399 /month 
  • Lead – Custom pricing 

Free Trial: 18 days of trial 

Capterra Review: 4.4 

6. iCIMS

A website featuring a person's resume image, optimized for applicant tracking systems (ats).
Best applicant tracking systems (ats) 2024: expert reviews & features -

Want to supercharge your hiring process? 

Then, get ready to experience unparalleled hiring efficiency with iCIMS, the ultimate AI-powered platform to recruit and retain top talent. 

Attract diverse candidates globally, engage and hire at scale faster than ever, and elevate your team with advanced tools. With iCIMS’ all-in-one recruitment software, drive ROI at every stage of the hiring process, empowering your organisation to thrive.

Key Features

  • Candidate Relationship Management
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Analytics & Advanced Analytics
  • Talent Cloud Applied Intelligence (AI)

Pricing: Talk to Sales 

Free Trial: No

Capterra Review: 4.3 

7. Loxo

Utilizing the best ats technology, this talent intelligence platform is ideal for executive search.
Best applicant tracking systems (ats) 2024: expert reviews & features -

Do you want to leverage the intelligence platform to fulfil your hiring needs? 

Experience a transformative shift in recruitment with Loxo, the all-encompassing AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform that consolidates ATS, CRM, Outbound Recruitment, Data, and Sourcing tools into one seamless solution. 

Say hello to fragmented workflows and skyrocket performance while reducing costs. 

Loxo’s enterprise-grade CRM, equipped with comprehensive functionality and automatic updates, along with integrated artificial intelligence, sets the standard for modern recruiting.

Key Features 

  • High-Performance Recruiting
  • Talent Intelligence Platform
  • Executive Search Tool
  • RPO Management 


  • Basic – $119 Per user/month
  • Professional – Talk to sales 
  • Enterprise – Talk to sales 

Free Trial: Start free for 7 days

Capterra Review: 4.6 

8. Manatal

The website screen shot showcases how our ats can transform your recruitment process.
Best applicant tracking systems (ats) 2024: expert reviews & features -

Want to completely transform the way you recruit? 

Revolutionise your recruitment approach with Manatal, the intuitive AI-powered software tailored for HR teams, recruitment agencies, and headhunters. 

Easily post jobs across 2,500+ channels, leverage AI recommendations for efficient candidate sourcing and enrichment, and enjoy the flexibility of a progressive mobile application.

With Manatal, streamline your hiring process and discover top talent faster than ever before.

Key Features 

  • Candidate Tracking 
  • AI-powered recommendations
  • Candidate profiles enrichment 
  • Candidate onboarding & placement management


  • Professional Plan – $15/per user per month
  • Enterprise Plan – $35/per user per month 
  • Custom Plan – For custom integrations on-demand

Free Trial: Yes 

Capterra Review: 4.7  

9. Greenhouse

A screen shot of a website with a green background showcasing the best applicant tracking systems (ats).
Best applicant tracking systems (ats) 2024: expert reviews & features -

Want to hire the right talent faster? 

Then, elevate your hiring strategy with Greenhouse, the comprehensive hiring operating system designed for people-first companies. 

With features spanning sourcing, structured interviewing, and onboarding, Greenhouse empowers you to make informed, equitable, and confident hiring decisions at every stage of the process. Say hello to a new era of hiring excellence with Greenhouse.

Key Features 

  • Best Support  
  • Seamless Job Advertising  
  • Automated Workflows Management 

Pricing: Custom pricing 

Free Trial: No 

Capterra Review: 4.5   

10. JobDiva

A website with the words best applicant tracking system for your staffing business.
Best applicant tracking systems (ats) 2024: expert reviews & features -

Do you want to elevate the success of your staffing agency? 

Experience unparalleled recruitment innovation and success in recruitment with JobDiva, the industry-leading all-in-one platform trusted by over 40,000+ recruiters worldwide. 

With decades of product leadership and a commitment to transformational technologies, JobDiva empowers recruiters across all industries and sizes to maximise their potential. Partner with JobDiva for a comprehensive suite of staffing tools and unlock new levels of efficiency and success in your recruitment endeavours.

Key Features  

  • Application Management 
  • Assessment Management 
  • Employee Database 
  • Interview Management 
  • Self-service portal 

Free Trial: No 

Capterra Review: 4.5   

Top 10 Benefits of Using an Applicant Tracking System  

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that helps streamline and automate the recruitment and hiring process for organisations. 

There are several benefits to using an ATS, which are mentioned below. 

1.  Improved Efficiency  

ATS automates manual and tedious tasks such as resume screening, job posting, and interview scheduling. This way, it saves time for recruiters and HR professionals. 

