Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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36 Top Shopify Apps for 2024: Boost Your Store’s Performance

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36 Top Shopify Apps for 2024: Boost Your Store’s Performance

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Are you aware of the fact that leveraging the best Shopify apps for your ecommerce store in 2024 can grow your business?

If not, then this guide is for you! 

Integrating Shopify apps in your store can benefit streamlining customer support, boost sales, and improve customer experience. And luckily, the Shopify app store provides thousands of apps that aid in growing your business.

With several available options, It can be much easier to figure out the best apps for your Shopify store that include both free plans and paid plans. 

So, we have done the work for you! This guide will take you on a long ride with some of the best Shopify apps for store owners based on different categorisations.

Key Takeaway :

Are you aware that leveraging the best Shopify apps for your ecommerce store in 2024 can grow your business? Integrating Shopify apps in your store can benefit streamlining customer support, boost sales, and improve customer experience. Luckily, the Shopify app store provides thousands of apps that aid in growing your business, offering both free and paid plans, making it easier to figure out the best apps for your Shopify store.

List of the Best Shopify Apps for your Ecommerce Store in 2024

Once you start searching for applications in the Shopify app store, you will realise that there are various free trials or plans available. So, what’s the ideal way to ensure something best fits you and your business? Here is the list of some top Shopify apps for stores to get the right app for your company.

Once you start looking at apps in the Shopify app store, you’ll realise many offer free plans or trials. What better way to ensure something is right for you and your business? Here’s a list of high-quality apps that are: free, medium price, and highly paid Shopify apps to get you set up the right choice.

Shopify Apps for Customer Support

1. Desku

First impressions matter landing on deskus doorstep

Desku is one of the best Shopify online stores that provides an excellent opportunity for Shopify business owners to connect with them for better customer care services. Customers using Desku’s Shopify integration can be managed expertly with the help of its sleek features and organized Ticket Generation. 

How Does Desku Help in Managing Your Shopify Store?

Desku helps in managing your Shopify store in manifold ways, and we have listed a few of them for you, which are:

View Shopify Customer Profiles

Agents can get all the information about customers, like name, address, phone number, etc, with great comfort, which helps them to reach customers faster and begin the conversation with them. Customers are required to enter their valid email ID so that the support team can assist them in resolving their queries.

Track Orders

Agents can track the order by keeping an eye on the product shipping status, such as order number, order history, order details, tracking ID, and more from Shopify next to the ticket conversation and live chat. 

Up-to-date Records

The Shopify integration of Desku will keep up the real-time records of all their Shopify customers. 

Customised Sidebar

The Shopify integration of Desku is way too flexible, which means that one can easily customise it at their convenience.  

Ticket Prioritization

Agents can mark the customer ticket on priority by “Critical,” “High,” “Low,” and “Medium” to offer faster query resolution to the customers. 

Cancellation Details

Agents can view the details, such as return/cancellation, exchange, or refund, to better understand customer’s needs, wants, and behaviour if they like a specific product that is being delivered to them. 


  • 7 days Free Trial 
  • Startup: $9/month  
  • Team: $19/month  
  • Business: $29/month

2. Helpwise


Helpwise lets agents see customer contact details and previous order information from your shared inbox. It seamlessly integrates with Shopify to offer better customer support and to get more context. 

With the help of the Helpwise Shopify integration account, you can order all the information and track real-time Shopify customers.

Key Features:

  • Directly see Shopify contact information
  • Directly see Shopify orders
  • Help agents work faster
  • Easy and quick setup


  • Standard: $12/user/month
  • Premium: $23/user/month
  • Advanced: $35/user/month

3. Intercom

Intercoms welcome a glimpse into seamless onboarding

Intercom is amongst the best Shopify apps to help customers check and self-serve their order status right inside your Shopify product. Customers can proactively monitor the status of their order by entering their order number or email address, minimising the amount of questions your support team receives. Intercom’s support agents can see the order details from the Inbox during live interactions, allowing them to resolve queries quickly.

Key Features:

  • Saves your support team’s time by providing all the order details in the Inbox.
  • Minimise customer questions by offering self-serve order details.
  • Allow Shopify customers to check their order status from the “Messenger.”


