Meet our No-code Bot Builder

Create powerful chatbots with No Code Chatbot Builder which will be a conversational bot to engage with your customers, collect leads and feedbacks – without writing code.

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Trusted by Businesses Having 50,000+ Customers

What makes our Chatbot so special?

Understand why our Chatbot is preferred by 1000s of businesses.

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Curated Templates

Get inspiration using our curated templates to jump-start your bot building.

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With our drag and drop chatbot builder you can customize bots and flows in no time.

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100% Secure

We aim to provide information security to all customers. Your business’s data will stay confidential at all times.

Our Bots Can Be Managed Easily

Assemble chatbot with every social media account in one place. Rebuild and deploy a bot based on your needs.

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What Does Our Chatbot Do?

Here is how our chatbot helps you streamline customer interactions. 

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Get Started in Building Bots with Absolutely no-code!

Desku helps you create conversational bots using our bot builder. You do not require any technical expertise to deploy these bots on different channels. Take the advantage of curated templates to extract ready-made scripts and use them in your bot-building process.

Conditional Branching

Conversations make the most important part of customer relationships. Create and deploy varied conversational strategies to cater to different types of audiences without using a single line of code.

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“The design is so super clean and sleek. I LOVE the design of the mobile app. Setting up the entire account is easy. Integrations with Woocommerce and Shopify are super easy. Live chat is an integration to install for embedding into your website. Everything is based around tickets, which is fine, except the only way a customer can submit a ticket is through email or a separate page”

-Steven G - Brand Manager

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Preview and Deploy

Test the bot integration on your selected channel before going live. This helps in making sure that your bot is running exactly like you want it to.

Component Reusability

Your visitors have unique needs. To cater to their varied requirements, branch out conversations flow using conditions.

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An omni-channel experience

Our Chatbot can be run on different platforms seamlessly. Your collected data and conversations can be seen at a single place in an organized way.

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What Can Our Chatbot Help You With?

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Send instant messages to users to improve service quality.

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Use a set of cards to display items with specific CTAs.

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Collect Input

Get the details of different questions you have been searching for. 

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Helps users select a number from different values. 

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Make input collection faster using our forms. 

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Service Call

Start a GET/POST call to other systems using APIs. 

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File Upload

Allow customers to upload documents and pictures. 

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Allow the conversation flow to be branched into various paths based on user input

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Human hand-off

Seamlessly transfer the conversation from the Chatbot to a human support agent. 

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Branch out into various conversation flows and customer journeys with each button

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Create independent decision trees based on the pre-defined conditions

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A prerequisite with which its underlying conversation flow is executed