Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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How To Add Live Chat to Shopify Store [ Easiest Way ]

How To Add Live Chat to Shopify Store [ Easiest Way ]

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Thinking How to Add Live Chat to Shopify Store so it can greatly increase your customer engagement and, as a direct result, your sales? Lets learn about it.

Live chat allows you to offer support to your customers in real time, making their shopping experience much better.

You may be wondering, how do you add this function to your Shopify store? Stick with us as we reveal the simplest method for you to add live chat to your Shopify store, and investigate the potential advantages this could bring to your online business.

So, are you prepared to uplift your Shopify store? Let’s get started.

How To Add Live Chat to Shopify Store | Simple Way

Adding LiveChat to your Shopify store could be a significant step in improving your customer service experience.

By having a real-time chat feature, you can offer immediate support and even see what’s in your customers’ carts while you’re chatting.

If you’re interested in adding this feature to your Shopify store, here’s how you do it.

Sign in to your Shopify account from here : Shopify Account

    Image 52
    How to add live chat to shopify store [ easiest way ] -

    Head over to the Shopify app store.

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    How to add live chat to shopify store [ easiest way ] -

    Find the desku shopify LiveChat app and hit ‘Add app’.

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      How to add live chat to shopify store [ easiest way ] -

      Confirm your selection by clicking on ‘Install app’.

      If you haven’t got a Desku account yet, you’ll need to make one.

      Keep in mind, with Desku AI LiveChat, you’re not just adding a chat feature; you’re equipping your store with a powerful tool to improve your customer service and boost your conversion rate.

      5 Best Live Chat Widgets For Shopify Ecommerce

      If you’re looking to spice up customer interaction on your Shopify store, you’ve got to think about including some of the best live chat widgets out there.

      Have you thought about Desku – Ai Live Chat and HelpDesk, Tidio, Gorgias, Zendesk, and Richpanel?

      These aren’t your run-of-the-mill widgets. Each one brings something special to the table, designed to make your customer service a breeze and give your ecommerce business a leg up.

      Desku – Ai Live Chat and HelpDesk

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      How to add live chat to shopify store [ easiest way ] -

      Thinking about adding a top-notch live chat feature for your Shopify eCommerce store? You might want to consider Desku – Ai Live Chat and HelpDesk.

      Unify Customer Communication | Retain More Customers | Market, Sell & Support OS For Shopify Merchants

      Convert and Retain more shopper with Desku – the revenue-focused customer experience platform for fast-growing ecommerce merchants.

      Desku helps ecommerce merchants accelerate growth and maximize their revenues by unifying all support conversations, orders, social comments and DMs into one customer ticket view.

      Easily promote your products through whatsapp and and email campaigns within same dashboard. Market, Sell & Support from single dashboard.

      • Market, Sell & Support with the AI Powered Messaging Platform
      • Automate Customer Support with Whatsapp & Facebook Chatbots & AI Assist
      • View, edit, and cancel Shopify orders without leaving the Desku customer view
      • The ability to prioritize response over email, chat and social media comments
      • Full customer context before answering, with order and conversation history


      Image 56
      How to add live chat to shopify store [ easiest way ] -

      Tidio is a customer experience platform that enhances the service capabilities of online stores, transforming passive visitors into active purchasers.

      It features ready-to-use sales and support chatbots that not only boost revenue but also provide instant answers to common customer queries. With Tidio, all customer communications are centralized in one user-friendly helpdesk, streamlining the process for your team. The platform includes dedicated features for Shopify, making it even more effective and efficient.

      Key features of Tidio include:

      • Live Chat: Engage with visitors in real-time to quickly address their issues and encourage purchases proactively.
      • Lyro AI Chatbot: Work alongside this AI bot to automatically handle frequent customer questions, enhancing response times.
      • Interactive Chat Tools: Preview customer carts, review past orders, and recommend products directly within the chat interface.
      • Easy Shopify Integration: Add Tidio to your Shopify store in just a few seconds with a simple ‘Add App’ click.
      • Efficient Ticketing System: Manage and resolve customer inquiries through a straightforward ticketing system, keeping track of all interactions in one place.


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      If you’re looking to take your customer engagement and support to the next level on your Shopify store, you might want to consider Gorgias. It’s a really cool app that offers personalized live chat widgets.

      Deliver excellent customer experiences, one conversation at a time, with Gorgias

      This platform brings together all your customer support channels into a single inbox. Each interaction is linked to relevant customer details directly from Shopify, enhancing efficiency. Gorgias also integrates with over 100 other apps, providing flexibility regardless of your store’s size. With its advanced automation and AI capabilities, Gorgias ensures that all customer inquiries are handled promptly and effectively, keeping both your support team and your customers satisfied.

      Key features of Gorgias include:

      • Omnichannel Support: Manage email, chat, voice calls, TikTok, Instagram, and more from one consolidated inbox.
      • Order Management: Directly edit, refund, duplicate, and cancel orders through Gorgias.
      • Quick Responses: Use AI-driven tools to quickly resolve customer inquiries.
      • Data-Driven Insights: Monitor how your support efforts contribute to sales with detailed Revenue Statistics.
      • Round-the-Clock Support: Provide answers to frequently asked questions through a comprehensive Help Center, chat, and targeted website campaigns.


