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What is Zendesk Used For? | Use Zendesk Help

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What is Zendesk Used For? | Use Zendesk Help

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What is Zendesk?

Zendesk offers a powerful customer support system to assist businesses in consolidating their customer support efforts, boosting satisfaction among customers. It has a ticketing system, live chat and helpdesk for solid customer inquiries management ensuring fast support.

Key Takeaways:

1. Zendesk: A SaaS Platform for Customer Support.

2. Its features include a help desk, live chat, and a ticketing system.

3. Zendesk enables customer support directly and easily with the help of satisfied customers.

4. Zendesk is initiated to effectively manage customer inquiries in business.

5. Zendesk as an all-around answer to customer support.

How to Use Zendesk: Tips and Tricks

How to use zendesk tips and tricks
How to use zendesk?

Zendesk is a flexible help desk solution with many bells and whistles to bolster your support operations. There are a few tricks and tips on how to tweak Zendesk so it works better for you thus enhancing your workflow and maximizing automatization.

Automation and Workflow

Zendesk is most beneficial for its automation capabilities. Additionally, it is possible to set triggers for action in case certain conditions are met. For example, you can use triggers to attach the appropriate ticket assignment according to agents or auto-respond customers’ queries. This reduces the time and ensures proper handling of tickets.

In addition to triggers, you can also use tags to help structure and manage your workflow. Tags allow you to flag tickets with specific keywords or categories that will help you search, filter, and track the ticket based on these criteria. This allows easy ticket management and provides a great support request organization.

Macros and Shortcuts

In addition, they have a handy tool for macro-creating in Zendesk. Macros are predefined actions, which can be simply clicked and applied to tickets. This could be a great timesaver for your support agents, especially with common customer inquiries or repetitive tasks. You can also enhance the speed and effectiveness of your ticket resolution process by creating macros for common actions.

The more keystrokes mean the faster the users may be able to read through the Zendesk platform. The shortcuts for you and your support agents to move from one ticket, view or Zendesk section to the other. Knowing such shortcuts can increase efficiency up to manual moving through important points much faster.

Integration with Other Tools

Zendesk can integrate with many other tools and applications meaning it is suitable for combining with any solution. When you integrate Zendesk with your CRM system, all customer data and history will be available in Zendesk and that gives valuable insights to support agents for better personalization.

The communication channels in your organization become more efficient when you set these integrations with chat platforms, project management tools and collaboration software that your support team is using.

Zendesk FeaturesBenefits
AutomationSave time and streamline support operations
Workflow OrganizationEfficiently manage and prioritize support requests
MacrosQuickly apply predefined actions to tickets
ShortcutsNavigate and perform actions faster
IntegrationEnhance Zendesk capabilities with other tools

These tips and tricks enable you to get the most out of Zendesk and offer attentive in mind customer support. Also, remember that Zendesk has many features and configurability options. So be sure to go through them and customize the platform accordingly.

Getting Started with Zendesk

Getting started with zendesk
Getting started with desku

The Zendesk Journey starts easy. Note that it only requires a Zendesk account created using their email address. No credit card details are taken upfront. If you have an account, you can simply go ahead with the process of setup which is easy and intuitive.

Zendesk offers a 14-day free trial period to help you become conversant with the platform and its features. This enables one to try out and feel the various elements of Zendesk so that you can determine if it suits your customer support needs.

Creating Your Zendesk Account

Creating a Zendesk account is a simple and quick process. You can follow these steps to get started:

✅ Go to the Zendesk website and click on the “Get Started” button.

✅ Enter your email address in the provided field and click “Get started.”

✅ Choose a subdomain for your Zendesk account. This will be a unique

✅ URL where your customers can access your support portal.

✅ Create a password for your account.

✅ Click “Continue” to complete the account creation process.

With these steps completed, you’re ready to roll. Your Zendesk account has been set up and activated and now you can customize it to fit your support needs.

Exploring the Zendesk Interface

Zendesk 2
Explore zendesk

The interface is intuitive, and clean when you first log in to your Zendesk account. Therefore, one can access support tickets, address customer queries and collaborate with the support team using different features and tools found on that dashboard.

To begin with, give yourself some time to grasp the idea of various sections and tabs in the Zendesk interface. This will allow you to work well with the platform and take full advantage of Zendesk opportunities.

