A simpler way to talk to your customers

Easy conversation with customers, provide the help centre in the live chat widget itself. Let them know everything that they are looking for from the same tool.

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Quick resolutions and satisfied customers

Every resolution is one chat away! Place the help content quite visible to the customers for quick answers and solutions.

The articles and sources can easily be recommended to customers looking from the recently visited page to avoid getting stuck with questions.

Provide not only article sources but embed multiple sources like videos, images, and other informational links for your customers.

Let customers connect to you through Live Chat when they are stuck with the Knowledge Base articles.

Chat with desku. Io

Love this Live Chat they have created

I love this product is so easy to set up use and maintain and timely upcoming updates. Really go for this product for your business.

- Pablo Customer Support Specialist at TeamSnap

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Multichannel with desku. Io

Don't leave customers waiting in-line

Absolutely set right expectations to avoid upset customers in line. Set the business hours, so customers know when support agents are available for replying to their customers.

Do not worry if you could not reach out to the customer’s live chat, carry out the customer’s query in detail from Desku’s email queue.

Desku is an all-in-one tool for your business to generate and resolve queries. Let your customers choose multiple channels of Desku to get to you with queries.

Easy and Flexible to meet your goals.

Desku provides the flexibility in customising the appearance and the view of the Live Chat widget. Guide your customers to the Knowledge Base articles to find basic answers to their queries.