Precision-Driven Automation

Provide personalised information based on trigger actions. Let customers get every shipping and tracking detail along with other important information in no time.

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Growing Efficiency, Building Automation
For Humans

Automate Repeated Messages

Deliver important information to your customers, and create automated responses by pairing macros with rules. You can easily set your custom rules depending upon the individual message with the different Shopify customers. Let your customers know that you hear them and you are available for them by sending the right message on right time.

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Save Time, Grow More

Save time by automating tasks for the common queries. Loyal customers are going to come back with higher expectations and you have to be ready for the spontaneous replies. It is important to prioritise according to the type of queries of the customers and automate the responses which are repetitive.

Increase Productivity by Decluttering

Spend less time taking care of your customers by constantly keeping an eye. Close tickets of the solved queries of customers and keep the workspace subtle and much simpler to avoid unsolicited mails and messages.

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All time customer support

High chances of customers contacting you at midnight or at off business hours? Are you going to leave them hanging? No, simply set an auto-reply that will be received by them in the absence of your support team for at least making them know that you are there for them.

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Get relieved from unwanted comments on social media

People on social media go crazy and sometimes it becomes extremely tight to manage all the comments rushing, you can set the rules to avoid the negative comments and manage the brand reputation.

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Access automation on your own terms

Easily process the order cancellation with just a few clicks. Provide visibility to your store by putting the feedback and reason behind the order cancellation.

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Order history management

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Inventory management

When an order is created, we will immediately handle the counting of the product stock left so the agents do not have to keep on checking for product stock.

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All-time support for your team

Do not worry about managing your eCommerce store, our team will set it up right for you so that you do not have to keep your customers waiting.

How Our Customers Deliver Exceptional
Support Leveraging Automation?

How Love Your Melon uses macros and rules that can auto-close tickets that do not need attending from a support agent.

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  • 900
    Ticket Per Months
  • 4
    Support Agent
  • Zendesk
    Previous Helpdesk

How Roma uses Desku live chat feature and automates some common questions with Desku Rules.

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  • 3 to 6
    Support agents
  • +200
  • 20%
    Orders w/questions

Provide Automated Customer Experience

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Deliver the brand trust in your message by creating pre-made responses with the brand’s unique tone and identity. You can also personalise the variables according to the customer’s order information from Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, and WooCommerce.

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Intent and sentiment analysis

Let us comb through every ticket that you recieve so you don't have to. Leverage and understand the sentiment of customers and enable the automation tools in Desku.

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Provide personalised information based on trigger actions. Let customers get every shipping and tracking detail along with other important information in no time.