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What is Live Chat Support? Guide to Improve Customer Engagement

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What is Live Chat Support? Guide to Improve Customer Engagement

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Are you curious to know; What is live chat support and why businesses are adapting it?

If not, we have your back! 

If we talk about,

For B2B companies, 85 per cent are using live chat for sales, and 66 per cent are using it for customer support. 

Of B2C companies, 74 per cent are using it for sales, while 67 per cent are using it for customer support. 

That’s so strange! Isn’t it?

Customers always look for real-time engagement and prompt solutions. This is the main reason why businesses are adapting live chat support. However, it’s not enough to install live chat functionality. What you need is – to ensure your support agents are explicitly aligned for the success of your live chat. 

Live chat support has made it easier for customers to interact with the agents and untangle all the queries coming their way.

This blog will give insights on live chat support, how it works, what are the benefits of using live chat support, how to connect with your customers via live chat support, and much more. For this, you need to stay tuned with us to grab detailed information about it.

So, we need to start with the basics and learn about it.

Key Takeaway :

Live chat support combines real-time conversation with the ability to share links, collect information, and save a full transcript for later reference, making it the perfect service tool for customers who need instant help. The guide provides insights on how live chat support works, its benefits, and how to connect with customers via live chat, offering a comprehensive resource for enhancing customer engagement.

What is live chat support software?

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What is live chat support? Guide to improve customer engagement -

Live Chat Support allows a business to engage with the associated website visitors through messaging.

This particular software enables the Live chat feature. You can use live chat software to initiate a conversation with first-time website visitors.

With live chat support, customers will get a personalized experience. It is a better way of brand interaction. Besides, through this way, you can feel your customers’ pulse. Therefore, implementing a live chat solution for a business can be beneficial for marketing, sales, and customer support purposes. The entire customer’s journey will be smooth through live chat support. 

With a live chat facility, customers get quick and convenient answers while they visit a website. Therefore, helpdesk teams use live chat support to solve customers’ problems faster and support them better. 

How does live chat software work?

Live chat platform helps in conversing with customers in real-time. There are common queries that are reported by customers and to avoid the delay, their queries must be resolved in real-time only.

For that live chat platform helps a lot. With Desku, it works in just a few steps and it will be integrated into your website in no time.

Live chat also helps with the following things:

Apart from just having real-time conversations with customers or visitors, it helps with various things such as;

  • Track visitors and customers and know what they browse and for how long.
  • Access to various analytics dashboards.
  • Create a canned response to reply faster.
  • Integrate live chat with multiple apps and platforms to ensure a more effective workflow.
  • See what the visitors type.
  • Ban visitors and ask for feedback and ratings.
  • Assign operators to individual chats.
  • Use a mobile app to chat with customers on the go.
  • Download the chat history and view it.

What are the advantages of Live Chat in customer support?

What are the advantages of live chat in customer support?
What are the advantages of live chat in customer support?

Besides providing a faster and more convenient response to customers, live chat offers a lot of other benefits. It not only improves the customer support experience but also boosts agent productivity. Thus, you can know your customers better. Let’s have a look at the benefits of live chat support;

Improves customer support experience with customer satisfaction

One of the vital reasons that customers prefer live chat is that it helps to improve their support experience for them. With live chat support, customers get immediate answers to their queries.

With live chat, you give a way for customers to reach you exactly when they have queries regarding their service-related problems.

This way is far more convenient than sending an email to the support team as in email they don’t know when you are getting a reply. Therefore, customer satisfaction ratings of live chat are higher than email.  

Allow agents to provide the best customer service experience

In an ongoing chat, agents can observe customers’ tones and sentiments and adjust their styles to fit the best situation accordingly.

By adjusting formality to match a customer’s tone, agents can promptly build rapport and establish a friendly and helpful relationship. Live chat also offers a more authentic way to showcase your agent’s personality than traditional channels. 

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Customer support live to chat for a smooth onboarding experience

Live chat is an excellent way to connect with existing and new customers. It gives them the confidence they need to use your product or spend money on your website. It helps you to build strong customer trust. 

Support team by reducing the repetitively asked questions

No one wants to explain the same issue repeatedly. Almost 72% of customers expect an agent to know their details including their support history and product information.

With quality live chat software, agents can read the text supplied by the customer while reviewing other details they have access. It includes things like an indication that lets you know what customers are viewing. Also, you can take notes from previous interactions with customer support.

Some tools even allow an agent to share a screen with the customer to make them understand the set of directions. 