  • Start:$59/month (1 seat)
  • Grow: $119/month (5 seats)
  • Accelerate:$499/month (10 seats)
  • Scale: $999/month (10 seats)

Shopify Apps for Ecommerce Business

1. Pirate Ship

Image 2
Pirate ship

Amongst the various free options available in the app store, Pirate Ship is the best free app for Shopify. The Shopify integration of Pirate Ship makes it easy to import your orders that are not fulfilled and turn them into shipping labels. When you place an order from Pirate Ship’s Shopify app, the order will be automatically marked as fulfilled, and the tracking number will be attached to the order details.

Always remember that Pirate Ship never shows live rates to the users. It is up to you what you will charge for the order’s shipping. 

Key Features:
  • Automatically add tracking numbers and mark the order as “Fulfilled.”
  • Schedule UPS and USPS pickups
  • Access confidential shipping services, such as Priority Mail Cubic
  • Best availability of price for UPS and USPS pickups.
  • Print shipping labels with the help of any printer
  • Pay for shipping charges

Great free Shopify app

2. SEO Image Optimizer

Image 3
Seo image optimizer

The SEO image optimizer is a Shopify app store that automatically synchronises pictures from products, blog pages, collections, and asset images. It converts PNG to JPG, compresses images, and allows you to edit file names and alt text to make search engines rank your visuals. 

It Provides three types of compression:

  • Lossy: reduces the size of the image by 25 per cent
  • Lossless: reduces the size of the image by 15 per cent 
  • Custom: Allows you to do settings on your own.

Once you’re done with uploading new images, you can manually optimize them or allow the app to do the work as per the settings you made.

Key Features:
  • Easy image optimisation
  • watermark images
  • File name and alt text optimisation

  • Free trial for three days
  • paid plans start at $34.95/month

3. QuickBooks Online Global

Image 4
Quickbooks online global

QuickBooks Online Global is one of the essential Shopify apps that allows the easy synchronisation of your Shopify store with a QuickBooks international account for managing all the records. It is easily available to businesses that help you manage inventory, track income and expenses, automate invoices, sync accounting data, maximise tax deductions, and automatically calculate sales.

Key Features: 
  • Capture and organise receipts
  • Inventory management
  • Track income and expenses
  • Maximise tax deductions 
  • Multi-currency support
  • Track GST and VAT
  • Starts from $9/month
  • Essential: $13/ month
  • Plus: $19/month

Shopify Apps for Email Marketing 

1. Omnisend Email and SMS Marketing

Image 5

Omnisend is amongst the most popular SMS and email marketing apps available. It is one of those apps for selling that will help in increasing sales for your stores and allows Shopify apps to create your email lists with popups and landing pages and easily create emails with the help of ready-made templates. 

You will be able to send more personalised emails plus generate more sales with the usage of welcome workflows and abandoned carts.

Key Features:

  • Web push notifications
  • Pre-built ecommerce workflows
  • Message engagement
  • Increases your conversions
  • On-site and shopping behaviour


Free-to-use app

2. Postscript

Image 6

With Postscripts, you can drive conversions and conversations across all levels of the customer journey. Postscripts assure your texts are compliant, conversational, and customised, whether at scale or in the ratio of 1:1. Leverage SMS marketing to develop your marketing strategy, drive purchases, and grow your list. Their sales team connects with a team of trained sales associates with SMS sales software to interact with your subscribers and make them satisfied customers.

Key Features:

  • Quick messaging during heaviest traffic times.  
  • Track ROI and revenue to optimise conversion rates for SMS programs. Engage customers with the help of historical Shopify data.


Starts from $25/month

3. Cartloop

Image 7

Cartloop is the best Shopify app to increase your sales and provides personalised experiences plus real-time support via SMS.  Cartloop helps Shopify apps build a compliant list of SMS marketing and grow excellently. Their live shopping agents connect with the customers in real time by helping them with their queries, closing sales with personal attention, and finding the right products that build brand trust and confidence.

Key Features:

  • Better SMS marketing
  • Keep complete track of customer data
  • Manage inventory
  • Real-time business insights 


Starts from $100/user/month

Shopify Apps to Increase Sales & Promotion

1. Growave:

Image 8

Growave is the must-have Shopify app in 2024, with versatile features that others might not offer. With Growave, you do not need to pay individually for each app. All of its features work seamlessly to transform your site and help you grow into a sales-driving store. 

