Best SEO app for Shopify: Increase Traffic Flow faster in 2023

Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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The best SEO app for Shopify to increase traffic flow faster in 2020.

Best SEO app for Shopify: Increase Traffic Flow faster in 2023

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Shopify app store has apps for everything, and sometimes, it becomes challenging to figure out which apps you want just by checking the reviews and ratings. 

Shopify isn’t the most SEO-friendly platform out there, and to take care of every potential SEO issue, you need a very robust and dedicated app that takes care of all SEO-related requirements and helps to optimize your Shopify store’s online visibility to the maximum potential with minimum efforts and time investment. 

Our experts have tried over 20 SEO apps for Shopify. Hence, you can stay doubt-free with any pick from the list of the best Shopify SEO tools mentioned down there.

Shall we start paying heed to perfection now?

Key Takeaway :

The best SEO app for Shopify to increase traffic flow faster in 2023 is TinyIMG, offering a wide range of SEO solutions, including image optimization, metadata, and broken link management, all at an affordable price of $2.49 per month. Additionally, AVADA SEO Suite and SEO King by Engage Apps are also excellent choices for comprehensive SEO solutions on Shopify.

How we chose top SEO apps for Shopify

How we chose top seo apps for shopify
Seo apps for shopify

Are you searching for the best SEO apps to add more functionalities to your Shopify store? Then today we have handpicked some of the popular SEO apps for your Shopify store.

Now, before starting to cherish our 10 best Shopify SEO apps to mitigate your SEO problems, we want to tell you a little bit about the evaluation criteria for those apps:

Price and free plan

Price is an important factor we have to consider when choosing any SEO app. Generally, we prioritize free versions of apps so businesses with limited budgets can also access them. And for paid apps we have to see if their features justify their costs or not.

Rating and customer reviews 

In the case of ratings and customer reviews, we have strict criteria. So, we have only added apps with ratings of at least 4.7+/5 to our list. Aside from that, we also do our own testing and go through the comments of users to see if the chosen app has a good track record. We focus on apps that have already helped many users to increase the speed and ranking of their sites.

Ease of use

A User-friendly interface is a must so beginner to advanced-level users can easily use them. Therefore, anyone from beginner to SEO expert can easily use these apps to manage their Shopify store.

Side tip: Do you want a easy to use yet powerful landing page builder for your Shopify store? Check this guide.

Customer support 

There can’t be any compromise in customer support. We specifically look for apps that have live chat functionalities or show excellent customer support. So, your selected app can give quick assistance and a good experience. 

Best SEO app for Shopify in 2023 and 2024

Best seo app for shopify in @023 and 2024
Best seo app for shopify: increase traffic flow faster in 2023 -

1). TinyIMG

TinyIMG is your one-stop solution for all Image, SEO, and Shopify speed optimization-related needs. TinyIMG offers a large variety of Shopify SEO solutions, such as image compression, optimization, metadata, slow loading, and implementing JSON-LD for SEO. It also covers broken link management and third-party application script control.

TinyIMG allows you to choose between a Hands-on approach for automated solutions. After initial setup, you can study these facilities with a knowledge base or let TinyIMG take the helm. Regular site reports will update you on your site health and highlight any errors with their criticality.

TinyIMG’s live support team not only helps you by solving problems but also gives some tips and does a store-specific analysis for your store. TinyIMG offers its services for $2.49/month, which includes most features. The main difference is in the monthly or yearly quantity of free image optimizations.

Users of TinyIMG have seen noticeable speed improvements in their Shopify store and saved lots of time on-site optimization. Numerous users are already enjoying faster speeds on their Shopify store, So what are you waiting for? Let’s take the first step towards better image optimization and SEO with TinyIMG.

2). AVADA SEO Suite

Are you looking for a complete solution for your SEO-related needs? Avada SEO covers everything from metatags and image alt text to full SEO analysis of your product pages. You’ll forget Yoast SEO, as this one proves to be a much better on-page SEO tool.

Avada SEO Shines in handling Google structured data implementation, alt tag and image optimization, and 404 redirects so your store can rank well, load faster, and redirect visitors to the right pages. Avada boasts a powerful feature set that many Shopify sellers trust.

But still, there is a drawback in Avada’s pricing structure, which takes an all-or-nothing approach. Their free plan has limited functionalities, so you will have to purchase the costly pro plan to access all the benefits. Even though the pro plan gives you unlimited image optimizations, the reality is that only a few stores may be able to produce enough product additions to take full advantage of this feature. It leads to unnecessary expenses for services you don’t use. Avada SEO is a good choice despite the pricing alert if you’re looking for a trusted and powerful SEO solution for your Shopify store.

3). SEO King by Engage Apps

SEO King has something for Shopify stores of any size, with their wide range of free services and feature-packed paid plans. You’ll benefit greatly if you have a single product store, as the free plan gives you access to all tools for a single product page. So, anyone can benefit from the product without paying a single penny.

This app offers AI functionalities which are particularly popular among merchants because of its effective automated tools available at all paid plans. Their pricing structure is also one of the lowest in the market and further scales based on the volume of products; this makes it easy for you to decide. It can fulfil your specific requirements with cost-effective solutions, so you can choose any plan without worrying about features at all.

