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Choosing Your Ally in 2024: Chatbots vs Live Chat for Businesses

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Chatbot vs live chat - a comparison of automated virtual assistants (chatbots) and real-time human support through live chat for efficient customer interaction.

Choosing Your Ally in 2024: Chatbots vs Live Chat for Businesses

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Chatbot Vs Live Chat, very important features to have if you are running an online business

When any customer comes and compares the Helpdesk Support what does that customer look into? Various factors, right? Let’s take, maybe some cost-effective features or the efficiency of that feature.

Well, if we look into the main features of Customer Care Software, two features come into action. ChatBot Vs Live Chat is a constant competitive question to look forward to. When I look at a Helpdesk feature-wise, both are surely the most efficient for conducting the proper customer care support. 

We all know that a customer or a visitor will not stay for five minutes while he visits the website, while he inquires through the website. within that few seconds, one has to be present to look for in attending the customers. Every customer is not the same. Imagine one of the angry customers, you are making him wait for the basic queries. Well, every time it is not possible for a human agent to be present for the customers and that is where we introduce technology in the most tremendous ways. 

If we talk about Helpdesk Software like Desku, then surely I would prefer that Live Chat and Chatbot both are as much as important. It is not compared as both features work in the favour of Customer Support. 

In 2024, the battle between chatbots and live chat for businesses continues. Both chatbot and live chat features are crucial for providing efficient customer care support, with live chat enabling real-time, personalized interactions, and chatbots automating responses and handling basic inquiries. Business owners are increasingly integrating both chatbot and live chat features to ensure consistent and effective customer support, recognizing the value of human interaction facilitated by live chat and the efficiency of automated responses provided by chatbots.

Key Takeaway :

This summary provides a brief and readable explanation of the ongoing competition between chatbots and live chat for businesses, highlighting the importance of integrating both features for comprehensive customer support.

What is Live Chat Software?

Live chat software is a communication tool that enables real-time, text-based conversations between businesses and their website visitors or customers. It allows users to engage in instant messaging directly on a website or through a dedicated chat application. Here’s a brief and readable explanation of live chat software:

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Live chat software is a convenient and efficient way for businesses to interact with their website visitors or customers in real time. With this tool, users can engage in instant messaging conversations without the need for phone calls or emails.

Live chat software is typically integrated into a website or web application, appearing as a chat widget that visitors can access. It allows businesses to provide immediate assistance, answer questions, and address concerns while visitors are actively browsing their sites.

Advantages of Live ChatHow?
Real-time supportLive chat software allows businesses to provide instant assistance and support to customers in real time.
Increased conversionsLive chat enables businesses to engage with potential customers promptly, leading to higher conversion rates.
Cost-effectiveLive chat reduces the need for expensive phone support and can handle multiple conversations simultaneously.
Improved customer experienceLive chat provides a convenient and efficient communication channel, enhancing the overall customer experience.
Proactive engagementLive chat software offers features like automated greetings and proactive chat invitations, allowing businesses to engage with visitors and offer assistance proactively.
Efficient issue resolutionLive chat enables agents to handle multiple chats simultaneously, reducing wait times and ensuring faster issue resolution.
Analytics and ReportingLive chat software provides valuable analytics and reporting features, allowing businesses to measure performance, track customer satisfaction, and make data-driven improvements.
Increased sales opportunitiesLive chat can be used as a sales tool, with agents proactively offering product information, upselling, and cross-selling opportunities during conversations.
Easy integrationLive chat software can be easily integrated into websites, content management systems, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, ensuring seamless communication and data exchange.
Mobile supportMany live chat solutions offer mobile apps or responsive web interfaces, enabling businesses to provide support on the go and ensuring accessibility for customers using mobile devices.

There will be consistency in giving replies to the customers, and there will always be doors open for the customers for resolving the queries that they have. It’s all Chatbot that will function and solve Chatbot Vs Live Chat questions. 

Customer support teams use chatbots for multiple reasons, and one of the reasons is to conduct better Customer Service. Consistency in giving replies will keep up the engagement with the customers constantly. 

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Keep yourself in the place of a Customer

Delays in answers from the company. What if you do not get to answer this at all? From the studies, it has come an observation that almost 75% of the customers are lost just because of poor Customer Support Services. Don’t panic here. Just think, that you do not have to worry about Customer Service any longer. Why?