It is primarily built for Shopify and offers customisation options to efficiently manage the app from a single dashboard without any requirement for coding. 

We provide a versatile, feature-rich app that does the job of other apps. So you don’t have to pay for each app individually! All features work seamlessly together to effectively help you grow & transform your site into a sales-driving store. It’s built exclusively for Shopify and provides extensive customisation options with any theme. The app is easily managed from a single dashboard, and no coding is needed. Multi-language for cross-border selling, real-time analytics, & 24/7 world-class support

Key Features:

  • Increase retention and repeat purchases with rewards, loyalty programs, VIP tiers, etc.
  • Organically acquire more customers
  • Collect customer reviews
  • Showcase UGC and Instagram photos to drive conversions and build social proof
  • Trigger emails and implement wishlists to boost sales.


  • Medium: $49/month
  • Growth: $149/month
  • Premium: $349/month

2. PushOwl

PushOwl enables you to send push notifications to your customers so that they will know about the items back in stock, discounts, or abandoned carts. 

You can reach various customers and get opt-in for text or push notifications and emails and convert them into subscribers. 

Key Features:

  • Segmentation for subscribers
  • Build a web push campaign with the help of Campaign Creator
  • Leverage cart detail for market personalisation
  • Keep an eye on web push marketing performances


  • Business: $19/month
  • Enterprise: $79/month

3. One Click Upsell – Zipify OCU

Image 9
One click

Zipify is the only app w/a Shop Mini integration! It is the Shopify app that helps to increase your topline value and average order. This Shopify store offers upsells on the shopping cart, SHOP app, landing and product pages, YT page, and a post-purchase app. You need to choose your products, set discounts, and publish them. It is way too easy to optimise your experience in chronological order.

Key Features:

  • Offer unlimited upsells
  • One-click purchase facility
  • Top-notch support
  • Built-in-Split testing for every placement


Starts from $35/month

Shopify Apps for Search Engine & Ads

1. Google Channel

Google Channel is the best free Shopify app for search engines and Ads. You can sync your products to Google Merchant Center, YouTube and more, list products for free on search, and even run paid campaigns, like Performance Max and Smart Shopping.

Key Features:

  • Easily synchronise your products to Google Merchant Center
  • Drive conversion
  • Boost Sales with the help of Performance Max.
  • Automatically get a free listing on the Google store without any charges
  • Advertising on Google properties


Free to install

2. Suite for Google Shopping Feed by CedCommerce

Image 10
Suite for google

The best solution for ads and promotions for Google and handling feed. It manages various Google programs, like Free Local Product Listings, Dynamic Remarketing, Local Inventory Ads, and Shopping Ads. Send products to several countries in their respective currencies on Google merchant.

Key Features:

  • Leverage custom profiles to filter products
  • Create offers and discounts across various Google properties.
  • Product synchronisation
  • Increase traffic with Performance Max campaigns.


-14-day free trial available

-Starts from $14/month

3. Adroll

Image 11

AdRoll finds those shoppers and pulls them back to purchase the product again. With the help of machine learning and data, they retarget customers on their mobile apps, social media platforms, favourite websites, and in their inboxes, which personalises your message with dynamic product images they’ve engaged with. 

Key Features:

  • Connected Social Ads
  • Pair emails with Ads
  • Reporting and Insights
  • Pre-optimized retargeting campaigns


  • 30 days free trial available
  • Starts from $25/month, including advertising costs

Shopify Apps for Social Media Marketing

1. SocialWidget

Image 12
Social icons

SocialWidget aids in improving conversions by allowing you to add TikTok videos and shoppable Instagram Gallery to your website. You do not require any coding as it offers diverse pre-made templates that are lightweight and respond to all devices. Moreover, you can tag and customise products on your feed to allow customers to make the right purchase.

Key Features:
  • Build social proof
  • well-responsive TikTok feed and Instagram gallery templates
  • Increase Instagram followers
  • Sort posts from public accounts and Instagram hashtags

Free-to-use app

2. Outfy

Image 13

Outfy makes business owners’ lives easy with the help of social media. It crafts content that suits your brand style. Outfy posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. It strategically plans your posts and avoids sharing items that are being sold with the help of intelligent AI-assisted scheduling. The prominent feature of Outfy is it automatically handles all these operations. 

