14 Best Landing Page builder Apps for Shopify 

Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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Discover the top 14 landing page builder apps for Shopify.

 14 Best Landing Page builder Apps for Shopify 

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Do you want to develop a Shopify app store that entices every single visitor and brings you magical conversions? You can’t trust any random drop editor, right? A perfect landing page designer app needs to be perfect from all angles. 

Now, if you want to optimize your Shopify store for great conversion rates, there are many builder apps out there to consider. However, you’ll be stunned to know there are around 13 considerations before picking one!

Don’t feel baffled, as our experts have done all the hard work! You don’t need to know how to code, as most of those we’ve picked offer an easy drag-and-drop editor facility. Your web pages will load lightning fast, and your features images gallery will look more alluring than what you think.

Here we start!

Here’s a concise and NLP-friendly summary for the question “Title: 14 Best Landing Page builder Apps for Shopify”:

When optimizing your Shopify store for better conversion rates, consider PageFly, LayoutHub, and EComposer as top landing page builder apps, each offering unique features like versatile design elements, user-friendly experience, and quick page creation. These apps provide cost-efficient solutions with strong customer support, making them suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Key Takeaway :

This summary provides a brief overview of the top landing page builder apps for Shopify, addressing the question’s context and the 10th-grade readability level.

What to consider before choosing the Best Landing Page Builder Apps for Shopify

What to consider before choosing the best landing page builder apps for shopify
Best landing page builder

Business Goals and Objectives:

The first and foremost thing you need to consider is what kind of goals your business has. Are you trying to increase your product sales, or do you want to attract more leads? Or you are focusing on promoting your products. When you decide on your specific goal, choosing a landing page application will not be that tough.

Ease of Use and Learning Curve:

Neither your team nor you are going to have plenty of time to invest in learning any application. That’s why opting for an application with an intuitive user interface would be better. This would have a low learning curve, which would require minimum training efforts. So, the best page builder needs to be easy to use besides being feature-rich.

Customization and Design Flexibility:

The more customization and design flexibility the landing page app provides, the more chances there are of creating landing pages aligning perfectly with your brand’s identity. You should choose a platform that offers ample customization and design features like drag-and-drop page builders.

Integration Capabilities:

One of the most important things you need to consider in any landing page application is whether or not it is integrated with other applications of your ecosystem, like email marketing tools, CRM, and data analytics tools. Opting for an integrable application will boost your efficiency. Apps like PageFly and layoutHub are decent in this department.

Performance and Page Loading Speed:

Attractive and faster-loading landing pages have always been one of many requirements for achieving good search engine rankings. 

Besides this, landing pages with high loading speeds also provide a user experience to your website visitors. That’s why you should choose the platform that provides high performance. Keep in mind that speed is necessary for attaining success in Shopify in 2023.

Customer Support and Resources:

When you are new to the application, you are, of course, going to expect support from your service provider. A similar thing holds for you to see while choosing your landing page app.

You need to make sure that your chosen platform is providing strong customer support to you. Moreover, you also need to see if the application has enough online learning resources in the form of tutorials, community forums, and informative guides.

1). PageFly – Overall Best Shopify App Page Builder


Among the best page builder apps for Shopify, PageFly proves to be the ultimate choice. It is a comprehensive landing page solution that helps you create attractive landing pages by allowing a versatile suite of features and seamless third-party integrations like Fera Product Reviews.  

We always want our landing pages to be visually appealing to attract our website visitors’ attention. With PageFly, you get to create visually attractive landing pages through its numerous built-in design elements.

Moreover, its highly efficient marketing toolkit allows you to easily create automation in your sales funnel and integrate it with your designated list of marketing tools. Also, its dashboard shares some valuable insights with you regarding different processes. 

Now, you might wonder why you should think about choosing this Shopify page builder app. Well, there is not just one reason. Firstly, its cost-efficiency is the key to attraction. It follows a flexible pricing structure to fit different business models. 

Starting from a free plan to an enterprise plan, PageFly makes sure to help every business affordably make creative landing pages. Moreover, its customer support team becomes your backbone to assist you in every issue where you are stuck. 

2). LayoutHub


LayoutHub is a user-friendly landing page application that allows you to craft versatile e-commerce stores with high efficiency through its in-built design templates and blocks. Setting up this application was not at all tough due to its easy configuration.

