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Seamlessly Embed 24/7 Automation into Your Systems, Boost Product Adoption, and Empower Customers for Effortless Self-Service with Instant Issue Resolution.

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Stay Ahead of Demand - Without Draining Your Budget

Seeking the Optimal Self-Service Solution for Your Customers’ Vital Queries? Desku’s Conversational AI-Powered Banking Chatbot is Tailored Specifically for Fintech Companies.

Simplify Onboarding, Minimize Drop-Offs

Empower Your Customers with Essential Digital Banking Know-How. Navigate Account Setup, Funding, Applications, and Beyond with Expert Guidance.

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Effortlessly Tackle Repetitive Inquiries and Slash Expenses

Deliver Secure Multi-Channel Support, from Basic Account Inquiries to Complex Loan Applications. Enhance Customer Service While Lowering Costs.

Customize Experiences, Drive Upsells

Boost Sales with Tailored Automated Chats. Use Customer Data for Personalized Offers and make customer engagement stronger. 

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Desku has so much integration between Shopify, Instagram, and Facebook. The Facebook ad commenting has been very interesting. People have been converting right there, thanks to a simple social interaction.
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Desku has so much integration between Shopify, Instagram, and Facebook. The Facebook ad commenting has been very interesting. People have been converting right there, thanks to a simple social interaction.
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Digital Banking Simplified

Empower Your Customer Experts with Desku’s AI-Powered Automation Platform Tailored for Finance and Banking.

Foster Product and Accelerate Growth

Educate customers with one-on-one messages with tutorials, guides, one-on-one steps, bank account steps, schemes and offers and much more.

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Personal Finance Assistant at your steps

Customers can now check their account balance, and credit card limits, or make changes in their personal information in one step.

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Quick Resolution to Urgent Queries

Automating the urgent queries like unathorised transaction activity, lost debit/credit card, or any other privacy concerns, everything will be take care automatically.

Steebo is a digital banking chatbot.

Let Customers Help Themselves

Empowering customers by giving them powers to carry out any banking activity like paying credit card bills, reviewing transaction details for reference and much more.

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Platform that helps in achieving goals

Automatically Customize and Deliver Timely, Relevant, and Personalized Experiences. Provide Instant Account Access and Enable Quick Actions for Customers.

Check every

Personalisation & Integration

Integrate Desku's Banking Chatbot with Your Tech Stack, and Collaborate with Our Experts for Tailored Internal System Integrations. Customize Experiences by Tier, Interests, and History.

Intelligently triage

Priortise Important Inqueries

Allocate Agents for Relationship-Building Conversations and Revenue Growth. Desku Seamlessly Integrates with Chat, Ticketing, and Phone Platforms, Providing Context for Faster Resolutions and Enhanced Customer Experiences.

Global reach

One Platform for Global Use

Effortlessly Address Queries in 50+ Languages with Human-Like Comprehension. Train Your Bot in English or a Blend of Languages Using Desku's Cutting-Edge Language-Agnostic Model.

Improve automation

Timely Improvised Automation

Gain Valuable Insights and Make Informed Choices with Desku's Comprehensive AI-Driven Analytics Suite. Discover Customer Insights and Unleash Opportunities for Continuous Enhancement.