Happy Customers, Happier Business

Update your customer support service by knowing your customer’s pulse better.

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Your Customers are Base of Your Business

Engaged with your Brand

Successful eCommerce brands have repeated customers who keep on coming back. Keep with the customer base by building loyalty towards them and knowing how your customers feel about your brand.

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Consider your customer’s Feedback

What is gold? Having customers who give honest feedback. Implement constructive criticism and build your brand customer-centric and in return get immense love from your customers.

Do not forget the CSAT Ratings

No need of switching the tabs for seeing the CSAT ratings of your customers. Study the whole conversation with customers and know why did he give you three-star ratings. Get a deeper understanding to know your customers better.

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Do You Know What Makes Your Customer Happy?

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CSAT, the starry effect!

The common question. “How would you rate your experience”? The answers to these questions will allow you to validate the customer experience. Look for the things that customer wants from you

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Why unhappy customers?

CSAT ratings will make you understand how your customers feel about your company and where you need to improve to make a customer-centric brand. Consider the qualitative feedback to apply it further.

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Filter it by the score!

Filter out your plenty of satisfaction surveys that will be much easier to understand the customer behavioural range and improvements that you will need to make accordingly. Look out for the series that is higher to lower, based on dates or support agent.

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Nurture your regular customers

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Develop the best response rate

Your CSAT score is the combination of everything and especially your response rate. Keep your response rate high for easy monitoring. Take the CSAT score average and know how customers are reacting to your brand’s service.

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Read and Implement

Accepting the constructive criticism of the customers that helps in elevating the business and making it customer-centric. It is important to always listen to your customers and fulfil their expectations by implementing what they need.

Leverage Automation Providing
Exceptional Support

How Love Your Melon uses macros and rules that can auto-close tickets that do not need attending from a support agent.

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  • 900
    Ticket Per Months
  • 4
    Support Agent
  • Zendesk
    Previous Helpdesk

How Roma uses Desku live chat feature and automates some common questions with Desku Rules.

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  • 3 to 6
    Support agents
  • +200
  • 20%
    Orders w/questions

Automated Customer Experience

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Deliver the brand trust in your message by creating pre-made responses with the brand’s unique tone and identity. You can also personalise the variables according to the customer’s order information from Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, and WooCommerce.

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Intent and sentiment analysis

Let us comb through every ticket that you recieve so you don't have to. Leverage and understand the sentiment of customers and enable the automation tools in Desku.

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Provide personalised information based on trigger actions. Let customers get every shipping and tracking detail along with other important information in no time.