Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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Desku 2.0: The Best Helpdesk Software for Customer Support

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Desku 2.0: The Best Helpdesk Software for Customer Support

Customer Support Software That covers all Your Business needs

  • Ai Assist
  • Ai Inbox + Helpdesk
  • Live Chat
  • Ai Chatbot
  • Automations
  • Knowledge Base
  • Shared Inbox
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Key Takeaway :

Desku 2.0 is the ultimate helpdesk software for enhanced customer support, offering a wide range of features like ticket management, live chat, knowledge base, and social media integration, all aimed at providing the best customer experience. It is designed to centralize all communication channels under one roof, making it easier for businesses to manage customer queries and concerns, ultimately leading to better customer satisfaction and improved project management.

What is Help Desk Software?

Customers and internal staff can send their questions or problems to the helpdesk software. By managing tickets from receipt to resolution, businesses can resolve customer queries and concerns. Moreover, it provides agents with a range of tools and supports that facilitate collaboration and proper responses to customers’ queries through ticket management and a knowledge base system.

Agents are also empowered by this type of software with a wide range of support and collaboration tools in a help desk platform. Approximately 42% of customers expect a reply within an hour, so help desk solutions are more important than ever. Businesses should use it mainly for customer satisfaction and embrace the best customer experience. The help desk ticketing system makes the sorted management of customers’ queries lead to better project management.

As a business owner, there might be so many support requests barging on a daily basis and yet it is difficult to enrol and loof for everything by one person. The help desk software solution provides ease in customer management as the certainty of getting back to your customers under one roof helps in building a better customer experience. The workflow of the support agents becomes much easier with the presence of features like Ticket Mangement, Live Chat, Knowledge Base and much more inside.

How can help desk software for 2022 help your company? This article will explain how to help desk systems like Desku, Freshdesk, and Zendesk works. Including features like ticket management, automation, and analytics in customer support. Not only these but there are some advanced features like chatbots and seamless integrations that help in building better service management software for your business.

What does Help Desk software do?

With the hundreds of help desk software options, it is important to choose the right help desk software, of course, but how? Multiple criteria help in choosing the help desk software for your business and those are the presence of the right features along with the affordability price range. It will not only help to build the customer support interaction but also helps in developing the customer support teams stronger.

Let’s get into the features of Desku 2.0!

What is there inside Desku 2.0?

Social Media Integration

Facebook Integration

Are you customers based on your business Facebook account? Well, Desku has good news for you then. Desku now allows you to connect your Facebook business account which will help in managing comments, likes, and messages of your customers under one roof. You can manage your Facebook customers under centralized help desk solutions and will be able to see them under the support tickets option. Provide the best services to your customers through any medium they approach by simply connecting your Facebook Business Page

This will allow you not to toggle between multiple tabs and where the help desk can be used potentially.

WhatsApp Integration

Make customer support much simpler by connecting your favourite day-to-day app. Desku now allows you to connect your WhatsApp business account. Transform your business through WhatsApp faster by simply converting your WhatsApp customer interaction to sales. Reply to your customers contacting you from WhatsApp directly from your help desk account in Desku. 

When you are using Desku, you do not have to worry about the multiple platforms for coordination for Desku.

eCommerce Platforms addition


Desku has got a life-saving feature for Shopify Business Owners! Do not worry if your customers are asking for making changes to their orders or requesting a refund, simply process everything from Desku. This help desk software for your company is meant to be right for you.

Shopify edit order feature now allows you to:

  • Edit the order of your customers.
  • Cancel the order of your customers
  • Initiate payment refund process
  • Manually placing an order for your customer




We want you to enjoy and integrate the various apps that are needed for your customer management.

Shopify Macro

As an eCommerce business owner, there are a lot of actions to perform daily. Aren’t you tired of repeating tasks every day? Shopify Macro is here at your rescue that allows performing the set of actions automatically. Desku makes it 10x times easier to manage your Shopify customers and lets you concentrate to escalate your business!


Are you a business owner on Ecwid?

Easily connect your Ecwid store with Desku to engage with your customers through various features of Desku. Simply connect your Ecwid store with Desku and voila, happy managing your customers.

Connect Ecwid Store with Desku to manage your Ecwid Customers from a single platform so that you do not need to jump from one store to another for managing customer support queries. 

