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Experience the benefits of generative AI for customer service with Desku, and resolve more inquiries — across channels and languages — with less effort.
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Elevate Your Industry with Tailored Conversational AI

Seeking Cost-Effective Customer Service Solutions? Discover Tailored, Modern CX Aligned with Your Industry and Brand – Your Ultimate Destination

Customer Interaction in it's Native Language

Support agents can now talk to customers in their native language. Never miss an opportunity to engage with customers when they need you. 

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Craft, Gauge, Enhance: Master the Art of Automation

Transform Customer Data into Action with Automated CX that Speaks Volumes. Instant Insights for Enhanced Automation and Resolution.

Instantly Scale Automation for Business Growth

Desku which is your Scalable Solution for Handling Volume Surges and Seasonal Spikes. Crafting Lasting Loyalty Through Exceptional CX.

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Look what our users have to say

Desku has so much integration between Shopify, Instagram, and Facebook. The Facebook ad commenting has been very interesting. People have been converting right there, thanks to a simple social interaction.
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Steven G

Customer Experience Manager

Desku has so much integration between Shopify, Instagram, and Facebook. The Facebook ad commenting has been very interesting. People have been converting right there, thanks to a simple social interaction.
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Shopify Business Owner

Tailored to Fuel Your Business Success

Effortlessly Tackle Complex, Industry-Specific Customer Inquiries at Lightning Speed – No Developers Needed


Elevate Your retail Shopping Experience: Enjoy complete self-service, from browsing inventory to sizing advice and accessory matches. Receive proactive order updates, personalized recommendations, and unlock checkout rewards.

Use case ecommerce


Maximize Product Adoption: Empower users with SaaS chatbot guides and walkthroughs. Self-serve account issues efficiently, get tailored plan insights and access exclusive product promotions.

Use case saas


Get all information about the campus, schooling or other education operations in minutes. Do not let students or parents wait for any human agent to connect to give answers to the repetitive questions.

Use case education


NGOs need to give answers promptly to the donors. Easily provide information related to the donation process and current updates for ongoing and upcoming activities. Do not make them wait, it might happen that you can lose the donor. 

Use case ngo


Make flight changes within the chat, with instant passenger recognition. Stay informed with proactive flight status updates and receive personalized offers and upgrades.

Use case travel

Entertainment & Media

From onboarding to account updates, subscription management, and troubleshooting, access assistance anytime, on any channel, and in your preferred language.

Use case entertainment media

Digital Banking

Take control of your finances with automated banking support. Access product tutorials, real-time account updates, and explore upgrade options. Swiftly resolve card issues and unauthorized transactions.

Use case degital banking


Guide new customers through account setup and verification. Bet directly in the chat, access transaction details instantly, and enjoy targeted promotions based on your gaming history.

Use case gaming


Personalized chat for food enthusiasts. Get location-based recommendations, book or modify reservations effortlessly, and seize opportunities to redeem rewards and incentives.

Use case restaurants


Easily set up, upgrade plans, and monitor usage with our telecom chatbot or voice bot. Seamlessly transition to a human agent whenever you need that personal touch.

Use case telecom

Supercharge the Automation Process

Break Free from IT Dependency with Desku’s Effortless Automation: Intuitive Drag-and-Drop UI, AI-powered Builder Tools, and Actionable Insights to Guide Your Automation Journey

Launch automation

Launch Automation at Warp Speed

Revolutionize Your Workflow with Our Arsenal of AI-Powered Tools. Instantly Implement Automation by Linking to Your Knowledge Base and Craft Engaging Content in a Matter of Seconds.

Deliver truly

Deliver Seamless Omnichannel Experience

"Seamlessly Handle Queries in 50+ Languages and Across All Channels. Train in English or Mix Languages, Instant Deployment on Web, SMS, Social, Phone, and More

Empower cx team

Empower Your CX Team

Equip Your Team with a No-Code Conversational Chatbot, Enabling Them to Drive the Automation Strategy. Cut Time-to-Build by Shifting Focus from Content Creation to CX Enhancement.

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Elevate CX through Personalization

Effortlessly Integrate Third-Party Tools, Enable Conditional Routing for Instant Authentication, Segmentation, and Targeting. Provide Hyper-Personalized Experiences Based on Customer History and Interests.