Also, it eliminates the need for physical paperwork and allows for centralised digital storage of candidate data, making it easier to manage and access applicant information.

2. Enhanced Candidate Experience  

ATS systems often include applicant portals that allow candidates to easily apply for jobs online, check their application status, and communicate with recruiters, providing a more user-friendly experience.

On the other hand, automated email notifications keep candidates informed about their application status and interview schedules.

3. Better Candidate Screening  

ATS uses predefined criteria to screen and rank applicants, making it easier to identify the most qualified candidates quickly.

Customisable filters help narrow down the candidate pool based on specific job requirements, skills, and qualifications.

4. Compliance and Reporting  

ATS can help organisations stay compliant with labour laws and regulations by tracking and documenting candidate data and ensuring equal-opportunity employment practices.

It generates reports and analytics that provide insights into the recruitment process, helping organisations make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.

5. Streamlined Collaboration  

ATS systems facilitate communication and collaboration among hiring team members, allowing them to share candidate feedback, notes, and evaluations in one centralised platform.

Multiple users can access and collaborate on candidate profiles simultaneously, improving teamwork and reducing duplication of efforts.

6. Talent Pool Building  

ATS systems allow organisations to create and maintain a database of qualified candidates who may not have been selected for a previous position but could be a fit for future openings.

Building a talent pool can reduce recruitment time and costs when similar roles become available in the future.

7. Seamless Integration Capabilities  

Many ATS platforms can integrate with other HR software, including payroll systems, background check services, and job boards, streamlining the entire HR process.

Integrations help ensure data consistency and accuracy across various HR functions.

8. Cost Savings  

By automating recruitment processes and reducing the need for manual paperwork, ATS can lower administrative costs and increase overall hiring efficiency.

Fewer recruitment errors and improved candidate screening can lead to better hiring decisions and reduced turnover, further saving money in the long run.

9. Higher Scalability  

ATS systems can adapt to an organisation’s changing needs, whether it’s hiring for a few positions or managing high-volume recruitment campaigns.

This scalability ensures that the system remains effective as the company grows.

10. Competitive Advantage  

By using an ATS, organisations can respond to job openings more quickly, attracting top talent before competitors.

Improved candidate engagement and a streamlined hiring process can enhance the company’s reputation as an employer of choice.

How do you Choose the Best ATS in 2024?   

It is true that selecting the best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in 2024 requires careful consideration of your organisation’s specific needs, goals, and budget. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you make an informed choice:

1. Assess Your Requirements 

You can start by understanding your organisation’s recruitment needs. Consider factors like the size of your workforce, the volume of job openings, the complexity of your hiring processes, and your budget constraints.

Identify the key features and functionalities you need, such as resume parsing, automated job posting, candidate screening, interview scheduling, reporting, and analytics.

2. Now, Define Your Budget 

Determine how much you can allocate for an ATS solution. ATS pricing can vary widely, from affordable options to enterprise-level systems, so knowing your budget is crucial.

3. Research ATS Providers 

Explore different ATS providers in the market. Look for reviews, ratings, and customer testimonials to get a sense of user satisfaction and the reputation of each provider.

Consider factors like the provider’s track record, customer support, and the number of clients they serve.

4. Consider User-Friendliness 

Evaluate the user interface and overall usability of the ATS. It should be intuitive and easy to navigate for both recruiters and candidates.

Request demos or free trials to test the system’s user-friendliness firsthand.

5. Check Integration Capabilities 

Ensure that the ATS can integrate with other HR and recruitment tools your organisation uses, such as payroll systems, background check services, and job boards.

Integration capabilities are essential for data consistency and workflow efficiency.

6. Review Customization Options 

Look for an ATS that allows you to tailor the system to your specific needs. Customisation options should include job templates, candidate scoring, and workflow automation.

7. Evaluate Mobile Compatibility 

In today’s mobile-driven world, it’s crucial to choose an ATS that offers a mobile-responsive interface. This ensures that recruiters and candidates can access and use the system on various devices.

8. Assess Reporting and Analytics 

Reporting and analytics capabilities are essential for tracking recruitment metrics and making data-driven decisions. Ensure the ATS provides robust reporting features to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of your hiring process.

9. Consider Compliance Features 

Compliance with labour laws and regulations is critical. Check if the ATS offers features to help your organisation stay compliant, such as EEOC reporting, GDPR compliance, and data security measures.

10. Request References 

Ask the ATS providers for references from organisations similar to yours that have successfully implemented their systems. Reach out to these references to gather insights about their experiences.