Whether you have a single product store or a large inventory, SEO King is a reliable choice to improve your Shopify organic visibility due to free services, affordability, and AI-powered automation tools.

4). SEO Manager

SEO Manager deserves this spot with a mindblowing range of more than 20 SEO tools, a super simple pricing model, and responsive app management features. We were most amazed by its integration with Google Trends and Analytics, which helps users look for possible keywords and track results in real-time. This unique feature makes it easy to level up your store’s SEO Strategy.

While the design of the app could be improved, the major problem is the lack of a free plan. Still, $20 per month is a justified price, and there is also a 7-day free trial for those who want to explore the app some more.

Despite the lack of aesthetics, SEO Manager is a strong contender for those who are looking for powerful SEOTools to take their Shopify online store to the next level. Yep, this tool has the potential to boost your Shopify store’s SEO in 2023.

5). Smart SEO

Smart SEO is a top-notch Shopify SEO app to further optimize your store. As a store owner, you’ll be glad to know that the free plan includes essential features such as site map generation, meta tag, and Alt tag.

If you go with a paid plan, then you can access additional features like JSON-LD implementation, quotas for image optimization, crawl for broken links and bulk edit mode. However, finding the real value is difficult due to the complex pricing structure and variable factors. For example, understating the value of broken links tools is difficult for stores with a large number of pages.

Smart SEO has a reputation for great customer care among its agents who assist customers through troubleshooting and by coming up with unique solutions unrelated to their apps, but also regarding general store problems. Navigating through their tiered pricing may be challenging; however, this is still an ideal choice for anyone looking to access quality SEO tools together with attentive customer service for their Shopify store. 

6). SearchPie

Searchpie is a user-friendly SEO app for beginners, putting aside complex technical terms and focusing on simplicity. It has an intuitive interface, which makes navigation effortless for you. With auto features optimization you can organize processes within a few clicks.

A unique feature that sets it apart is the implementation of Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is a method to optimize your pages for mobile performance with a few design sacrifices. However, this functionality is only available with a $79/month plan, which is the most pricey one in this list.

If you are looking for automated and moderate features, then the Premium plan at $39/month is a good choice. SerchPie is definitely a strong contender with unique selling points, but other apps in this list offer similar or better functionalities at a lower cost.

Lastly, choosing the best Shopify SEO app is all about comparing specific requirements of your Shopify store with features and prices offered by every app.

7). Schema Plus for SEO

Are you planning to lead Google pages with better snippets? Then Schima Plus is a good choice for you. It is designed by former Google employees who have directed their focus towards the Shopify website. It increases the chances of your rich snippets appearing in search results by implementing top-notch structured data across all pages of your store.

Of significance, Schema Plus offers enhanced integration with different Shopify product review apps, ensuring its versatility and compatibility. With a dedicated team for the app, its onboarding call aids in attaining these results as users understand how to maximize its potential use.

Schema Plus has a flat fee of $14.99, which may be considered relatively high for a single feature. However, the potential advantages of dominating search engine results with rich snippets might negate any notions of it as being expensive in this case.

The app is dedicated to producing top-quality structured data to help optimize your store’s visibility and performance in the competitive online search environment.

8). DropInBlog

If you are investing heavily in an informative Shopify blog, DropInBlog is here to give your content the SEO boost it needs. This app analyzes your text and gives live feedback on your SEO quality as you type. So, you have real-time guidance to improve the ranking and visibility of your blog post.

DropInBlog optimizes the page layout of your blog, so it caters to both conversion optimization and SEO requirements. With this thoughtful approach, not only does your blog rank well in search engines, but it also effectively converts and connects to visitors.

Besides SEO-focused features, DropInBlog simplifies your blog content organization and promotes this content on your homepage with a widget. With this functionality, the visibility of your blog goes up, so you can enjoy more traffic and better engagement. Whether you are just starting your blogging career or are an experienced blogger, DropInBlog provides you with tools to increase your Shopify blog’s SEO performance.

9). SEOAnt

SEOAnt is an all-around SEO tool that provides a range of automation features and AI writing abilities. SEOAnt is famous for its ability to enhance different facets of SEO efforts. SEOAnt supports ChatGPT AI by enabling automatic audits, on-page optimizations, and conducting advanced keyword research.

The most interesting feature now is ChatGPT AI, which makes it possible for users to work with the AI in order to generate content or product descriptions that would have consumed a lot of time by doing it manually.

Automatic audits to optimize your Shopify POS for search engines with the most important SEO elements. With them, you can enhance your search result ranks.

Customers express dissatisfaction with support at SEOAnt, but the platform remains one of quality and value for money.

SEOAnt Pricing starts from free to $59.99 per month, which brings in the aspect of varieties to different users’ requirements. Additionally, it offers a 7-day trial to every user just to check if the product works for him in terms of Shopify SEO.

