Power up your Intercom chat with Desku's AI tools! Integrate chatbots, leverage Eva AI for seamless live chat support, and easily handover complex queries to live agents.

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Power up Your Intercom Chat Widget with Desku’s AI-powered tools!

Bot Recipe Integration:

Connect Your Intercom Chatbots: The Desku integration allows you to leverage chatbots with multiple condition-based recipes. You can take textual input from the visitors, and you can take files from the customer, saving your support team a large amount of time to get them manually from each support seeker.

Setting up a personally customized recipe to drive the chat is the key feature.

Empowering Your Intercom Live Chat with Eva AI:

Desku’s Eva AI seamlessly integrates with your Intercom Live Chat. Eva can answer common questions, troubleshoot basic issues, and even gather information from the visitor before handing off to a live agent. This feature goes beyond the bot recipes.

Leveraging bot recipes with Eva AI can provide you with a pocket-friendly solution for customer support.

Handover to Live Agents:

For more complex inquiries that require a human touch, Eva seamlessly routes the conversation to a live agent within your team. This ensures your customers receive the best possible support while freeing up your agents’ time to focus on in-depth conversations. The Eva AI to Human Handover feature can be toggled.

And there’s the “Direct Live Chat” feature supported as well.

To connect Intercom Chat Widget & Desku, follow the below given steps:

  • Open Desku’s Integrations page.
  • Look for “Intercom”
  • Install App

  • You will be taken to the authentication page. Login to Inteercom & then desku account

  • The app will be installed after you authenticate.

  • You can uninstall right from there.
  • To use the app make sure you have enabled the Live Chat feature in Intercom & Desku both.
  • You can connect the chatbots made “Intercom” category.
    Go to Automations > Bot recipes > Intercom
  • Now whenever visitors message from you Intercom Chat Widget, The bot Receipe will run.
    You can use Eva AI node to let the Eva talk to the visitor.
  • If there’s no bot then visitor can do live chat with the agent.

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