Difference Between Mission and Vision Statements: 40 Examples

Updated : Jun 13, 2024
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Difference Between Mission and Vision Statements

Difference Between Mission and Vision Statements: 40 Examples

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Creating strong mission and vision statements is important for any business. These statements help define what your company does and where it wants to go in the future. They guide decision-making, inspire employees, and communicate your brand’s values to customers.

In this article, we will discuss the parts of mission and vision statements, how to write them, and their benefits. We will also provide examples of some of the best mission and vision statements from well-known companies. By understanding these concepts and seeing how successful companies use them, you can create powerful statements for your own business.

What Is a Business Mission Statement?

A mission statement tells what your company does, why it exists, and what it aims to achieve. It’s a guide for your team and helps everyone stay focused on the main goals. A strong mission statement can be a powerful tool to align your team and attract customers who share your values.

What Are the Four Parts of a Mission Statement?

1. Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy is your plan for achieving your business goals. It includes your target market, how you will reach them, and what makes you different from your competitors. A clear brand strategy helps you make decisions that support your mission.

2. Brand Vision

Your brand vision is what you want your business to become in the future. It’s your long-term goal and what you aspire to achieve. A strong vision can inspire your team and give them something to work towards.

3. Brand Goals

Brand goals are the specific targets you want to reach, like increasing sales, expanding to new markets, or launching new products. These goals should be measurable and time-bound so you can track your progress.

4. Brand Values

Brand values are the beliefs and principles that guide your business decisions. They reflect what’s important to your company and how you want to conduct your business. Strong values can help build trust with your customers and create a positive company culture.

How to Write a Mission Statement?

1. Say What Your Company Does

Start by explaining what your business does in simple terms. This should be a clear and concise description of your products or services.

2. List Your Company’s Main Values

Write down the core values that are important to your business. These could be things like quality, customer service, innovation, or sustainability.

3. Show How What You Do Matches Your Values

Connect your products or services with your values. Explain how your business practices align with what you believe in.

4. Write a Simple Statement From This

Put everything together in a clear and short statement. Make sure it’s easy to understand and remember.

5. Keep It Short and Clear

Your mission statement should be brief and to the point. Avoid using complex language or jargon. The goal is to communicate your mission clearly to everyone who reads it.

What Is a Business Vision Statement?

A vision statement shows what your business hopes to achieve in the future. It’s big-picture thinking that inspires and guides your team. A strong vision statement can motivate your employees and attract customers who share your aspirations.

What Are the Four Parts of a Vision Statement?

1. Dream Big

Think about what you want your business to become. Your vision should be ambitious and aspirational, pushing you to strive for greatness.

2. Desired Impact

Describe the positive change you want to make in the world. This could be how your business improves lives, contributes to the community, or protects the environment.

3. Core Values

Include the values that are important to your business. Your vision should reflect what you stand for and believe in, as seen in many great mission and vision statements.

4. Future Goals

Outline the long-term goals you want to reach. These should be specific and achievable, providing a clear direction for your business.

How to Write a Vision Statement?

1. Imagine Your Future

Think about where you want your business to be in the future. Consider what success looks like for your company.

2. Keep It Clear and Simple

Make sure your vision statement is easy to understand; you can look at various vision statement examples to help in crafting your own. Avoid complex language and keep it straightforward.

3. Know Your Company’s Purpose

Understand why your business exists and what it stands for by reviewing vision and mission statement examples. Your vision should align with your company’s purpose.

4. Focus on Long-Term Impact

Think about the big picture and how you want to make a difference. Your vision should be focused on the lasting impact you want to have.

5. Simplify and Create Your Vision Statement

Put your ideas into a simple, clear statement. Make sure it’s inspiring and motivating for your team.

What Are the Benefits of Mission and Vision Statements?

Provide Direction

Mission and vision statements give your team a clear path to follow. They help everyone understand what the company is working towards and why.

Build Brand Identity

These statements help people understand what your brand is about. They communicate your values and goals to customers and stakeholders.

Improve Internal Branding

A clear mission and vision can ensure everyone in your company is on the same page. They help build a strong company culture and align your team’s efforts.

Communicate Purpose

Mission and vision statements show why your business exists and what it aims to do. They help people understand your company’s purpose and goals.

Foster Company Culture

These statements can build a strong culture with shared values and goals. They help create a positive work environment where everyone is working towards the same objectives.

Support Strategic Planning

Mission and vision statements guide your business decisions and plans. They provide a framework for setting goals and making strategic decisions.

Best Mission Statement Examples

1. Nike

To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. Nike’s mission statement highlights its goal to inspire and innovate for athletes worldwide. By focusing on athletes, Nike emphasizes its dedication to sports and active lifestyles.

2. Tesla

To create the most compelling car company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to electric vehicles. Tesla’s mission statement shows its ambition to lead in the electric vehicle market. It aims to innovate and push the world toward sustainable energy solutions.

3. American Express

Committed to providing customers with the finest products, services, and benefits. American Express emphasizes its commitment to offering high-quality products and services. This mission focuses on customer satisfaction and value.

4. Google

To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google’s mission is about organizing and making information accessible. This statement underlines its core service of search and information accessibility.

5. Asana

To help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly. Asana aims to improve teamwork and productivity. Its mission highlights a broader goal of enhancing human collaboration.

6. Airbnb

Create a world where anyone can belong anywhere. Airbnb’s mission focuses on inclusivity and global belonging. It strives to make people feel at home anywhere in the world.

7. Coca-Cola

To refresh the world in mind, body, and spirit. Coca-Cola’s mission statement reflects its goal to provide refreshing beverages that uplift and refresh consumers.