Key SectionsDescription
TicketsManage and track customer support tickets.
Knowledge BaseCreate and organize articles to provide self-service support.
ReportingAccess metrics and insights to measure support performance.
SettingsCustomize and configure your Zendesk account.

Reading through these sections will provide an overall knowledge of the Zendesk platform and enable you to improve efficiency in your customer support services.

Zendesk Support: Managing Customer Tickets

What is Zendesk Support? It is a powerful ticketing system and makes the work of managing customer support inquiries easier. Take this ability to control effectively incoming tickets from so many channels and its determination for each customer issue resolved. A global dashboard view of the ticketing system lets the tickets be tracked and organized for fast resolution to customer issues.

Another feature of Zendesk Support is ticket assigning to specific support agents. This ensures that every ticket is attended by the relevant team member which leads to a more efficient support process. With ticket association, you can facilitate fair sharing of responsibilities and a labour differentiation that will help your customers in the right way they need.

You can also consolidate the tickets with Zendesk Support. This is beneficial, especially when many customers have the same problem, and this feature can consolidate various tickets into one thread. In short, merging tickets not only saves time but also offers a very neat experience where the problem tracked is in one place for both agents and customers.

Another essential attribute of Zendesk Support is ticket resolution. When you have addressed and resolved an issue of a customer, you can close that ticket in the system. You can use this feature to highlight or mark completed tickets, which is valuable for analyzing ticket resolution times and customer satisfaction metrics. Effective management and resolution of customer tickets will help to improve customer satisfaction.

Ticket Management FeaturesDescription
AssignmentAssign tickets to specific support agents for efficient handling.
MergingConsolidate similar tickets into one thread for streamlined communication.
ResolvingMark tickets as resolved once the customer’s issue has been resolved.

Customizing Zendesk: Views and Ticket Forms

Customizing zendesk views and ticket forms
Customisation in zendesk

The customization of Zendesk is one of the most essential parts that allows you to adjust it for your needs. These are two key areas where customization can greatly improve your customer support experience: Views and ticket forms.

Customizing Views

With Zendesk views you can organise tickets about particular conditions. Customize views to build a workflow that works for you and your support team. Tickets can be run based on the submitter, assigned date or organization to group them so that you can prioritize and respond to the tickets appropriately.

For instance, consider a case where you want to create a view to display high-priority tickets from VIP customers. The filters can be set to show tickets from “high priority” groups and VIP organization customers only. By that, the ideal approach should be developing a concentrated and well-organized perspective to respond to immediate customer queries.

Also, the ability to customize views lets you organize tickets more efficiently and improve your team’s productivity. With this, you can respond to customer queries in time and correctly because you understand which tickets matter.

Ticket Form Customization

You can also customize your ticket forms for Zendesk to get insights on specific cases that occurred among customers while submitting a support request. For all the tailoring, what matters the most is being able to bring the appropriate details forward and let your agents respond.

For instance, you can add some additional fields to your ticket form to capture the account number of a customer, serial number of a product or preferred contact method. Your agents will find such extra information, extremely useful because it helps to place the problems in a better context and perceive the ideas of their fast resolution.

You can customize your ticket forms to include all the information you need to assist your support representatives in giving accurate, individualized help.

Benefits of CustomizationHow It Helps
Improved EfficiencyCustomizing views and ticket forms streamlines your support process, allowing you to handle tickets more effectively.
Enhanced Customer ExperienceCollecting specific information through customized ticket forms enables your support agents to provide personalized and relevant assistance to customers.
Effective Workflow ManagementCustomized views help you prioritize and assign tickets based on your team’s workflow, ensuring a smooth support operation.

Zendesk and Adding Agents and Admins

Adding agents and admins to zendesk
Adding agents

When you use Zendesk, you can add several user roles to your support account. Consequentially, you can run access and permissions for your team with ease. There are three main user roles in Zendesk: agents, admins, and light agents. Going forward, we shall further discuss the various positions and where they come in respect to the overall support process.


Zendesk is used by agents who mostly interact with customers and solve customers’ support questions. They can use every feature of the platform to make users aware such as creating and resolving tickets, assigning tickets to themselves or anyone, and chatting live conversations. The ticketing system of Zendesk enables agents to manage customer tickets most effectively to provide their resolution promptly.