Key Features:

  • Create engaging content
  • Promote your store on multiple social media platforms
  • Customised hashtags and post captions
  • Different themed templates
  • Post eye-catching content on social media


  • 7-day free trial
  • Starts at $15/month

3. VideoWise

Image 14

VideoWise is an end-to-end social media video platform created for high-performance sites. Craft engaging shoppable videos and video quiz experiences to escalate conversions and site engagement. Save time using bulk video embed & keep an eye on video performance with advanced analytics. Import TikTok videos, YouTube videos, Instagram reels, and upload videos. Fully customised pre-built video widgets, video gallery, video background, video stories, product video, video slider, video feed, and more.

Key Features:

  • To add content generated by users to your Shopify store.
  • Sync social media accounts
  • 20+ video widgets
  • Shoppable & interactive video maker
  • Advanced video analytics feature to measure engagement and sales


  • Starts: $99/month
  • Scale: $249/month
  • Pro: $449/month

Shopify App Store for Elements and Page Builders

1. Free Shipping Bar

Image 15
Free shipping bar

The free shipping bar shows progressive messages when customers place more items in their carts and lets them know how much to buy products so that they’ll be able to get free shipping. This escalates sales and average order value. This fully customised bar is available with advanced targeting options such as customer, geolocation, page, etc. You can have many free shipping offers for various customers’ countries and optimise the sales. 

Key Features:

  • Advanced targeting customer, geolocation, product, page, and device targeting.
  • Automatically detect local currencies of store visitors 
  • Shoes progressive messages to improve sales and shipping goals.
  • No need for coding
  • Support all pages and fully customisable


  • Free plan available
  • Premium: $9.99/month

2. PageFly: 

Image 16

Among the many apps you have installed, PageFly offers a drag-and-drop editor and effortlessly customises functionality and visuals down to minor details. Select between creating from scratch or initiating with a template and presenting your ideas leveraging their extensive element library. It serves everyone, whether first-time store owners or, expert agencies and fast-growing merchants. 

Key Features:

  • User-friendly platform
  • Flexible drag-and-drop editor
  • Creating products & collections
  • Compatible with all themes
  • Individually customise the screen size


  • Starts from $24/month
  • Unlimited: $99/month

3. ModeMagic by Mason

Image 17

ModeMagic is used by fast-growing merchants, as it is an excellent AI platform to increase website revenue. You can use AI to boost conversions with lightning and product recommendations deals, gather zero-party data via quizzes, and personalise conversion journeys all in one place. It brings immense growth with data insights and faster go-lives. 

Key Features:

  • Reduce browse abandonment
  • Gamify your store using product suggestion quizzes 
  • Schedule many lightning deals & flash sales
  • Improve average order value
  • Easy-to-use analytics dashboard


  • Free to install
  • Starts: $49/month
  • Scale: $799/month

1. Stamped.io

Image 18
Stamped. Io

Stamped is among the apps that will help improve your revenue with excellent product reviews, photo & video reviews, checkout reviews, Community Q&A, NPS, Shoppable Gallery, and more. Stamped Reviews is fully customisable to fit your brand’s needs with an on-site display widget. 

Key Features:

  • Google Integration to rank higher
  • Increase review conversions via emails and templates
  • Collect and import product reviews
  • Improve SEO and Google Shopping


Free-to-use app

2. Judge. me

Image 19
Judge. Me

Judge. me is a fully customisable and fast-loading review app available in 38 different languages. It helps to schedule automatic emails to receive reviews along with videos and images after the product delivery, improve your conversion rate, import them from other apps, add stars on Google or SEO, and share reviews on social media. This accessible-to-setup app has customised widget texts, themes, and colours tailored for customers.

Key Features:

  • Automatically syndicate product reviews 
  • Unlimited email review requests 
  • Share reviews on multiple social media channels
  • Display store and product reviews, trust badges, star ratings, reviews carousel
  • Engage your reviewers with coupons, email marketing integrations, and Q&A sessions.


Starts $15/month

3. Junip

Image 20

Junip collects, displays and manages reviews with the help of the same platforms, like OLIPOP, Hexclad, Jones Road Beauty, and many other apps. It offers a fast review widget and automatically matches your CCC/branding out of the box. Easy to manage reviews so that you can grow and expand your business.