Now, LayoutHub is popular because of its highly customized features and user-friendly experience. You can easily select block sections from numerous layouts and drag-and-drop them to fit them with their perfectly matching sections. Moreover, you can even get virtual visualizations of your website with your selected layouts through its review and testing system to see if everything is perfectly aligned.

While visiting the pricing structure of LayoutHub, you will get to know its flexible nature as each of its pricing tiers is designated to meet different business needs. With its Freemium plan, you can create three landing pages with basic functionalities.

Its premium plan, however, unlocks an unlimited number of page creations with amazing design templates. It’s the best Shopify page builder for conversational e-commerce websites. Also, its chat support wins hearts. 

3). EComposer


EComposer is a Shopify landing page builder application that allows you to create mesmerizing online stores through simple drag-and-drop functionality without exhibiting any profound coding skills. The landing pages crafted by EComposer have faster loading speed, a user-friendly dashboard, high efficiency, and a high conversion rate, thus helping your online store have high search engine rankings.

Regarding customization features, EComposer has become the master in the field due to its offerings of 100+ page layouts, 100+ design elements, and 300+ section themes. Its intuitive user interface is easily adaptable for users of all stages, from beginners to experienced ones.

Besides landing page creation, EComposer gives you additional features like global blocks, AI content generator, and lazy load to enhance your website in all areas. Moreover, its 24/7 live chat will always be ready to assist you whenever needed. 

Whether you have a small size business or a large size, EComposer is designed to fit every business but affordably. Its free pricing tier is completely free and offers basic design templates.

The premium plan of EComposer allows you to create unlimited pages by including features like priority support and speed optimization. If you are looking for the best online store without inputting any coding effort, Ecomposer can be your partner. You can create pages in minutes!

4). Shogun


Shogun has been called a revolutionary page builder app due to its ability to craft mesmerizing landing pages with its no-code infrastructure. It quickly creates pages in no time, hence saving a lot of time for the store owners. Moreover, its seamless integration with third-party applications allows you to implement hassle-free workflow, which makes you grow efficiently. 

What makes Shogun stand out from others is its mobile-friendly design templates. So, when you design your store’s page through Shogun, it will automatically fit into different screen sizes.

Its testing feature lets you have a preview of your designed page to make any necessary changes before making it live. In addition, through its data analytics system, Shogun shares valuable insights with you to track your page’s performance. 

Shogun offers different pricing tiers. Its build package starts at $39/month with features like a 25-page creation limit, SEO controls, and drag-and-drop functionality.

Shogun’s second pricing plan is said to be a measure package with a pricing of $149/month, including a content management system for 250 pages and a data analytics suite. Finally, its team package, with a $299/month pricing, allows you to create a maximum of 500 pages and provide features like bookable video support, data collections, and custom elements. 

5). Zipify


Zipify page builder, with its premium design templates and amazing feature enrichment, becomes powerful enough to craft landing pages that will captivate your consumer’s attention. Besides this, due to its highly compatible nature, it easily integrates with Shopify for e-commerce businesses striving to have a strong brand awareness. 

To convert your website visitors into your customers, Zipify lets you optimize your product pages into dynamic buy boxes. Its sticky button system keeps your CTAs visible to your users while browsing through your application. Zipify never wants its users to have issues with it. That’s why its customer support team always has your back every time you get caught up anywhere in the middle of the application. 

Zipify accompanies two pricing plans. Its basic plan is designed to meet the needs of startups, including features like a countdown timer, mobile optimization, and premium templates at a price of $67/month.

The second pricing plus plan includes advanced functionalities like scheduled publishing, blog integration, and split testing for different screens at $97/month. Its plus plan becomes eligible for large-size businesses in a scaling stage. Due to its cost-efficient nature, Zipify has become a perfect landing page solution for startups and small businesses. You can build any page type with Zipify.

6). GemPages


With its 60 built-in design templates and versatile functionalities, GemPages, a perfect ecommerce partner, has become one of the most powerful landing page builders for your e-commerce business. When you have GemPages in your hands, you do not need to worry about your business size as it easily fits into any size due to its versatility. Moreover, its compatible nature allows seamless integrations with all Shopify themes.

Numerous reasons make GemPages unique from various other page builders. One of the primary reasons is its intuitive user interface that provides a user-friendly experience to you.

