All The Customer Details In One Page

Showcase the most relevant information about the customers from the sidebar from multiple eCommerce platforms.

A customer standing with his arms crossed.

Join 50,000+ brands improving their customer service with Desku

Provide Exceptional Support To Every

No Need Of Opening The Extra Tab!

Support agents can customize the approach and know their customers better by viewing the customer history right from the sidebar without switching to any other tabs.

A screenshot of a mobile app showing a number of people on a customer side screen.
A customer-side screenshot of the shopify order screen.

Create EVERYTHING Right From Desku

Create orders, process refunds, product cancellations, and add third-party integration right from one place. Power up your helpdesk support software under on roof!

Customise The Side Bar with Custom Fields

Only put the information that you require for your team to display it with the drag and drop editor making it easier for the support agents to view the bar they require.

A screenshot of a screen showing a group of people on the customer side.

Everything that your need is in Customer Sidebar

A white square with a red cross on it that is visible from the customer side.

Fetch the data from multiple third-party apps

We have collaborated with the leading third-party apps for everyday usage and making customer support better.

A customer side stack of blue squares on a white background.

Create your own widget

Create the custom HTTP integration or use an app like Zapier which is a no-code way to customise your Helpdesk Support Software.

A red circle with a red dot on it, seen from the customer side.

View what you chose

Only putting the data which you want to view every day is helpful with the easy customisation of the sidebar with a drag and drop editor.

A blue customer icon on a white background.

One centralised customer profile approach

A red lightning bolt on a white background, visible from the customer side.

Use Macros for the chat widget

The customer sidebar provides all the information you need but Macros can also be used to easily integrate it with the third-party apps to navigate better customer support.

A blue icon with a headset and a speech bubble, designed for the customer side.

All-time support for your team

Do not worry about managing your eCommerce store, our team will set it up right for you so that you do not have to keep your customers waiting.

Automate your Ecommerce Store

An illustration of a self-service phone with an email on it.


Deliver the brand trust in your message by creating pre-made responses with the brand’s unique tone and identity. You can also personalise the variables according to the customer’s order information from Ecommerce Stores

A chatbot with the text, i'm martin happy chat, how can i help you today? Provides self service assistance.

Intent and sentiment analysis

Let us comb through every ticket that you recieve so you don't have to. Leverage and understand the sentiment of customers and enable the automation tools in Desku.

A group of self-service icons labeled as 'new'.


Provide personalised information based on trigger actions. Let customers get every shipping and tracking detail along with other important information in no time.