Key Features:

  • Review submission experience 
  • Powerful Shopify Admin tools
  • Review widgets that match your brand
  • Deep integrations with leading SMS & ESP tools
  •  improve conversion rate


  • 14-day free trial available
  • Essentials (500): $19/month
  • Essentials (1000): $39/month
  • Standard: $74/month

Best Shopify Apps for Mobile App Builder

1. OneMobile

Image 21

OneMobie allows you to create your Android and iOS app in half an hour. It improves sales with unlimited push notifications, announcement bar, and countdown timer and expands the functionality of your app with seamless integrations. Their support team is capable enough to handle the complex process, guaranteeing the successful launch of your mobile app on the Google Play Store and App Store. Moreover, they also cater to on-demand mobile app expert services to meet your needs.

Key Features:

  • Seamlessly integrates with marketing and analytics tools 
  • Successfully customise, create, and submit your mobile app
  • Unlimited push notifications and sales potential
  • Save time and cost


  • Free plan available

2. Shopney

Image 22

Shopney takes only a few hours to have a phenomenal mobile app compared to mobile websites. Your sales will increase if you provide your customers with better shopping experiences. In addition, it offers push notifications, which is the most effective marketing tool. It caters to eight different theme options as a unique Shopify mobile app builder to ensure your products are displayed impressively.

Key Features:

  • Personalize shopping experience
  • Rich integration suite with best Shopify apps
  • Product merchandising using  themes: (layout) options in PLP and PDP


  • Silver: $99/month
  • Gold: $199/month
  • Platinum: $499/month

3. Plobal

Image 23

If you’re looking for the best mobile app builder for your ecommerce business, Plobal should be your ideal choice. Its Shopify Plus certification and professional customer support approach make it one of the best mobile app builders for Shopify merchants. Integrating the Shopify Plus app facilitates ensuring your store’s sales that motivate customers to buy and retain the products.

Key Features:

  • Track performance & construct strategy using analytics
  • Craft custom mobile apps without using coding
  • Integrate with current Shopify plugins
  • Boost conversion using push notifications


  • Growth: $199/month
  • Essential: $499/month
  • Enterprise: $1199/month

Affiliate, Referral, and Influencer Marketing

1. Dovetale

Image 24

Dovetale platform provides key features to look after an influencer marketing platform. Key features include easy gifting templates to send gifts, custom recruitment pages, and tracking payouts and commissions via PayPal.

Key Features:

  • Sending payments, affiliate links, and gifts to affiliates and influencers
  • To manage an influencer marketing campaign 


  • Starts at $19/month

2. Goaffpro

Image 25

You can initiate your affiliate marketing program with Goaffpro. For this, you need to install the app, and then you can avail the services. Your influencers are provided with a portal to register themselves to become affiliates. Once. Completing the signup, customers are provided with an affiliate link, which they leverage for product promotion on their Instagram, blog, and more. The customers are then rewarded for the purchase they have made with the help of their referral link. 

Key Features:

  • Unlimited sales, affiliates, potential, and traffic
  • Branded portal for your affiliates
  • iPhone + Android mobile apps to keep affiliates engaged
  • Automated order attribution, referral tracking
  • Advanced multi-level capabilities


  • Free plan available
  • Starts at $29/month

3. Refersion

Image 26

Refersion provides ecommerce growth for affiliate and influencer marketers with affiliate performance insights, relationship-building tools, and data attributes. With the ability to manage unlimited offers, affiliates, bonus rewards, custom commissions and affiliate dashboards, Refersion empowers brands to streamline growth via direct and strong relationships with their affiliates.

Key Features:

  • Individual performance dashboards and affiliate tracking
  • Customise your registration page
  • Track unlimited affiliates
  • Post-purchase pop-up message


  • Professional: $119/month
  • Business: $299/month
  • Enterprise: $599/month

Shopify Apps for Store Analytics

1. SuperCEO

Image 27

SuperCEO is personal Shopify store data that provides accurate sales insights to keep an eye on Shopify store’s growth from the number of sales to the average order value on your email and mobile every day without any costs. It also facilitates you to learn your daily business metrics instead of deciding everything on your own. Deliver easy-to-consume daily store dashboards and metrics in a fraction of a second. 

