Connect better with efficient features

Integrate Desku with apps and tools your team uses every day. Simplify your customer service workflow & save time

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Automate with confidence

Provide your customers with instant answers and full resolutions on your website.

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Turn returns into opportunities for new orders

Desku gives your agents the tools to effortlessly recommend products from your store and fully manage orders without ever leaving the helpdesk.

Know exactly what your customers want

Leverage intents and sentiment detection to enable automation and other efficiency tools in Desku. We comb through every ticket so you don’t have to.

Rich customer data right next to tickets

Customize your helpdesk to show the most relevant information from over 65+ leading ecommerce applications.

Customer rich

Uniformity in giving replies!

May it be any repeated questions by customers, answer them proactively and let them know you are there for them. Study their question, anticipate, and answer them quickly.

Automate with precision

Trigger actions based on personalized information. Provide shipping updates and other important information to your customers without lifting a finger.

Your control center

Your control center

Simplified metrics that connect ticket volume with channels, agent activity and more. Easy-to-interpret data and insights to measure your efficiency and fuel your planning.

Know your bottom-line

Keep track of the conversations that bring revenue. Every customer interaction is an opportunity to build stronger relationships that drive sales.

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One helpdesk to manage all your brands

Talk to your entire customer base on any channel, for any store. All plans include unlimited brands, so your agents can work in one platform and have cross-store context.

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Provide sustainable self-service for customers even when you are offline. Help even when support agents are not available.

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Saved replies

Saved Replies

Speed up the response time by creating the answers for your customers of repetitive questions asked.

Roles and permission

Roles And Permission

Recreate the responsibilities and assign roles to the team members to create a smooth working flow

Perform bulk actions

Perform Bulk Actions

Build a detailed help center, let customers find the information they need without getting in touch with the support team.

External help center

External Help Center

Build a detailed help center, let customers find the information they need without getting in touch with the support team.

Consistent branding

Consistent Branding

Easy customization with your Knowledge Base references and maintain consistency in providing the information to Customers.

Rich text article

Rich Text Article

Create articles by adding visuals, do formatting text and images within the editor for a well-designed masterpiece.

Seamless yet Omnichannel

Why Choose Desku?

Tricky Question right? Well, here are some points to justify this question.

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Everything at Unified Inbox

Organizing things are hard when your customers are connecting from multiple channels, that’s where desku helps you.

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Seamless Integration

Desku helps your team to be more productive by providing the seamless integration under one roof.

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No More complex Setups

Getting on board with Desku is easier. Get a free trial, and register with the appropriate plan that works for you, in just 15 minutes.

Why choose desku
Analytics and reports

Business at a glance

Analytics And Reports

Track your performance, activity, and real-time ongoing trends. Get hands-on with the accurate data and the working report that is generated for better performance.

Seamless Conversations

Livechat Widget

Never leave your customers hanging! Give instant replies to maximum customers but with fewer efforts as we have sharply optimized the agent interface and its tools.

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New Ticket Notifications

Get notification of each new ticket generated without staying logged in all the time in your helpdesk.


Custom Domain & CNAME

Make your customer feel comfortable and secure with your brand name by using the “Custom Domain” feature


Access Help center

Help your customers Quickly by browsing topics and searching articles related to their queries from the search bar.


Advance Reporting

Quickly access reports for better analysis. Accurate reports and analytics will help in providing a better business.