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Specifically for Envato Authors

Maximize ROI & Your Marketing Potential with Desku’s Customer Data Insights
Crm for envato authors
A mobile app providing crm functionality for envato authors, displaying their purchase history.
Whatsapp mobile app designed for envato authors, providing a comprehensive crm solution.
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Your envato data studio

Envato Data Widget:
In Tickets & Live Chat

The Envato Widget streamlines support, merging purchase verification and user data in a single sidebar for swift service.

Envato purchase code verification

No code ChatBot builder for envato

Ready-to-Use Nodes :
Build Purchase Verification bot

Ready-to-Use Nodes helps in building bot to easily automate purchase validations, boosting productivity and customer engagement.

First AI Integration for envato authors

Eva AI for Envato Authors


What our customers have to say

Easy Of Use & AI Features
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As an Envato author, my year-long experience with Desku's AI has been transformative. It has reduced my customer queries by 60%, increased my revenue by 30% via support expansion, and facilitated efficient email and cross-selling campaigns from a single dashboard. It's an all-in-one tool that has greatly enhanced my workflow and I can't recommend it enough.
All In One Platform for Authors
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Since integrating Desku's AI into our workflow as Envato authors, we've witnessed a remarkable transformation. The volume of customer queries has dramatically dropped, we've seen a substantial rise in our revenue, and managing email and cross-selling campaigns from one central dashboard has been a breeze. Desku's AI is far more than just a tool; for us, it's been a revolutionary shift in our working process.

All Features

for Envato Authors

Agent Permissions

This feature allows for the customization of each agent’s permissions and the assignment of tickets to specific products or agents.

Integrated CRM

Desku enhances the support experience by providing access to customer information such as comments or reviews.

Envato Login

This allows customers to login with their Envato accounts, granting businesses access to key information like purchases, support periods, and invoices.

Purchase Code Verification

Customers can manually enter their purchase codes to verify their purchases.

Insights and Marketing Tools

Desku transforms customer data into valuable assets for insights and future marketing campaigns.

Sales Data Analysis

Desku Insights enables businesses to extract meaningful information from their sales data, including tickets, comments, reviews, and Google Analytics data.

Smart Mailing List Creation

With Desku, You can convert ticket owners into returning customers via intelligent Segmentation & Email campaigns.

Easy Migration

Desku simplifies data migration from Ticksy, ensuring a smooth and error-free transition.