Enhance Your AI Experience: 10 Strategies To Elevate Customer Journey

Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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Enhance Your AI Experience: 10 Strategies To Elevate Customer Journey

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AI Experience is one of the top-most discussed topics. We have seen so many previous articles regarding the importance of automation that is integrated with the Helpdesk Software that will ultimately help Business Owners ease down the process of Customer Service Experience. 

AI is globally accepted and as we know the world runs in the flick of seconds, it has become mandatory to adopt the use of AI for every required business. For delivering the best customer experience, companies have established AI for the smooth working of the Helpdesk System.

The rising AI customer experience has created a significant impact on modern business. Today, businesses look into the blend of AI and machine learning tools to offer you guidance in decision-making processes, analyze and design data, and stay ahead of their competitors.

One can also use AI customer experience to streamline and optimize the data, which allows you to improve your sales, generate more leads, and erase friction from the buyer’s journey.

This blog will highlight the most effective ways to provide an AI customer experience, some of the best examples of AI customer experience, and, of course, what is AI customer experience.

Key Takeaway :

To enhance your AI experience and elevate the customer journey, consider adopting AI-powered tools such as conversational apps, machine learning, and chatbots to improve customer touchpoints and make the experience hassle-free. By integrating AI into your customer journey, you can streamline and optimize data, improve sales, generate more leads, and eliminate friction from the buyer’s journey, ultimately providing a more effective and efficient customer experience.

What is AI Experience For Customer Service?

AI customer experience refers to using conversational apps, machine learning, chatbots, and other AI-powered technology to improve the customer touchpoint and make it hassle-free.

Most importantly, support agents get virtual assistance to complete their tasks, which means customers with simple inquiries quickly get the resolution, and agents get more time to tackle the tickets.

Some Best Examples of AI Experience for Customer Experience

Various brands are already delivering excellent AI customer experiences along with tremendous success. Here are some prime examples of businesses that integrated AI into the customer journey:


Airbnb allows customers to search for lodging in particular regions. The AI technologies in this AI platform also work to find capable matches outside the designated search area. For this, the AI-driven customer experience algorithm analyzes several factors, such as trip duration, previous stays, and price preferences.

By presenting listings for a broad array, Airbnb benefits its hosts by getting bookings while opening the eyes of various users to new destinations. The outcome is an engaging experience that is advantageous to both sides of the lodging ecosystem of Airbnb.


The Starbucks application and reward system are the best instances of AI customer experience. When customers leverage the Starbucks app to place an order, the AI tools work silently in the background to recommend product pairings based on various factors that include past purchasing history.

By providing recommendations, Starbucks leverages its AI platform to improve customer journeys effectively, benefiting consumers. Simultaneously, these product recommendations will improve average order value (AOV), facilitating global brand value.


Spotify ensures users can start their day with various quirky playlists based on their recent listening habits. The platform’s robust AI customer experience tool creates a customized playlist for users named “Discover Weekly.” This feature facilitates new artists in selecting currently released songs in genres that users prefer to listen.

At the end of the year, Spotify enrolled features a rundown of the most listened-to tracks, genres, and podcasts. The platform makes the list available for its users and encourages them to share the stats of their year-end listening with others.


Unity is a platform for 3D development which experienced a rise in incoming tickets. To address this issue, Unity implemented AI-powered self-service tools, helping them to save money and improve customer satisfaction.

As per Oberlo, 54 per cent of organizations have boosted efficiency and reduced costs after implementing AI. The company also reports that AI entirely powered 15 per cent of customer service communications.


FullStory is a digital experience intelligence software that facilitates companies to boost growth through qualitative & quantitative data analytics. This platform streamlines its workflows, which saves agents from toggling between different applications to increase support inquiries.  

Agents can now get automatic notifications to correct the department without switching between the apps.

10 Effective Ways to Provide Better AI Experience in Customer Service

1️⃣ Personalization Customer Experience

The least customers expect is to experience better customer support services, in which the business shows concern regarding the customers they care about. 

Approaching customers through live chat and conversing regarding queries provides utter attention to the customers. 

Solving tickets according to priority and taking care of the customers’ urgency will always be appreciated by the customers. It is a sign of the Best Helpdesk Software that is always present for the customers. 

2️⃣ Provide 24/7 Customer Service 

As per the current scenario of getting everything within the flick of seconds, no customers want to wait in line to resolve their queries, so it is essential to keep Customer Support Service up to date. As human customer support, it is not possible to always stay available for your customers to approach or get back to customers. This is when automation plays a huge role in easing down customer support. 

