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While others hesitate, Desku equips you to scale customer service, enhance player experiences, and ensure responsible gaming

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Attract the Odds In Your Favor

Desku’s leading NPL is well-trained for billions of conversations, so it can be accurately understood by customers whenever they interact and expect the impromptu answers.

Support At Your Convivence All-Time

Provide VIP-level care to each player with round-the-clock instant support, regardless of their global location or preferred interaction channel – whether it’s web, social media, SMS, or beyond.

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Consistent Customer Satisfaction with Self-Service Options

Simplify customer actions with effortless accessibility. Streamline processes for bets, payouts, account management, updates, and onboarding, making everything smooth and hassle-free.

Maintain Accuracy At Your Local Time

Adhere to regulations worldwide. Automatically adjust response flows based on player location for precise and compliant information delivery.

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Desku has so much integration between Shopify, Instagram, and Facebook. The Facebook ad commenting has been very interesting. People have been converting right there, thanks to a simple social interaction.
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Desku has so much integration between Shopify, Instagram, and Facebook. The Facebook ad commenting has been very interesting. People have been converting right there, thanks to a simple social interaction.
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Experience Centralized Customer Service

Streamline customer service with the powerful enabled automation that will help to deliver customers with timely resolutions.

Easy player set-up

Assist newcomers in creating and validating accounts. Instantly furnish rule and regulation details, and seamlessly introduce them to your features — all within your gaming chatbot.

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Have Gaming Personal Assisant

Ensure user authentication with top-tier security. Enable direct bet placement and settlement within the chat interface. Provide immediate access for reviewing transaction specifics, initiating withdrawals, and other actions.

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Quick resolution to urgent queries

Offer round-the-clock customer support, wherever they are, using automatic scaling for peak events. Address vital inquiries about security, privacy, responsible gaming, and unauthorized transactions with our automated assistance.

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VIP players treated with Rewards

Roll out personalized and seasonal offers derived from player history. Provide cashback, rewards, and bonuses to your esteemed customers who hold the highest value.

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Engineered Specifically for Gaming

Desku is an AI-powered Helpdesk that empowers multiple types of gaming sites. Provide extraordinary customer service by maintaining customer engagement.

Improve automation

Unleash proactive automation that drives conversions

Craft tailored campaigns featuring timely and pertinent offers to boost customer revenue. From game reminders to upcoming bets and beyond, create personalized experiences that resonate.

Intelligently triage

Smartly prioritize and direct inquiries

Allocate agents to conversations that foster relationships and drive revenue. With the streamline support, it allows to prioritize the customer queries .


Reach out globally with multi-language support

Resolve customer queries from global customers in their native language. Make your customers feel comfortable and train your bot in your preferred language


Improve Automation with Consistent

Effortlessly monitor customer behaviors and unveil enhancement possibilities using Desku's array of AI-powered analytics. Pinpoint prevalent conversation themes, trends, and concerns with ease.