10). Sitemapper Pro

With Sitemapper Pro, you can create sitemap pages, which helps in SEO improvement and customer navigation optimization. It has 4.5/5 stars and a total of 344 reviews. It is notably effective in the management of sitemaps. It gives you the possibility to generate and manage sitemaps; therefore, if you are looking for a suitable solution to optimize the structure of your website.

With automatic synchronization, your sitemap will never be outdated, and changes in the site’s content or structure are immediately reflected accordingly. The other key benefit is that superior website navigability gives your visitors a better site survey experience. Automated sitemap generation and maintenance are also advantageous in terms of time-saving for a user.

Improvement is required on the support side since a good number of users have shared complaints over issues regarding this Sitemap pro support. Apart from that, SiteMapperPro is available for free, and if you want to go with paid options, it starts at $14.99/month. Unfortunately, Sitemapper Pro does not have any trial downloads.

Elevate SEO Performance with Desku’s Helpdesk Integration

While it’s clear that a robust SEO strategy is essential for driving traffic to your Shopify store, equally important is providing an excellent user experience and customer support. 

Desku, a powerful helpdesk platform, can complement your SEO efforts by ensuring seamless communication. 

For example, you can resolve customer queries promptly by integrating awesome features of Desku, such as a robust ticketing system and AI-powered chatbots. These will ultimately contribute to the overall satisfaction of your customers.

What should you look for in a Shopify SEO app?

Shopify SEO apps can help you with a lot of things. But, it’s essential to find the one that perfectly fits your business needs. So, you can look for the following things when looking for your Shopify SEO app:

Ratings and reviews

When searching for a perfect tool for your e-commerce store, ratings and reviews can come in handy to know more about an app’s effectiveness and reliability. These direct experiences of users tell you more about an app’s effectiveness, advantages, and limitations. By going deeper into this, you can already know what to expect from that app.


Pricing is an important factor, especially when you are on a tight budget. Shopify apps mostly come with tiered pricing models, so only if you want any extra features do you need to pay accordingly. So, we have to compare each plan’s cost with its value. So, to get a cost-effective solution, you have to carefully look at its features and your store’s SEO requirements.


Even though it is necessary to admit that one tool does not cover all SEO points fully, a selective approach is necessary. First of all, determine which SEO tools suit your business. After that, identify some of the needs and then choose just a single application or several applications depending on your SEO plan. In this customized approach, you will ensure that SEO tools are effectively integrated into your e-commerce framework.


Finally, usability is an important component of consistent and effective app utilization. Even as robust and sophisticated as an app may seem to be, it will ultimately not make any sense for customers if they’re unable to successfully use it due to poor usability.

Choose a simple Shopify SEO tool with a good design and solid features. A good app helps in the easy operation of SEO techniques, leading to continuous use that guarantees effective outcomes in your online business.

How can SEO apps and tools benefit Shopify stores?

How can seo apps and tools benefit shopify stores
Seo tools benefitting shopify stores

Shopify’s in-built SEO tools create a solid foundation, and adding extra apps can help you to further optimize your store.

It’s difficult to include all elements of SEO with a single app. If you see many top-rated ones, then they excel in a specific field. This allows you to customize your store to your unique requirements.

For example, these apps can simplify or fully automate the subsequent key elements:

  • Page load speed optimization: The loading speed of your page can affect your rankings for SEO, So these apps will help you improve it.
  • Image optimization: SEO audits can provide insights into errors affecting your search engine rankings and give you chances to improve them.
  • Image optimization: Larger image sizes (dimensions and file size) can negatively affect your website’s user experience and speeds, which can lower your SEO score.
  • Meta tag optimization: Meta Tags help search engines understand your website, affect your position in SERPs, and tell browsers about how your store should be displayed on devices. Apps can provide support for desktop and mobile-friendly optimizations.
  • Schema inclusion: Apps can help you manage your store’s schema, a set of structured data that gives information about website content and improves your search listings.
  • Keyword research and suggestions: SEO heavily depends on targeting the right keywords.
  • Snippet optimization: It can optimize content to show up in featured snippets.
  • Competitor analysis: These apps can be used to check what keywords your competitors are targeting, their backlinks and their SEO performance.
  • Backlink analysis: High-quality backlinks can improve SERP Visibility, and these apps can be used to analyze it.
  • Localization: IT helps to tailor your store to match with international markets. With Shopify SEO apps, you can direct users from various countries to a different version of your website made for their regions.
  • Reporting: You can check whether your search engine optimization efforts have paid off by checking Key traffic and Engagement metrics. Apps can help you to measure them and check what needs improvement. 

Conclusion – Best Shopify apps for SEO in 2023 and 2024

No matter how good an SEO optimizer you are, your Shopify site won’t rank without SEO booster apps. Also, you must ensure customer satisfaction to build the authority of your Shopify store. 

However, it’s easy to maintain good relations with your customers if you integrate cost-effective helpdesk software such as Desku that can handle all customer queries promptly.

You don’t always need advanced SEO to conquer good Google search rankings. A good tool with vital SEO features can do the job for you. By driving more organic traffic, you won’t just get great conversion rates but will also save your money by not investing in paid marketing.

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Gaurav Nagani
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