Key Features:

  • Unlock your store’s revenue growth for FREE!
  • Switch between numerous stores to monitor the sales metrics
  • Compare sales metrics by days, weeks, and months for better knowledge.
  • Get updates via notifications


Free-to-use app

2. True Profit

Image 28

TrueProfit is an app that offers Net Profit Analytics and shows you the actual profit of your store in autopilot and real-time. You need not perform the manual editing of error-prone spreadsheets. TrueProfit collects, calculates, and analyses all your store’s order metrics in one place. It unfolds valuable insights and makes decisions based on derived data by learning your store’s analytics. 

Key Features:

  • Net profit tracker
  • Auto-track all costs: shipping cost, transaction fee, COGS, or any custom costs
  • Marketing Attribution & Product Analytics: ad-level & product-level net profit
  • Real-time sync ad spends from Snapchat, Facebook, Google, Amazon, TikTok, and Bing.
  • Customer lifetime value


  • Basic: $25/month
  • Advance: $50/month
  • Ultimate: $100/month
  • Enterprise: $200/month

3. Triple Whale

Image 29
Triple whale

Triple Whale provides a unified dashboard for essential ecommerce metrics from your tech stack, such as Desku, Facebook, Klaviyo, etc.

Triple Whale is a leading app for store analytics because of its superb endorsement from DTDC brands, including Obvi, Muddy Bites, and Doe Lashes.

Key Features:

  • Optimising CLV & ROAS
  • Checking ecommerce metrics with the help of a central dashboard


  • Growth: $129/month
  • Pro: $199/month
  • Enterprise: $279/month

Exciting New Apps for the Shopify Store

1. Govalo

Image 30

Govalo has changed the digital gifting experience criteria with the help of wrap-around branding. Govalo helps customise your digital gift cards, escalating your retention and AOV. As Govalo is obsessed with gift-recipient and merchant experience, it also provides store credit, giftable products, corporate gifting, and giftable subscriptions. You can meet your customers where they are and give them an excellent way to purchase more gifts from your store.  

Key Features:

  • Giftable subscriptions.
  • Giftable products
  • Corporate Gifting solutions
  • Fully customised digital gift cards
  • Advanced analytics, like exportable reporting


Free to install

2. Vidjet

Image 31

Vidjet is a video player that changes videos into direct revenue with the help of segmentation options, shoppable features, and innovative video formats so merchants can show their visitors videos at the right time of their journey.

Key Features:

  • Publish videos at scale with no code
  • Reuse social media videos on web pages
  • Turn short videos into more sales on pages
  • Engage website visitors with appropriate content (ex: product tutorial)
  • Integrate more video touchpoints via a marketing automation strategy


  • Free plan available
  • Growth: $99/month
  • Pro: $299/month
  • Enterprise: Custom

3. Skio Subscriptions

Image 32
Skio subscription

Skio allows you to see brands and investors on your website. Investors like Sahil Bloom, Shaan Puri, Julian Shapiro, Y Combinator, Geoff Woo, Adjacent, and Jason Wong, as well as executives and founders including Smile.io, Magic Mind, Wonderment, Parker, MuteSix, HVMN, Okendo, Immi, and Archive.

Key Features:

  • Reduce customer tickets with password-less login
  • Reduce churn using a conditional cancel flow
  • Understand revenue with the help of the Skio Data Platform
  • Partner with a team from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Shopify, and Klaviyo.


DOG Plan: $499/month

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have gotten the enough information about the top Shopify apps for your store from the list that we have mentioned above. we have divided the apps into various categories, like Shopify apps for:

  • Ecommerce Business
  • Customer support
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales & Promotion
  • Search Engine & Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Elements & Page Builders
  • Product Reviews & Ratings
  • Mobile App Builder
  • Affiliate, Referral, and Influencer Marketing
  • Store Analytics
  • Some Interesting New Apps

So, If you’re looking for the right Shopify app for your business, you can pick from the list that we have curated for you from the 12 different categories to ease your customers and provide them with exciting shopping experiences.

Happy Shopping!

Shopify Apps FAQs

Which is the best Shopify FAQ app?

Easy FAQ Page is the most popular Shopify FAQ app as it is easy to create trendy FAQ pages for your Shopify app store. 

Does Shopify have a chatbot?

Yes, Shopify offers a chatbot feature to its customers that helps to increase conversions and drive sales.

How can Shopify increase your conversion rate?

Shopify apps can increase your conversion rate with the help of push notifications that offer product recommendations, or upsell your customers. 

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