Agents cannot do more than what Zendesk admins can. They can do the user roles, settings customization and advanced tasks. Admins can create macros to automate repetitive duties, set up workflows to support operations and link Zendesk with other tools/business systems. It is crucial to establish Zendesk to assist in meeting the most urgent requirements of your organization.

👉🏻Light Agents

This particular method is utilized in tagging a light agent which refers to a non-agent staff that can have access to the tickets and be able to look into them without necessarily being an active agent. They can, for instance, serve in a group where the input of people from outside the support tasks is needed. For light agents, they can comment on tickets, view ticket history and collaborate in internal discussions. Any accessibility of these patterns is, therefore, available only to the extent to which they support processes and do not contain irrelevant features which overwhelm them.

👉🏻User Role Permissions

Zendesk 2009 agents 121 Full access to Zendesk features, ticket management, and live chat.

Admins, contribute to customizing settings, play with user roles & access advanced features.

Review Type Light Tickets, Add Comment, Internal Discussion of Review Type Light.

Through Zendesk and different user roles, one can create an orderly support group to better the support process. Inbound customer inquiries for agents, platform configuration for admins and valuable input from light agents. This particular type of teamwork ensures adequate customer support and contributes to a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Zendesk Chat: Real-Time Customer Interactions

Real-time customer support is a function necessary for the survival of businesses in the fast digital world today. And this is how Zendesk Chat comes in handy. Unlike all other live chat software, Zendesk Chat is the pioneer in enabling you to connect with your customers instantly forging stronger bonds.

In the case of inquiries, Zendesk Chat lets you add a chat widget supported on your website or mobile app for customers. There where support is in place for a customer instantaneously provides more integrity of communication gives better user experience, and results in an increased level of customer satisfaction.

Efficient Customer Support

Zendesk Sell Chat makes the work of your support agents with incoming requests more”. They can have several chats at the same time and with the speed to take them and prepare responses or macros the messages will be uniform. The interface is smooth and agents can easily adjust to it.

Proactive Customer Engagement

One of the main benefits of Zendesk Chat is that it allows for proactive engagement. With such features as chat triggers and proactive chat greetings, you can come to the visitor asking for help before they even realize they meant to ask about it. The aspect of personalization not only excites customers but also turns potential leads into dedicated customers.

The advent of Zendesk Chat has transformed our customer support. The agents will now address customer questions as soon as they are posted by customers. Its ease of use and the ability to tailor it to our specific needs have made it an indispensable tool for our business.

Benefits of Zendesk ChatFeatures
1. Real-time customer supportInstantly address customer inquiries
2. Improved customer satisfactionOffer immediate assistance
3. Proactive customer engagementReach out to customers before they ask
4. Efficient support operationsHandle multiple chats simultaneously

Zendesk Chat is a great help for any business looking to deliver outstanding support. These real-time interactions, support operations and advanced involvement capabilities ensure the customers are contended, develop loyal customers and increase customer satisfaction. So why wait? Start using Zendesk Chat as part of your customer support strategy and feel the difference today!

Zendesk Pricing and Plans

Zendesk pricing and plans
Zendesk pricing

On the other hand, Zendesk pricing and plans are designed for various business types. You plan regardless of how small your start-up or large enterprise is. Let’s take a closer look at the available options:

1. Essential Plan

The Essential plan is for new businesses which would like to provide simple customer support. It is ticketing, collaboration tools and knowledge base integration at $5 per agent per month. It may be the cheapest option but it still provides essential tools to commence your support operation.

2. Team Plan

You should choose the Team plan if you’re the manager of a burgeoning support team. It supplements Essential plan features for $19 per agent per month introducing performance dashboards, satisfaction surveys, etc. Therefore, it is applicable for a company that wants to enlarge its backing operations but not to affect efficacy.

3. Professional Plan

The Professional plan is suitable for businesses that require advanced features and customization. It is the complete Team plan plus chat and call, advanced analytics and automation workflows all at $49 per agent/month. It is a plan that helps you to meet your customers excellently and to maximize service.

4. Enterprise Plan

If you are a bigger organisation with the aim of more intricate support requires than enterprise plan will be perfect. Custom pricing includes all features in the professional plan and AI-powered chatbots, advanced security and dedicated customer success management. The plan aims to address the issues of enterprise support operations.