Its customization features are no more than gems that create your pages the way you want. Besides this, it also embeds video in the background without any coding needs. Through SEO optimization features, GemPages makes sure your e-commerce website can score well on all search engines.

With changing times, business needs are going to change. In order to match these business needs, GemPages offers three pricing plans. Its starter plan offers basic functionalities like essential elements, unlimited pages, and 60+ page templates at a pricing of just $15/month.

Second is the business plan that consolidates features like pro templates, A/B testing, live chat, and advanced settings for $29/month. Finally, its advanced plan, with a $59/month pricing, provides features like advanced A/B testing and priority support. 

7). Unbounce


Unbounce is a robust landing page builder that creates innovative landing pages with the help of its AI-powered features. Such a unique page-building process leads to user-friendly website creation, which attracts customers in all ways.

Through its split-testing and targeting tools, Unbounce gives you a preview of your designed pages so that you can make any necessary changes instantly. It also gives you a comprehensive marketing toolkit through which you can create multiple variants of the same page to send a similar message based on user searches and maintain brand consistency.

Page builders are mostly meant for promoting digital businesses. However, Unbounce is the only page builder that helps promote offline businesses like plumbing and dental care. This opens the landscape of reaching a wider audience on a large scale.

Unbounce uses two approaches while designing pages – classic page builder and AI-powered smart builder. However, the smart builder is available only in the beta version.

You can generate copies using Smart Builder by automatically creating the content based on business descriptions. You even get suggestions for conversion-friendly pages through Unbounce’s smart traffic tool that increases conversion rate and helps you rank high on search engines.

Despite having these many amazing features, Unbounce is falling back in cost. Its starter plan starts at $99/month, which leads to 500 conversions and 20,000 website visitors. Although it might not seem an issue for large-size businesses, it might be challenging for startups.

Moreover, as Unbounce offers advanced features, it will surely need much of your precious time to understand it. As a result, it might not be suitable for businesses operating on a larger scale.

8). Swipe Pages

Swipe pages
Swipe pages

The name suggests Swipe Pages is used to create swipeable landing pages for mobile and tablet users. Besides this, SwipePages offers all the functionalities that a usual page builder provides.

From template selection to customizing it using drag-and-drop functionality to including CTAs, you get everything you need to create effective landing pages. So, you can think of SwipePages as an all-in-one solution for all your page-building requirements.

Now, you might wonder how SwipePages would be creating mobile landing pages. Well, if you are a mobile phone user (which you obviously are), you might know how difficult it becomes to scroll down all landing pages one by one.

To overcome this difficulty, SwipePages provides an easy way of swiping the pages, just like Instagram, for their ease of usability. Not only this, but SwipePages also integrates with Google AMP-hosted landing pages in a similar way.

In order to enhance customer engagement, SwipePages offers two-way visualization of landing pages, one for desktop users and a second for mobile users, in the form of slides. The best thing is that all of the slides must pass the A/B testing process to see how they would operate in life.

9). Instapage


Instapage is a page builder app that allows you to create pixel-perfect landing pages using its astounding features to boost client engagement. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes its interface user-friendly, allowing easy ways to build landing pages without any coding needs.

One of the unique features of Instapage is its collaboration feature, where you can collaborate with your teammates for your landing page projects. This way, you can increase your team’s efficiency on a larger scale.

Moreover, you get to have useful insights into your page’s performance through Instapage’s analytical tools like Heatmaps. This allows you to understand user behaviour properly, make data-driven changes and increase your conversion rates with ease.

So, you can take Instapage as a comprehensive solution for page building where, besides creating landing pages, you get to increase your conversion rates. Overall, it becomes a perfect one-stop solution for teams and marketers who can conduct a variety of landing page operations from a single place. 

10). Carrd


Unlike other platforms, Carrd is a small platform offering an enormous list of functionalities to build effective landing pages. With robust platforms, you have to deal with many complexities, while in the case of Carrd, having a simple interface makes it easy to execute it hassle-free.

Carrd follows an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for its users to access it. That’s why Carrd has a steep learning curve, indicating a user-friendly infrastructure. Moreover, Carrd is highly cost-efficient, thus becoming a perfect solution for startups and small-size businesses.

