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Automate Customer Support With Power Of AI & Automations

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Reach out to your customers where they are

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Promotional Messaging

Maximize your sales potential by targeting specific interests with Broadcasts, enrolling new contacts in drip campaigns, and triggering event-based promotions through our API

Conversational support
Conversational Support

Improve your customer service and drive more sales with our automated messaging system. Quickly identify customer issues and route them to the most qualified agents based on skills, language, shift, and more

Transactional notifications
Transactional Notifications

Effortlessly send bulk notifications such as emergency broadcasts or downtime alerts directly from our platform or trigger them through our API. Keep your audience informed and in the loop with targeted, timely updates

Single Solution for All Your Activities

Identify new opportunities, convert visitors, deliver customer happiness, and more!

Helpdesk Software

Resolve queries faster and deliver exceptional support to delight your customers

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Live Chat Software

Boost customer happiness and increase conversions by offering instant help when your customers need it

No Code Chatbots

Create conversational Deskubots without coding with an all-in-one platform.


Empower Your Customers With The Best Knowledge Base System with Desku Docs

Marketing & Automation

Save time by automating your marketing processes and sending personalized messages to target audiences.

Communication at, ‍Single Thread

Comprehensive customer history with all communication and unique features.

Consolidate contact’s messages and profiles for complete interaction history on multi-channel platform.

Allow agents to streamline tasks with pre-made automated Workflows.

Design specialised inboxes for tracking important customers and communication.

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‍Reach Your Audience via bulk Messaging

Send dynamic messages for newsletters, events, emergencies, and more.

Personalize customer experience with interest tags, contact data, and preferred channels.

Maximize the impact of your messaging and build stronger customer relationships through tailored, individualised communication

Make your customers feel recognized by creating segments based on their interests and using API to enhance their contact information

Build a company people love

Desku brings efficiency, which has become the gold standard for maximum SMBs because it is more than just software. We stand by as partners in seeing you succeed.