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Provide your customers with quick answers and full optimization on the website.

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Join 50,000+ brands improving their customer service with Desku

Do not worry about the basic problems, let
self-service solutions take care of them.

Save time and focus
on growing business

Be available for your customers when they need you without interrupting your support team for the questions like “Where is my order”? Easily manage routine tasks like product cancellation, and refund requests and easily escalate your efficiency and provide the best experience to your customers.

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Quick Replies

Customers will always appreciate quick replies to their queries and thus Desku allows you to interact without feeling like having a robotic lengthy conversation. Simply enter your name and email address to get the quick verification.

Customise for the best experience

Show what is relevant to your customers in their self-service experience. Use by default parameters such as order shipment status, and other order details. Let your customers initiate return or cancellations if it meets the policy. Not only to customers but provide your support agents with an efficient service.

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What is included in Self-Service?

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Automation: Lowering your 30% ticket load

Yes, absolutely there will be a 30% low ticket load of customers asking for their order shipping status. With the self-service let your customers find up-to-date shipment information and order details.

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Efficient enough to customise

Display what is relevant to your customers. Customise the default relevant features for providing what customers need and expect. Each customer will find what is applicable to them.

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Easy order return

Self-service will allow your customers to process order returns or cancellations. Support agents will be notified in no time and can proceed with the conversation directly on Desku Chat.

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Get a hands-on return policy

Get the best-automated e-
commerce support

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Deliver the brand trust in your message by creating pre-made responses with the brand’s unique tone and identity. You can also personalise the variables according to the customer’s order information from Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, and WooCommerce.

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Intent and sentiment analysis

Let us comb through every ticket that you recieve so you don't have to. Leverage and understand the sentiment of customers and enable the automation tools in Desku.

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Provide personalised information based on trigger actions. Let customers get every shipping and tracking detail along with other important information in no time.