Sleek features like Live Chat, Chat Bots, and an informative Knowledge Base help customers get their answers quickly. This will not constrain much of the customer’s time, and Human-Agent can also divert their efforts in a different direction.

3️⃣ Faster Query Resolution 

As per the reports, 65% of customers believe that AI should save time when they contact a business. Decreased handle times, Faster response times, and shorter wait times benefit customers using AI to improve their experience—Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and AI chatbot technology support contactless and Swift resolutions. 

A chatbot can pull up relevant answers from your self-service portal or help centre to resolve customer inquiries quickly. Bots can ensure agents do not waste their time on fake tickets and spam messages. By this, the first-response time will improve, and your customers will say thanks for it.

4️⃣ Reduce the Error Probability 

Errors inevitably arise when your agents handle customer support inquiries. These errors make your team look unprofessional or confuse customers if these responses have insufficient or incorrect information. 

Agents may require some time to fix the errors. Here, chatbots can lower human error by automatically capturing customer details and providing agents with the context to tackle the problem efficiently.

5️⃣ Assigning Queries to the Right Agents

You are assigning customer tickets to agents according to the type of issues and expertise of the agent in resolving the issues. AI leverages keywords in the message to identify the skills required to resolve an issue and automatically notifies the right agent for it.

Let’s understand this through an example: you can route incoming messages from French-speaking customers to French-speaking agents, popularly known as skills-based routing.

You can define “skills” according to the customer’s needs for routing incoming messages that fit the defined circumstances to the right agent. 

6️⃣ Anticipate Potential Issues and Customers’ Needs

Leverage AI to identify common customer queries and problems to generate solutions and increase retention. Agents need to review support tickets and examine typical customer problems. 

Desku can quickly group tickets, enabling your team to prevent escalations and see the bigger picture with the help of some add-on tickets.

Suppose you work as an agent for a software company and leverage an AI-powered feature of your CRM to track issues. You notice that many customers face challenges integrating the tool with Google Calendar. In addition to this, your team can immediately work on the update of your current help centre article regarding the integration so new customers will be able to set it up easily.

7️⃣ Analyze Customer Data to Prevent Churn 

With the help of AI-powered tools like Desku, you can analyze and track unstructured data, including customer sentiment, to see who is at the high churn risk and offer attention to them immediately.

Desku uses natural language processing (NLP) and AI technology to look at different keywords and signals from customer interactions. It then offers faster recommendations and automatic alerts to facilitate you to analyze and check customer sentiments to predict churn or case escalation.

8️⃣ Track Conversation History for Seamless Interactions

If we talk about the recent reports, consumers say that repeating themselves is amongst the most frustrating factors of a negative customer experience as it leads to increasing churn. 

It would help if you kept your buyers happy by leveraging AI-powered bots that can review previous interactions by customers to have all the context they require for hassle-free support.

Imagine a customer reaches out to you via chatbot and gives their name, order ID, and purchase date. The next time they reach out with a question via chatbot or other platforms, that info gets saved by default and accessible so that the customer does not have to repeat themselves. It saves everyone’s time, gives an omni-channel experience, and creates a seamless customer interaction.

9️⃣ Lower-down Employee Burnout 

Today, many agents are overwhelmed with the tasks at their workplace. As per the CX trends report, only 15% of agents are delighted with their workload. The agents who are stressed are more likely to make mistakes, which leads to poor customer experience.

AI can decrease the workload of agents. Chatbots can tackle simple inquiries by directly rectifying them or by guiding customers to the knowledge base content. Additionally, IVR systems can address customer questions on a call, which consists of pre-recorded answers.

🔟 Increase Sales Using Bots

You can notify your customers about the special discount codes, new products, and other relevant information that motivates them to purchase the product.

Let’s say a customer is leveraging the chatbot to learn about the software before purchasing the product. Based on how customers interact with the chatbot and customer data, the bot could be capable enough to highlight quirky features, specific promotions, or several pricing plans that would be an excellent fit for them.

For instance, Desku’s answer bot can automatically notify agents to follow up with customers who are showing their interest in a particular service or product. 

Conclusion: Improve Customer Support Service with AI Experience

If you want to elevate the customer experience in the business, it is important to stay consistent in giving replies and engaging with them on a timely basis. It is not always necessary that your human customer support agents are available to give replies to their customers timely and that’s where AI will come into action.

If you want AI to improve customer experience, look no further. Desku is here to make life much easier for customers and support teams that come along with various AI-powered features.

It empowers you to build interactive and customized conversation flow without any coding. It enables you to connect all the customer data to initiate more personalized interactions.

See the power of AI and deliver better support with excellent customer service software like Desku.

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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