One helpdesk for all your stores!

Manage your multiple stores from one helpdesk and talk to your customers across all channels.

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Support your customers with the all-in-one
helpdesk software

Add your multiple stores

Manage your multiple stores under a single Desku helpdesk. This will help your agents to focus on multiple actions from one dashboard itself instead of looking from the multiple tabs and software. From collecting brand inquiries to focusing on resolutions, do it under one roof.

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Organise tickets according to your preference

Arrange the views based on your preference of the brands, channels, customers, teams and surely anything you like. This provides the flexibility to view and organise the Desku in a way that works perfectly fine for you.

Prioritize with the help of automation

Make use of our automated workflow tools that assigns the tickets to the right person or a team according to the customer’s queries and subject.

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Raised efficiency and productivity in work with fine customer management by Desku.

– James, Shopify Business Owner

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Scale up your support across multiple stores

Create macros according to your brand

Speed up your response time by creating the template for the replies to answer the common queries of customers. Create a varied template of your brand to easily reply to the questions of customers and avoid wasting time by answering the same kind of questions.

Add your multi-platform stores

Do you have stores on Shopify and WooCommerce both? Well, easily manage your multiple stores of different platforms from one! Increase the efficiency and focus on building your business by managing your customers from multiple stores in one workspace.

Make rules according to your brand

Do not worry about taking up a load of so many tasks to manage in Helpdesk Support Solution. Take control of activities that should be automated and which should be not with the help of Desku’s powerful tools.

Connect multiple social accounts

Are your customers approaching you with their queries from social media accounts? Well, forget about opening your social media from your phone or in the next tab to reply, simple connect your social media account with Desku!

Add your own custom email signatures

Add your brand’s signature at the end of the mail to avoid adding the information of the company at the last of every mail reply to customers every time.

All-time support for your team

Do not worry about managing your eCommerce store, our team will set it up right for you so that you do not have to keep your customers waiting.

How our customers deliver exceptional support leveraging automation

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How Love Your Melon uses macros and rules that can auto-close tickets that do not need attending from a support agent.



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How Roma uses Desku live chat feature and automates some common questions with Desku Rules.

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Complete your automation toolkit with Desku


Provide personalised information based on trigger actions. Let customers get every shipping and tracking detail along with other important information in no time.

Intent & Sentiment Detection

Let us comb through every ticket you recieve so you don't have to. Leverage and understand customers' sentiment and enable the automation tools in Desku.


Deliver the brand trust in your message by creating pre-made responses with the brand’s unique tone and identity. You can also personalise the variables according to the customer’s order information from Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, and WooCommerce.