Paving way through Uninterrupted Learning

Forget the traditional ways of leading the educational institution. Classrooms are now digital, provide support by instantly replying and getting back to Guardians, Students, or any authority.

An educated boy in a cap and hat is holding a book.

Join 50,000+ brands improving their customer service with Desku

Reach Potential Visitor in seconds

Welcome prospects, give them detailed information about your institution and answer their queries in real-time, quickly and efficiently.

A mobile phone with a text message and a whatsapp icon for retail purposes.
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Effortless Communication with Stakeholders

Consolidate your communication efforts with a unified inbox, automation, and analytics stack, whether you're reaching out to alumni, parents, or targeting students for courses.

Centralize the Institution's Routine Process

May it be the admission process, declaration forms, library and resource management, fees and financial access, gathering everything under one roof.

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Build a Customer-Centric Business

We want to partner with your business to stand by in every situation to cater for your business with the best customer support services. Enrich your business with the happiest customers and lifted sales.

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