Helpdesk Migration

Freshdesk Migration

Are you a Freshdesk customer and want to switch your helpdesk account but are worried about the long time-consuming process? Well, Desku allows you to switch your helpdesk support in just a few steps by simply importing the Freshdesk data to your Desku account. 

Zendesk Migration

Are you a Zendesk customer and want to switch your helpdesk account but are worried about the long time-consuming process? Well, Desku allows you to switch your helpdesk support in just a few steps by simply importing the Zendesk data to your Desku account. 

Ticket Smart Features

Bulk ticket operation

Select multiple tickets to act simultaneously for all selected tickets such as choosing the particular agent, and changing the status and priority of the ticket. You can select and delete multiple tickets as well. 

Custom Sidebar Option 

Customise your Desku account’s sidebar. Change the colours of the icon or background of the sidebar according to your choice and enjoy the flexibility of Desku through Sidebar customisation. 

Auto Reply Variables

A greeting or introductory message would be nice to your customers when they approach you first. Set the auto-reply greetings or welcome them with their name or email address. Let your customers know that it might get delayed in replying because of a time clash in working hours. Be there with your customers all the time, even in the absence of your support agent team member. 

Knowledge Base Upgradation

Custom domain in the knowledge base

Add your custom domain to the knowledge base. Help your customers by letting them explore and help themselves. Create a powerful knowledge base with all the basic information in it!

CSAT Configuration

Do you ever wonder what your customers think about your product or services? Carry out the customer satisfaction survey to improve your product because your customers are your champions. Know what your customers think about yourself through CSAT ratings. 

Live Chat Customization

Let your live chat visually match your brand and carry the powerful customisation for seamless support. Customize the colour, change your avatar, and create custom replies so your shoppers always feel like they’re interacting with your shop, not a bot.

KB in the Live Chat widget

Surely your customers will have lots of questions and queries. Display knowledge base articles in the Live Chat widget so that customers can help themselves before reaching out to you through Live Chat. 

CSAT/ Customer Feedback in Email Tickets

Let your customers review your team’s performance by giving them ratings and reviews. On closing the tickets, your customers will be able to give you their feedback. It helps in elevating your customer support rapidly. 

For running a smooth business, it is important to divide the load for the same. While considering customer support, the right help desk will always help in customer support interaction in one as Desku helps in centralizing all the communication channels under one roof. The support interaction in one accessible account helps in neutralizing the workload of the business where you can simply focus on escalating the business.

What essential help desk software feature does Desku own?

Apart from the above features that are included in the 2.0 version, Desku supports a wide range and variety of customer support interaction channels. The essential help desk features that are included in the management system will be seen in the Desku and everything that you need just like a perfect help desk.

  • Ticketing System
  • Live Chat
  • Knowledge Base
  • Chatbots-Deskubots
  • Shared Inbox
  • CSAT
  •  Multiple Integrations
  • Help desk software for eCommerce platforms
  • Social Inboxes and Integration

There are 7 days of trial which is free for you to try and explore the key features and working of the helpdesk ticketing software platforms. The tools like automation and easy configuration system help in escalating your business ultimately by managing the small or wide range of customer support. This is how your business grows by using some important business intelligence. Some of the best service tools will help in easing down a little pressure on customer management.

Desku is All-In-One Helpdesk Solution

There are various factors in help desk software that is considered to be their “best serve” to customers. Considering Desku 2.0, below listed are some of the factors that come along!

  • Scalability – Are you able to add more features, and agents, and support more tickets as your business grows? YES
  • Ease of use – Does it require technical skills to use?-YES!
  • Budget – Can you afford its initial cost or monthly subscription fee?-YES YES!
  • Integration – Does it integrate with your other business applications?-Offcourse
  • Mobile support – Does it have a mobile version for managing support on the go?-On both: play Store and the app store!
  • Security – Is the software encrypted to protect company and customer data?-Trust blindly.

Help desk support like Desku has the availability of these features which will now be in turn helping you in the business as a smooth ride.

Wrapping up

If you are already Desku’s customer, you know how easy is to access and understand all features altogether and if you still did not register in Desku, get up and run because we are sure Desku is a partner that your business needs. Explore the latest version of Desu right away!

We will be waiting for your honest reviews.

Happy Exploring Desku!

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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