8. Microsoft

To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Microsoft emphasizes empowerment and achievement. Its mission is to enable people and organizations to reach their full potential.

9. LinkedIn

To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. LinkedIn’s mission is about professional networking. It aims to help professionals connect and grow their careers.

10. Spotify

To unlock the potential of human creativity—by giving a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it. Spotify’s mission highlights its dedication to artists and music lovers. It aims to support creative expression and provide enjoyable music experiences.

11. Starbucks

To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time. Starbucks focuses on inspiration and community. Its mission statement emphasizes a personal touch in its service.

12. Patagonia

Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. Patagonia’s mission highlights its commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. It aims to use business as a force for positive change.

13. FedEx

Provide fast and reliable delivery to customers. FedEx’s mission focuses on reliability and speed in delivery services. It aims to meet customer needs efficiently.

14. TED

Spread ideas. TED’s mission is simple and powerful. It aims to share and spread innovative ideas.

15. Uber

Bring transportation anywhere. Uber’s mission emphasizes accessibility in transportation. It aims to provide convenient and reliable transport services globally.

16. Amazon

To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.

17. Facebook

Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

18. Southwest Airlines

To connect people to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel.

19. Zappos

To provide the best customer service possible. Deliver WOW through service.

20. Intel

To be the preeminent building block supplier to the worldwide internet economy.

Best Vision Statement Examples

1. Australia Department of Health

To be a trusted leader in health and care. The Australia Department of Health’s vision emphasises trust and leadership in healthcare. It aims to be a reliable and leading provider of health services.

2. Creative Commons

To enable a global commons of knowledge, culture, and creativity. Creative Commons aims to foster a worldwide community of shared knowledge and creativity. Its vision emphasizes accessibility and cultural exchange.

3. Teach for America

“One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.”

4. LinkedIn

To create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. LinkedIn’s vision emphasizes economic opportunities. It aims to help professionals worldwide achieve career growth and success.

5. Chipotle

To cultivate a better world. Chipotle’s vision focuses on making a positive impact. It aims to promote sustainability and responsible practices.

6. Southwest

To become the world’s most loved, most flown, and most profitable airline. Southwest Airlines’ vision aims at becoming a top choice for air travel. It focuses on customer love, frequent use, and profitability.

7. Alzheimer’s Association

A world without Alzheimer’s and all other dementia. The Alzheimer’s Association’s vision is a future free of dementia. It aims to find a cure and provide support for those affected.

8. PepsiCo

To be the global leader in convenient foods and beverages by winning with purpose. PepsiCo’s vision emphasizes leadership in the food and beverage industry. It aims to succeed with a strong sense of purpose.

9. AllHere

To make school attendance a priority for every child. AllHere’s vision focuses on education and attendance. It aims to ensure every child prioritizes school attendance.

10. Marriott

To be the world’s favorite travel company. Marriott’s vision aims to be a top choice in the travel industry. It focuses on becoming the preferred travel company worldwide.

11. Supergoop

Be a global leader in the sun care category, to make people live happier and healthier lives. Supergoop’s vision is to lead in sun care. It aims to improve health and happiness through its products.

12. Unilever

To make sustainable living commonplace. Unilever’s vision focuses on sustainability. It aims to promote and achieve widespread sustainable living practices.

13. Hilton

To fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality. Hilton’s vision emphasizes hospitality and warmth. It aims to provide welcoming and comfortable experiences globally.

14. Purely Elizabeth

To inspire healthier, happier lives through delicious food. Purely Elizabeth’s vision focuses on health and happiness. It aims to inspire better living through nutritious food.

15. SpaceX

To enable human life on Mars. SpaceX’s vision is ambitious and futuristic. It aims to make life on Mars possible, pushing the boundaries of space exploration.

16. LinkedIn

To create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. LinkedIn’s vision emphasizes economic opportunities. It aims to help professionals worldwide achieve career growth and success.

17. Oxfam

A world without poverty. Oxfam’s vision is focused on eradicating poverty. It aims to create a world where poverty no longer exists.

18. Tesla

To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Tesla’s vision emphasizes sustainability. It aims to speed up the shift to renewable energy sources.

19. WWF

To build a future in which people live in harmony with nature. WWF’s vision focuses on environmental harmony. It aims to create a world where humans and nature coexist peacefully.

20. Walmart

To be the destination for customers to save money no matter how they want to shop. Walmart’s vision emphasizes affordability and accessibility. It aims to be the go-to place for customers to save money.


Q: What is the difference between a mission and vision statement?

A: A mission statement focuses on what the company wants to accomplish, while a vision statement describes where the company wants to be in the future.

Q: Why are inspiring mission and vision statement examples important for a business?

A: Inspiring mission and vision statement examples help create a clear vision for the company, communicate its purpose, and inspire employees to work towards a common goal.

Q: How can a company create a mission statement that is inspiring?

A: To create a great mission statement, a company might want to buy online or look at examples to inspire and guide them in crafting a statement that reflects their core values and objectives.

Q: What is the significance of having a clear vision for a company?

A: A clear vision helps align the company’s goals and objectives, guides decision-making processes, and motivates employees towards achieving a common goal.


This article covers key information about mission and vision statements, with examples to help you understand how to craft your own. Using clear and concise statements, you can guide your business towards success and make a lasting impact.

Creating strong mission and vision statements is a crucial step in defining your company’s purpose and direction. They provide a foundation for your business strategy and help you connect with your customers on a deeper level. By looking at examples from top companies, you can get inspired to create your own powerful statements that reflect your unique values and goals.

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Gaurav Nagani
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