Live Chat Software Provides 24/7 support

LIVE CHAT support can be made available 24/7 if it is beneficial for the business. By increasing the availability your customers can complain about their questions going unheard.

Even if you can’t keep the chat service around the clock, your self-service support should be available anytime. So, when the chat won’t be available, make sure to provide quick and easy customer support. With the knowledge base and chat working together, customers feel taken care of. 

Helps to inform product decisions through support software

One significant advantage of live chat is that it lets you collect all the data. Depending on the live chat software, you can store, organize, and tag chats to filter them.

By sorting chats and reviewing them you can create a collection of data that informs your support team. Besides, it informs the marketing and product teams as well. 

Real-time proactive chat for the best customer experience

Livechat software helps to start a chat that can help to present the module to support customers. There are features to help that make chat possible to make smooth conversation. A live chat app can help in real-time proactive chat for the best customer experience.

Live chat is completely free in the market but it surely has some limitations. Email Marketing and handling conversations over email is a traditional method and no doubt it is still working, but today customers are looking for a real-time chat that offers a free service. The message will be sent to customers with solutions to queries.

How to connect with your customers with the Live Chat App?

Once you get the support of the best LIVE CHAT software, the next step is to implement the technicalities. However, there’s no need for IT experts here.

To get started first you need to add live chat to your website. It works as a bridge. Here you have to copy the javascript code and paste it into the website’s source code. Popular online shop systems offer plugins that make this process easier for you to add live chat without the need for any code.

The next step is to customize the chat window. The website messenger in the interface of live chat supports the customers to get in touch.

Therefore, the chat window needs to fit into your style and corporate identity regarding design, behaviour, and wording. You must adjust these elements and tailor the chat to your needs.

The last step is to connect with your service team. Setting the right profile is vital for the website owners as customers. It ensures an efficient working style and a better customer experience.

You only need to configure your agent’s profiles so they reflect your organizational structure and put a friendly face to your brand. 

Who you can provide Live Chat support to?

You can either use Live Chat for limited customers, target audience or open for all customers. Answer all the support questions and provide real-time support to customers.

This is a big relief to customer service teams that do not have to handle the bulk support tickets questions for solving them later. Not only this, you can customize your live chat according to based on your customers.

How can you manage the Live Chat solution and chat widget with your website?

Chat conversation with LiveChat becomes much easier to solve customer queries. In a way, if you are running an ecommerce website, you can add a live chat widget to your website.

Live chat software makes the help desk for real-time chat support. A good chat with a customer will always be remembered by the customer after implementing the right live chat on your website.

If you are having WordPress ecommerce website, you can easily embed the live chat code and start with the chat widget in the website itself.

The Live Chat tool has the best features which help the live agent to take some load off. The customer support live chat helps in talking to customers instantly. Business grows if customers are happy and agents can handle them easily.

What Live chat support software training is required?

Implementing live chat in your business makes difference in the response time amongst customers. Talking about the easy live chat solutions, the agents need to know the importance of the fastest chat program that can connect with your website visitors.

Carry forward with the chat automation by integrating live chat and chatbot into one. There is plenty of online chat software in the market but it is difficult to find the right one for companies of all sizes.

The chat requests can be easily solved and attended to so that no customer is missed out on anything. A great Live Chat session can make your business impression better and customers can easily sustain for a longer time.

What are Live Chat Software best practices?

Live chat can be managed by anyone but the quality of management of the Live Chat Software is more important. It is important to approach customers in the most efficient ways.

There are main two ways through which Live Chat Software can offer the best practices. Let’s know the best practices of live chat apps that can help.

Manage the volume of the live chat invitations

Your customers interact with you for better connectivity and instant interaction, but when it comes to the delays in the replies, there is a negative impact for the same.

With better practice, it becomes important to chat invitations that help in approaching and getting back to customers. Always keep an eye on the customer’s upcoming, if it fails, the customer support agent will suffer.

No need to overload customer support, the live chat agent

Support agents can take up the limited live chat if you load off the support agents with the live chat tickets.

The live chat can be divided among the agents equally so that it can be taken over according to experience with the customer and agents.

Conclusion: Choose the best Live Chat Software

So, we can say LIVE CHAT combines real-time conversation with the ability to share links, collect information, and save a full transcript for later reference. It is the perfect service tool for a customer who needs instant help. Getting started with this service is pretty simple. But the tricky part is to make the service sustainable. With the above guide hopefully, you have got enough idea about the live chat service.  

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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