Empowering the difference with powerful Customer Support for NGO

Provide support to your donors, beneficiaries, and new visitors by instantly getting in touch with them.

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Join 50,000+ brands improving their customer service with Desku

Desku for Non-Profits & NGOs

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Ease of Use

The clear functionality makes it easier to operate and work even for non-tech-eligible person.

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Quick and easy setup

Connect your inbox, get your SLAs set, make automated chatbot and get started

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Sorted Pricing Plans

We do not believe in burning holes in pockets and hence we are loved by NGOs and SMBs

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Affordable pricing plans

We give you maximum value at reasonable and transparent rates so that you can function effectively for the cause closest to your heart.

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Powerful automation

Built-in automation simplifies ticket creation, prioritization, and assignment. Your staff can use time-saving features like canned responses to deliver instant support.

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Automation Enriched

From ticket creation to chatting with customers or sorting data, have the hint of automation that makes your work effortless

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All Time Support

Our support team is always just a click away. Stuck anywhere, email or contact us through the live chat to get resolutions quicker.

Why Helpdesk Software for your NGO?

Having an NGO means need to attend every inquires, communication, and providing the right information to donors.

Multiple inquiry, Single Screen

Manage the conversation with the donors, visitors, or volunteers on a single screen, Integrate your social channels and unify the communication.

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Embrace Volunteers, and raise Efficiency

Smart and automated features of Desku in the query management system help the team to work faster and better. Raise efficiency than wasting time.

Self-Help for visitors with Knowledge Base

Focus on important issues. Provide your volunteers and donors with all the information by FAQs, detailed guidance or any other source of information.

Faqs for part-time ngo volunteers.

Build a Customer-Centric Business

We want to partner with your business to stand by in every situation to cater for your business with the best customer support services. Enrich your business with the happiest customers and lifted sales.

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