      Image 59
      How to add live chat to shopify store [ easiest way ] -

      Zendesk streamlines customer interactions across various platforms including messaging, phone, chat, email, and social media.

      It provides a comprehensive app for Zendesk Support and Chat that equips agents with all the necessary information during customer conversations, allowing them to respond without switching between different systems. This efficiency saves time and lets agents concentrate on strengthening customer relationships and resolving issues quickly. Everything agents need is conveniently located in one place, facilitating communication that is efficient, relevant, and personalized.

      Key benefits of Zendesk include:

      • Enhanced Resolution Speed: Quickly solve customer service tickets with immediate access to relevant customer information.
      • Direct Processing Capabilities: Handle refunds and cancellations right from the Zendesk Support sidebar app.
      • Integrated Communication: Easily add live chat to any storefront with the click of a button, enhancing customer interaction.


      Image 60
      How to add live chat to shopify store [ easiest way ] -

      Richpanel combines the strengths of AI and human expertise to provide exceptional support at scale.

      This AI-powered helpdesk is designed to handle large volumes of support queries with a small team. The AI learns from all your past interactions, enabling every agent to respond as effectively as your best one and work 2-3 times faster. Richpanel offers a suite of features including a multi-channel help desk, a self-service portal, a live chat widget, an FAQ page, automations, and detailed reporting. It stands as a popular alternative to Shopify Inbox, Zendesk, Gorgias, Help Scout, Kustomer, Gladly, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social.

      Key functionalities of Richpanel include:

      • Comprehensive Channel Management: Manage communications across email, chat, Facebook direct messages, Instagram, and phone from a single inbox.
      • Self-Service Capability: Enable customers to get instant answers at any time with a 24/7 self-service portal.
      • AI-Powered Efficiency: Assist agents in drafting high-quality replies quickly, enhancing their response speed.
      • Seamless Integration: Access data from your preferred apps directly within the inbox to streamline operations.
      • Actionable Insights: Utilize detailed reports to gain valuable insights and continually improve your support services.

      Desku.io live chat: The best Shopify live chat app

      If you’re looking to add a live chat feature to your Shopify store, Desku.io is the way to go! It’s a top-of-the-line Shopify live chat app that’s super easy to install and use, no matter what device you’re on. With Desku.io, you can chat with your customers in real-time, giving you a glimpse into their shopping habits and likes.

      Here’s what you can do with Desku.io:

      • Change the chat button to match your store’s vibe and logo.
      • Collect your customers’ email addresses using the pre-chat form before the chat starts.
      • Keep track of customer interactions and collect data to improve your marketing strategies.

      But that’s not all! Desku.io also lets you:

      • Seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store through a straightforward installation process.
      • Interact with your customers in real-time, answering their questions right away to boost customer satisfaction.
      • Provide round-the-clock support, making sure your customers can reach you whenever, wherever.

      Isn’t that amazing? Give Desku.io a try and see the difference it makes in your Shopify store.

      Steps to integrate Desku with your Shopify store

      Integrating Desku.io with your Shopify store is simple and easy. Let’s discuss how you can do it.

      First off, log into your Desku.io account. You’ll find an ‘integrations’ tab in your dashboard – that’s where you need to go next. Keep an eye out for Shopify among the listed platforms and click ‘Add’.

      Then, you’ll need to enter your Shopify store URL. Make sure it’s spot on to avoid any hiccups later on. Once you’ve checked and confirmed the URL, Desku will ask for access to your store. By saying ‘yes’ to this, Desku gets the ability to send product details directly to your customers during live chats.

      As soon as you’ve given the green light, you’re good to go. Desku will now start pulling product details and cart information from your Shopify store, making it easier for you to help out customers.

      Why does your Shopify store need a live chat?

      Let’s chat about why your Shopify store could really do with a live chat feature. You see, it’s all about making connections with your customers right when they need it. By being there in real time, you can answer their questions, assist with their purchases, and give them a shopping experience that feels personal and direct.

      Think about it this way:

      • Chatting in Real Time: Imagine being able to chat with your customers right when they’ve a question or need help with a purchase. That’s what live chat does for your Shopify store.
      • Welcoming Your Customers: You can send a friendly welcome message as soon as someone visits your site, starting the conversation right away.
      • Boosting Conversions: When customers can get their questions answered on the spot, they’re more likely to make a purchase. That’s a win-win for everyone.
      • Tailored Support: With live chat, you can see what’s in customers’ carts and their order history right in the chat. This helps you provide support that’s tailored to their needs and preferences.

      Curious about how to get started? Look up a how-to guide on adding live chat to your Shopify store. This will help you seamlessly integrate this feature into your online shop, and you’ll be ready to give your customers top-tier service.

      Gaurav Nagani
      Gaurav Nagani
      As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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