5. Elite Plan

The customer should choose the Elite plan if he or she needs first-rate support and individual care. With custom pricing, you get to access all the features of the Enterprise plan and more such as 99.99% uptime SLA, test sandbox environments, and priority 24 This is the most service-intensive and support-intensive plan for your organization.

For that matter, it should be observed that pricing and plans may vary depending on extra parameters such as the number of agents, contract term period, or necessary add-ons or integrations. Please note that the prevailing costs and underlying options can be viewed from the Zendesk website, and one may contact the sales team for a quote contemplating their needs.


To this end, Zendesk makes your support operations powerful tools for much-needed customer satisfaction. They have features and functionalities that businesses can apply to provide great support to their customers.

The ticketing system from Zendesk on the other hand, allows for better management of customer inquiries- you can allocate them to a specific agent, merge related tickets and mark them done. This guarantees proficient ticket resolution and unproblematic support.

The live chat feature of Zendesk allows support agents to help customers immediately. Including Zendesk Chat on a website or mobile application strengthens general live chat to your site to aid in faster problem resolution.

One more important advantage of Zendesk is its ability to be tailored. You can also tailor views to group tickets by some criteria to provide your support agents with a ticket separation vision. You can also employ personalized ticket forms to collect the information you need from your customers and deliver the required support.

Zendesk is rife with extensive features, user friendly and can be utilized for satisfaction purposes across all sizes of businesses and customer support software is an example. Whether you are new to the support game or looking to take your support operations to the next level, choose Zendesk and give great support, creating an amazing learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zendesk used for?

The SaaS platform Zendesk offers customer support solutions. This is to improve efficiency in customer support operations and enhance satisfaction among the customers. Through such features as a ticketing system, live chat and help desk, Zendesk allows businesses to take control of customer inquiries and support.

What should I know about using Zendesk effectively?

There are some tips and tricks available to use Zendesk effectively. These include implementing automation with action triggers, using tags to organize workflow, saving time by creating macros and faster navigation with shortcuts. In addition, integrations with other tools and analysis of metrics can also aid the use of Zendesk.

Where Can I Begin with Zendesk?

Start using Zendesk in minutes. A user can open a Zendesk account using only an email address and is not obliged to provide any data on the credit card. Setting it up involves a simple and straightforward series of activities, and a 14-day trial is offered to users who want to try it and understand how this platform works.

How does Zendesk Support help in the management of customer tickets?

Ticketing System – The ticketing system offered by Zendesk Support is comprehensive and will allow the management of customer support testimonies. It allows users to view and manage tickets from different channels in a unified dashboard, assign tickets to particular support agents, merge like-tickets, and mark resolved tickets. This makes the ticket resolution process more efficient and supports customer support.

Can the fields of view and ticket forms be customized in Zendesk?

Indeed, Zendesk offers “views,” which are essentially ways to customize how tickets are grouped to include only the desired ones based on certain criteria, such as submitter, assigned date and so on. This assists the supporting agents in viewing all imperative tickets. Users can also tailor ticket forms to gather particular details from customers while requesting assistance.

How do I add agents or admins to my Zendesk account?

With Zendesk, you can add any number of agents and admins to your support account. Access and permission control will be implemented in the form of user roles. Non-agent staff members can respond to tickets and provide an editor’s opinion on a triage. This supports good cooperation and backing in the platform of Zendesk.

Are there live chats for real-time customer interactions with Zendesk?

Zendesk Chat offers configurable live chat solutions for live customer engagements. Zendesk Chat can be integrated into the client’s website or mobile app so that customers can request help and support agents offer immediate assistance. This improves customer communication and heightens the whole support experience.

How much does Zendesk cost for different pricing plans?

Different pricing plans are offered by Zendesk to meet various business requirements. The plans include Essential, Team, Professional, Enterprise and Elite. Each of the presented plans has its features and abilities, enabling businesses to select suitable plans.

Why do Companies use Zendesk for Customer Support?

Zendesk is a sophisticated customer support software that enables enterprises to harmonize their support operations and offer the best customer service. Zendesk supports businesses with various features like a ticketing system, live chat and customization, which help enhance customer satisfaction and build the efficiency of support teams.

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