Yes, you heard it right, surely you do not have to because we are here to help you out. This blog will assure you give the utmost brief about both leading features that help in escalating your business through proper Customer Care Services.

What is difference between Live Chat and Chatbot?

Live chat is a real-time communication channel that involves human agents interacting with customers in live conversations. It provides immediate assistance, personalized support, and allows for a more human touch in addressing customer queries and concerns.

On the other hand, a chatbot is an automated conversational agent that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with customers. Chatbots can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, provide instant responses, and assist with basic inquiries. They are programmed to understand and respond to specific queries based on predefined rules or AI algorithms.

In summary, live chat relies on human agents for customer interaction, offering personalized support, while chatbots use AI to automate responses and handle customer inquiries.

What is Chatbot? 

Chatbots are completely automated and it is AI-based where you can add your frequent replies with the customer’s basic questions and get in touch in no time. It is not a real human that will connect with customers but indeed automated conversational support that is provided to the customers. This will help in resolving the basic queries of the customers in no time. Customers will no longer have to wait for the replies and then get a solution, the Chatbot has got it covered. While there is certainty in giving replies to the customers, there is a lot less burden that is covered.

Chatbot Vs Live Chat is something to look forward in the website and what about Chatbot integrated into a live chat? Will that not be something that every business owner will be looking forward in customer support?

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Human-agent does not need to always stay online to provide customer support all the time, they can carry forward the conversation from the middle and get to resolve the queries of customers. The average response time of the agents is reduced by a lot of time and the efficiency in the working gets more relevant, this brings out the best efforts amongst the team. 

What do Customers choose: Chatbot Vs Live Chat

By now we are sure that there are various reasons why Customer support agents prefer to use Chatbot Vs Live Chat. Let’s see the following reasons for the same. 


👉According to the survey, there are more than 60% of Business Owners are availing of the chatbot as their part of customer services for instant connection with the customers.

👉Attending to the basic questions related to products will no longer be delayed by the agents. There will be an instant approach to the customers without waiting for an agent to get online.

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These are mainly mentioned two reasons why they are bringing the Chatbot and the automation to their helpdesk. This will create a better opportunity to sharpen up Customer services and always be available for them. 

Live chat: Human Customer Support

As we know how chatbots decrease the workload by half, but there are types of customers who will prefer to talk with the human agent, and thus, it is much more important to have the human agent on the side for having real interactions with them.

👉More than 80% of the customers prefer to talk to the human support agent that will be indeed qualified by the live chat. 

👉As the concept of the Chatbot is still accepted by most people, there are also customers who think that Chatbot cannot give the actual solution and will prefer the Human-Agent interaction for having real talk for their queries to be resolved. 

👉If there are complex things that will be questioned by customers they can be accurately answered by the Human Agent. Though there are chatbots who are coming as an evolved technical generation, that can be easily answered and tackled by them. 

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👉The other thing from which Customer Support is run is the Self Service, where there is no agent required, and mainly it goes without interactions. There is mainly no interaction between customers and the agent, but customers will be helped by the Self-services like reference articles, videos, and any other guidance. 

Get the Best of Both Worlds: Chatbot Vs Live Chat

Automation is evolving as technology like no other and it has become easier for business owners to tackle customer support services without agents being always online. Though there are no agents who will be online for 24 hours, there will be an easy resolution of the queries of the customers in no time, and that’s the magic of the Chatbot Vs Live Chat that will be served with Desku. P07b 2fzj2do8xsa0gy6si4fqjcjov6zmwyu9gxrilkvfzn2 p8vxy0ilttlsw8oevcexcnbzblsctbx 3eylzl1wrm9bhzeeac0hngsi9wbqao nxhf3wwlyb f1ndrdmjwlyjym llm1n

It is the best complementary tool that is working together and keeping Customer Support intact with the flow as both are utterly important for better communication and interaction with the Customers. It was never Automation.

So if you are still confused about Chatbot Vs Live Chat, just don’t because both work together and function for better customer support. Both are equally important as it is customer support driven and can uplift the business by easing the way of customer approach. 

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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