How SeniorCare Automated Customer Queries upto 40% Using Eva AI with Desku


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Senior care automates customer service using desku eva ai

About Company

SeniorCare is Singapore’s leading online store for elderly care products, offering a wide range of items from nutritional supplements to mobility aids and health supplements, all aimed at enhancing the comfort and dignity of the elderly. Their commitment to quality ensures a reliable shopping experience for those caring for loved ones.


  • Fragmented communication
  • Gap in customer service excellence
  • No streamlined and centralized system

Features Used

About the Customer SeniorCare:

How seniorcare automated customer queries upto 40% using eva ai with desku -

SeniorCare – Singapore’s Most trusted Elderly Store, specializing in providing a comprehensive range of products and services to the senior community.

We aim to give families what they need easily,” says the marketing chief, showing their commitment to convenient and caring service.

Henry Hoe – Co-Founder Senior Care

The Challenge:

Prior to implementing, SeniorCare was facing a significant challenge in managing customer inquiries across various channels.

The fragmented communication led to overlooked inquiries, causing a gap in their customer service excellence.

This not only strained their small team but also risked the satisfaction and trust of their customer base.

It was challenging to keep up with the pace and organize these interactions effectively

The Solution: came into play using Unified Inbox and advanced AI worked together to use all of SeniorCare’s knowledge and website information to respond to customer questions.

“Integrating Desku and Eva Ai was a game changer for us”

CMO – Senior Care

The introduction of Eva AI, trained on their extensive product information, meant reliable support was available any time.

“Eva Ai transformed how we interact with customers, always on standby to assist, 24/7 On time Customer Service agent”

the CMO proudly states

The Result:

Desku’s influence was significant, bringing 40% of customer interactions under a single, automated system.

“This level of automation has not only made our jobs easier but also enhanced customer satisfaction”

SeniorCare now delivers a more efficient and reliable service, thanks to the desku’s centralized unified inbox system.


SeniorCare highly recommends because it has really helped simplify how they handle customer support.

The CMO of SeniorCare points out that has been crucial in making their customer service better, which is very important for any business.

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