How To Add Apple Pay To Shopify Store: 4 Mins Guide

Updated : Apr 24, 2024
10 Mins Read
A pair of hands holding a tablet featuring an Apple Pay puzzle piece on a Shopify store.

How To Add Apple Pay To Shopify Store: 4 Mins Guide

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E-commerce business gives you a glimpse of customers’ consciousness regarding payment methods, especially when they have to pay through an online portal. The fear of online hacks, losing their transaction ID, reversing the double payments and getting refunds haunts their mind. 

In order to restore your reputation of being a secured Shopify store holder, it becomes necessary to check on the payment gateways you provide to your customers.

People across the world trust a few web payment gateways, and Apple Pay is one of them. Even though Apple Pay is accepted in limited countries, it tops the list of iOS device holders. We recommend you go through the list of acceptable Apple Pay regions in the world.

In this article, we will dwell on their preferences and will walk down the easiest trail to insert Apple Pay into your Shopify Store. Do spare 4 minutes on this guide, and it will open your Shopify doors to the elite customers.

Key Takeaway :

Integrating Apple Pay into your Shopify store can enhance the checkout experience for customers who prefer using Apple Pay as a payment option. It is easy to install, safe, and secure, and can reduce cart abandonment rates. Follow the simple steps mentioned in the article to enable Apple Pay in your Shopify store and enjoy the benefits of a quicker and hassle-free checkout process.

What is Apple Pay?

What is apple pay
Apple pay

As simple as it sounds, Apple Pay is an online payment platform supported by Apple devices. This device can be an iPhone, iPad Mac, or Apple watch. 

What differentiates Android users from iOS users is that they have a special built-in wallet on their devices. This wallet allows them to store their debit or credit card details. It’s as synonymous as their physical counterparts.

Apple users can use this wallet to make contactless payments at any payment terminal. It is hassle-free, convenient, free from the burden of carrying credit cards or debit cards, and very secure.

How does this Apple Pay work? Well, it is more easy and convenient than using physical debit or credit cards. Imagine an Apple user in your store selects a product and pays just by taking either an iPhone or Mac near your payment terminal and tapping their device or confirming with his biometrics. That’s it, payment is done! No need to enter a password or provide any information. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Apart from this method, Apple users can also make online payments through Apple Cash. Apple cash is like holding digital cash in your Apple wallet. Apple users can make or receive payments through messages or through wallets. 

What makes it more interesting is its security. If Apple users wish to stay anonymous and want to hide their email ID or personal details, Apple Pay will ensure their privacy. It will instantly generate a pseudo email ID and facilitate online payment. 

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Integrate Desku directly with your Shopify store to gain instant real-time insights. It will help your support team provide accurate and timely assistance to ensure a positive customer experience. Also, you can reduce support ticket volumes by deploying Desku’s AI-powered chatbot system, which requires zero training.

How to Enable and Accept Apple Pay on Shopify

Go through this easy and quick guide to enable Apple Pay in your Shopify Online Store.

  1. You have to open your Shopify Account. Now click on the “Settings” tab on your Admin page.
  2. After clicking on the “settings” tab, select the “ Payment” option.
  3. Once you click on the “Payment” option, a window will open and you have to select the “Credit Card Payment Provider” option. And then you have to approve the “manage” tab.
  4. You have to open the “Wallet” section and click on the “Apple Pay” Tab.
  5. Now save all the changes by clicking on the “Save” button.

After following the steps mentioned above, you have enabled Apple Pay in your Shopify Store. The Shopify store will now easily detect Apple users and reflect the Apple Pay option in their payment method.

Why Add Apple Pay to Shopify?

Why to add apple pay to shopify
Add apple pay to shopify

1). No additional cost and easy to install

Apple Pay comes with a Zero charge option for Shopify store owners if they are using one of the following payment portals. Examples include Shopify Payments, Stripe, FirstData, Payeezy,, and CyberSource. The only requirement to enable Apple Pay in your store is having an SSL Certificate authorized on your store domain name.  

2). Payment Safety & PCI compliant

Utmost Safety and Privacy are the defining features of Apple Devices. Apple Pay is a solid example of its payment system.  

Apple users do not have to reveal their information while making payments through their digital wallet. Even Apple doesn’t share the transaction details with its vendors. It generates the code which is used to accept or make payments through the online portal. This method is termed tokenization, which is highly secure and private. It almost nullifies the online threats of hacking your bank accounts. 

3). Quicker Checkout Process

The process of adding billing and shipping details can be tiresome and requires a reasonable time. Customers wish to minimize this checkout process. And for Apple Pay users, it is a boon. The wallet stores all the necessary information, and with one touch, it is filled by Apple Pay. 

According to Hallway Times, the comparative video shows that Apple Pay takes 2 min 8 sec less to enter the details as compared to the traditional mobile payment methods. The checkout process is 1 minute and 21 sec faster if you use Apple Pay on a Mac or desktop. The test result shows the entire checkout process is done in 30 seconds through Apple Pay.