11. Evaluate Customer Support 

Investigate the level of customer support offered by the ATS provider. Consider factors like response time, availability of support channels, and the quality of assistance provided.

12. Plan for Scalability 

Choose an ATS that can grow with your organisation. Ensure it can handle increased hiring demands as your company expands.

13. Test and Compare

If possible, run a pilot program with your shortlisted ATS options. Compare their performance, ease of use, and impact on your recruitment processes.

14. Consider Future Trends

Stay informed about emerging trends in recruitment technology, such as AI-driven candidate matching, chatbots, and video interviewing. Ensure your chosen ATS can adapt to these trends.

10 Must-Need ATS Features in 2024

Here are the top 10 must-have features in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with clear functions, along with the reasons why you need each feature. 

Let’s dive in! 

1. Resume Parsing  

Automatically extracts and categorises information from resumes.

Why You Need It: Streamlines the candidate screening process by populating candidate profiles with relevant data, saving time and reducing human error.

2. Job Posting Management  

Easily create, customise, and distribute job postings to various job boards and social media platforms.

Why You Need It: Ensures your job openings reach a wider audience and simplifies the process of posting vacancies.

3. Candidate Tracking  

Provides a centralised repository for candidate profiles, applications, and communication history.

Why You Need It: Organizes candidate information for quick retrieval and fosters better collaboration among hiring team members.

4. Customised Workflow Automation 

Allows you to create and automate unique recruitment workflows tailored to your organisation’s hiring processes.

Why You Need It: Increases efficiency by automating repetitive tasks, such as sending follow-up emails, scheduling interviews, and collecting feedback.

5. Candidate Scoring and Ranking 

Assign scores to candidates based on predefined criteria to identify the most qualified applicants.

Why You Need It: Helps prioritise candidates and ensures you focus on those who best match the job requirements.

6. Interview Scheduling  

Facilitates the scheduling of interviews, coordinating availability among candidates, interviewers, and meeting rooms.

Why You Need It: Eliminates scheduling conflicts, reduces communication delays, and provides a seamless candidate experience.

7. Reporting and Analytics  

Generates reports and visualises recruitment metrics to assess the effectiveness of your hiring process.

Why You Need It: Enables data-driven decision-making, helps identify bottlenecks, and measures the ROI of your recruitment efforts.

8. Mobile Accessibility  

Offers a mobile-responsive interface, allowing recruiters and candidates to access the ATS from smartphones and tablets.

Why You Need It: Increases accessibility and flexibility for users who prefer mobile devices, ensuring engagement from anywhere.

9. Collaborative Tools  

Provides tools for team collaboration, including shared notes, comments, and candidate evaluations.

Why You Need It: Enhances communication and alignment among hiring team members, leading to better-informed decisions.

10. Compliance Management  

It helps organisations comply with labour laws and regulations, including EEOC reporting, GDPR compliance, and data security measures.

Why You Need It: Mitigates legal risks and ensures fair and ethical hiring practices, protecting your organisation from potential liabilities.

Real-world Advice for Buying the Best ATS Systems  

Choosing the best Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for your organisation is significantly important as it streamlines your hiring process and improves efficiency. 

Let’s explore some of the practical tips to consider when buying an ATS system. 

Buy More than Applicant Tracking System  

You need to seek out applicant tracking software that offers a broad range of features within your budget. Also, it must be relevant to your needs. 

An ATS capable of scheduling interviews, handling employee referrals, and parsing resumes will alleviate the burden on your HR and recruitment team.

It ultimately enhances efficiency and potentially yields additional benefits.

Think of the Long Term . 

Your ATS should meet your current requirements, but it also needs to anticipate future needs, which is equally vital. 

So, when selecting an ATS or a recruitment tool, check out its adaptability to serve your needs in the upcoming years. It’s crucial to consider potential future scenarios. 

Well, so many ATS platforms provide these functionalities to some degree, so it’s important to check their commitment to ongoing development in these areas.

Why is Choosing the Right ATS for Your Business Important?  

Choosing the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a pivotal decision for any organisation. It’s more than just software; it’s an investment in the future of your workforce. 

The right ATS can significantly enhance your recruitment efficiency, streamline processes, and ensure compliance, ultimately leading to better hiring decisions and a more competitive edge. 

On the other hand, selecting the wrong ATS can lead to frustration, wasted resources, and missed opportunities. 

Therefore, carefully evaluating your business needs and aligning them with the ATS features is paramount. Making the right choice empowers your team to focus on what truly matters: finding and securing the best talent to drive your organisation forward.

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