Now, you might think that while providing simplicity, Carrd might be compromising in terms of its customization features. However, this is not the case. Carrd offers you a variety of customizable design templates and elements for creating professionally attractive landing pages on the go. For those searching for an effective solution for creating their brand awareness affordably, Carrd proves to be the perfect partner in designing pages.

Being a versatile platform, Carrd offers page-building opportunities for all kinds of businesses.  

11). Replo


Often, crafting impactful landing pages might require more development time investment from your side. If you are a small business owner, you can afford to invest that much time; however, it becomes a bit tedious for large businesses. For such businesses, the solution lies in adopting Replo, which helps you craft effective landing pages in less time.

Remember, less time doesn’t mean you will have to compromise in terms of quality. Replo provides a robust library of 100 pre-designed templates that expert professionals craft.

So, you can think about how your landing page will be enriched with artistic designs through Replo. Moreover, suppose you are a newbie to Replo. In that case, you need not worry, as its Experts Network will always be present there and will help you craft highly effective landing pages aligning perfectly with Shopify’s functionalities.

Speed matters the most for Replo. That’s why it is offering its users the quick start feature, where they can start their page creation process instantly. Its saved sections allow teams to create attractive landing pages at a faster pace in an effective and attractive way.

Replo has become one strong contender for e-commerce businesses that are in need of a page builder that not only creates landing pages but makes them happen at lightning speed. 

12). Tapita Landing Page Builder 

Tapita landing page builder

Page building is a long process. To create it effectively in a short span, Tapita enters with a huge library of in-built design templates, mesmerizing customization effects, and a variety of diverse layouts. Tapita’s in-built functionalities make the long-haul process of page building very quick and easy. 

Tapita knows well that attractive landing pages play a pivotal role in converting clients. That’s why Tapita provides such an enormous customization library to its users. Moreover, its intuitive user interface gives you a user-friendly environment that helps you build your landing page in minutes.

For freshers who love to craft artistic landing pages but cannot move forward due to a lack of guidance, Tapita allows them to have guidance from its specialists for free. Moreover, if you are a newbie to Tapita and get stuck anywhere in the middle while using it, you need not worry, as its customer support team will always be present there to help you out in all possible ways.

With its no-code infrastructure and enormous in-built customization libraries, Tapita becomes perfect for all levels of users, from beginner to experienced. So, if you are in search of a user-friendly page builder, you should try Tapita.

13). Beae


Beae allows you to create mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized landing pages in a user-friendly and affordable way. It provides a huge library of in-built design templates and components that lets you create landing pages and supplemental pages like “Contact Us,” “About Us,” and “FAQs” in an effective and efficient way. 

While landing on Beae’s dashboard, you will find it to be user-friendly due to its drag-and-drop features. It includes all kinds of basic and advanced templates and management tools, and that’s why it becomes perfect for all stage users, from beginners to experienced. 

Beae is not just a page-building application. It’s more than that; it offers advanced features like SEO optimization, multi-language support, mobile-friendly, and seamless third-party integrations.

One of its most astounding features is its collection list capability. It collects and stores all your website’s pages at a centralized location for easy visibility and access. Moreover, it has a strong customer support team that is highly efficient in responding even to its free users. 

You might consider Beae to be a costly application in terms of its high-end functionalities. However, to your surprise, it is highly affordable and easily integrated with Shopify’s functionalities. 

14). Zeno Landing Page Builder

Zeno landing page builder

Zeno is a revolutionary page builder that allows you to create visually striking landing pages and theme sections for your Shopify website on the go.

Designing landing pages becomes a daunting task for businesses as it creates an opportunity to hire costly web designers. However, with Zeno, businesses can take a sigh of relief as it provides a simple drag-and-drop functionality that eliminates the dependency on the designers.

Through its page editor and micro app integration, Zeno makes sure every amazing feature is embedded in your online store. Moreover, Zeno’s easy-to-access infrastructure and versatile features make it perfect for designing landing pages and professional websites.

This page builder not only creates landing pages for your websites but also makes them complete by embedding overall functionality to your website, including SEO and page speed optimization.

Whether you are a startup that wants to create strong brand awareness or an established enterprise that wants to elevate its brand to new heights, Zeno becomes a cost-effective partner for all due to its flexible pricing structure. Zeno can be a choice for businesses who are willing to embed a versatile solution in their Shopify store.

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