4). Reduced Cart Abandonment Rate

On e-commerce platforms, both buying and abandoning the filled cart is prompt. Numerous reasons can be cited for abandoning the cart by the customers. It can be a change of mind, additional delivery time, extra shipping charges or payment security reasons. One of the reasons which may baffle you is extra time wasted during the checkout process. 

With Apple Pay enabled in your Shopify store, you can free customers from filling in personal details during checkout. This enhances their buying experience, thus reducing your Car Abandonment Rate and increasing Shopify turnovers.

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5). Mobile Checkout Made Easy

As per the survey done in 2022 in the U.S., results show that 135.97 million iPhone people in the United States have an iPhone as their smartphone. And most of them use mobile for shopping and making payments online on e-commerce portals. 

If you want to tap this large pool of customers, you have to give them a smooth and secure buying experience. What better way can there be than enabling an Apple Pay in your Shopify Store? Could you think twice before you say No to it? 

Other ways of using Apple Pay as a Shopify merchant

Add apple pay to shopify store
Ways of using apple pay

1). Apple Pay in Person

If your country falls in the Apple Pay accepted region, you can give this facility to your iOS device holders. Apple Pay facility is supported in iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. Apple users having any of the following devices can make payments at the point of sale in retail stores. 

At SHOPIFY POS, they have to bring the device near the readable perimeter and confirm the payment by tapping on the screen or confirming with their biometrics on the Apple device. Apple Pay will automatically facilitate payment from their digital wallet, built into their Apple device. No hassles of entering the details or carrying the cards and no tension of availing their transaction details by the vendors. 

Apple Pay in person is as easy as walking, showing your device, tapping, and going!

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2). Apple Pay Cash

Again, you have to ensure your country supports the Apple Pay Cash facility before claiming it for your customers. Apple Pay cash is digital cash stored in their wallet. 

Apple users can make payments online and offline at POS using their Apple Pay Cash option. The digital money is transferred to the vendor via message or through the wallet. Apple Pay cash is supported in the iPhone and Apple Watch. 

For the online Shopify Store, you have to enable the Apple Pay cash option in your dashboard to let your privileged customers have access to it.

3). Apple Pay in Mobile Apps

You can also incorporate Apple Pay in your Shopify store app with a few simple algorithms. The only condition is that your app should support iOS applications. That’s it! Apple users can also pay with Apple Pay in your Shopify app store!

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How to Test and Troubleshoot?

It is always recommended to try and test anything before you claim it. And verifying Apple Pay in your Shopify system should not be an exception to it. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free payment experience for your Apple Device holders, here is a checklist to verify your Apple Pay’s functionalities in your Shopify store.

1). Performing Test Transactions:

  • Use Apple Devices: Before your customer uses Apple Pay, we recommend you make sure it is functional on all the Apple Pay-supported devices, which can be iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch.
  • Different Browsers: We recommend you check the different browsers for Apple Pay compatibility. Your customers may make payments using any browser that supports the Apple Pay option.
  • Multiple Payment Scenarios: Conduct different payment scenarios, such as split payment of the product, different combinations of products, discount codes, etc., to ensure a correct and smooth checkout process in Apple Pay.
  • Testing Across Geographies: Apple Pay as a payment mode is only accepted in some of the countries of the world. Make sure before you present this option to your global customers.

2). Troubleshooting Common Issues:

  • Browser Compatibility Issues: Customers may find some browsers not responding to the Apple Pay method. Extend your help to those who encounter browser incompatibility through your Shopify payment assistant guide.
  • Payment Gateway Configuration: Check your payment gateway configuration to avoid errors during checkout.
  • SSL Certificate: Security is paramount regarding Apple services, and your Shopify store needs an SSL Certificate to enable Apple Pay.
  • Apple Pay Button Visibility: Make sure your Apple Pay button is placed correctly for precise visibility by your customers.
  • Device Compatibility: You must check that your Apple Pay is compatible with all the Apple Pay-supported devices, or else look for changes in your theme or Shopify system.
  • Communication with Customers: Always be ready or set mechanisms to provide assistance to your customers in their Apple Pay journey in your Shopify Store.

3). Seeking Assistance:

  • Shopify Support: Look for Assistance if you have repeated issues with the Apple Pay system on your Shopify store. Your problem will be quickly solved with their technical Assistance.
  • Developer Assistance: For developer-related Apple Pay queries, never hesitate to ring the bell of your developers for technical guidance.

Expert’s word – Are you sure you don’t need a business license for your Shopify store? Don’t get hammered with financial penalties – check this guide.

Conclusion: Integrate Apple Pay with the Shopify Store

When you integrate Apple Pay into your Shopify store, the checkout experience gets highly comfortable for those who mostly use Apple Pay as a payment option. When your customers pay at your Shopify store, they don’t need to bother about the privacy of their payment details. 

If you still face trouble while putting the Apple Pay option on your Shopify store, just drop a comment below, and our experts will definitely help you out! While Apple Pay streamlines the checkout process, Desku ensures a seamless and positive post-purchase experience. 

The integration of Desku help desk software with Shopify allows your support team to handle inquiries related to Apple Pay transactions, order status, and product details effectively.

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Gaurav Nagani
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