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Boost Your Business with WhatsApp Automation: A Comprehensive Guide

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Boost Your Business with WhatsApp Automation: A Comprehensive Guide

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Have you ever lost a client because you were unable to answer their questions promptly? This type of loss is costly because it now costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.

The most common cause of consumer annoyance with customer service is “lack of speed,” which leads to angry customers and a poor customer experience, which causes 51% of customers to never do business with that firm again.

Whatsapp Automation, which covers mass actions like sending messages, alerts, sharing offers & discounts, etc., is an essential component of a business’s sales & marketing operations. It makes maintaining huge contact libraries easier.

Key Takeaway :

WhatsApp automation with NLP can significantly boost your business by streamlining communication, increasing productivity, and creating intelligent chatbots. It involves using natural language processing to understand and respond to user queries, ultimately enhancing customer interactions and automating various business functions.

What Is WhatsApp Business Automation?

Automation refers to technological applications in which human input is minimal. This encompasses BPA, IT automation, personal applications such as home automation, and other technologies.

How Many Use WhatsApp: Statistics

  • Worldwide, WhatsApp has 2 billion active users.
  • WhatsApp is the most popular mobile communication programme in the world.
  • WhatsApp sends around 100 billion messages per day.
  • Using Android, the average WhatsApp user spends 38 minutes each day on the app.
  • India has the most monthly active WhatsApp users (390.1 million).

What Is Whatsapp Business Automation?

Whatsapp automation

It is the practice of using WhatsApp to have automated discussions with potential clients. These are pre-written series of responses to messages sent by new or returning WhatsApp users. The use of keywords is one method by which this automation functions.

They are simple to programme to your specifications. However, it is designed to generate a predetermined response when a specific message is recognised.

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Here are a few Whatsapp Business API that helps in connecting the most notable features. These will assist you in evaluating WhatsApp’s significance for marketing:

  • In contrast to conventional media templates, it creates an interactive message template. Additionally, it provides WhatsApp rapid reply templates.
  • Event organisers can quickly send warnings relating to direct customer engagement, etc.
  • Event organisers can now display their products & services thanks to the Whatsapp Product Catalogue. Customers can also browse and examine products they intend to purchase. For greater convenience & believability, you may quickly add price tags, summaries, and product codes.
  • With WhatsApp, payments are simple. Additionally, it adheres to a rigid set of security and privacy standards, necessitating the use of a different UPI pin for every transaction.

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What are The Benefits of WhatsApp Automation?

Send Whatsapp Messages with Lower Marketing Costs with an automated message

WhatsApp messages can be considered a low-cost marketing channel. For small, expanding enterprises that prioritise their production, it is the greatest option.

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In the meanwhile, there is a good possibility that your intended audience will read your words. With the aid of WhatsApp marketing, you can increase conversions, promote sales, and cultivate close bonds with potential clients. Regarding marketing expenses, it is also cost-effective. Based on triggers, you can insert your businessess’ product catalogue with enough multimedia and can also continue the conversation.

Global Participation Through Whatsapp Business App API

Global participation through whatsapp business app api
Global participation through whatsapp business app api

It’s a fantastic app for growing your campaign. It is reliable for ensuring global accessibility of your event or service.

Technically, it has smartphone penetration rates that are the highest—up to 90% in some places. The usage of messaging applications as the principal method for conducting business has increased along with the development of smartphone penetration in many areas. It is much easier to participate and interact with customers on WhatsApp. WhatsApp automation into your business brings the smooth flow of conversation with customers under one roof.

Ticket Management with Automate Whatsapp Message

With the help of this service, people can quickly reserve their spots for the day and take in the event without having to spend hours waiting in lines. It’s exactly like purchasing movie tickets! Users may simply share their booking receipts via a variety of channels, including WhatsApp, SMS, and emails. To enter the event, all you have to do is scan the QR code.

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This characteristic is distinctive in some way. Users can also upload a photo and generate a non-transferable personalised ticket with their names on it.

You may quickly learn more about the event attendees with the aid of Whatsapp event registration, and your data-related actions and conversations are safe and protected.

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Reminders Sent Using Whatsapp Chatbots

WhatsApp Chatbot is a really useful tool for following up on reservations, appointments, activities, and other things. In the end, it is the information that must be quickly communicated to your customer. Reminder messages are so effective at improving client satisfaction. They frequently find out what methods you employ to obtain follow-ups.

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When we talk about Whatsapp API security, well, it is end-to-end encryption that allows every activity from reminders to instant responses. This kind of feature and functionality is much more important in small businesses.

Push Notifications Enabled

The new Push Notifications functionality makes it simple to send any event updates to users or the audience. The guests can easily get any event-related updates and attend events thanks to this. With the use of several touch points throughout a WhatsApp chat, all types of user-end data are now simple to follow thanks to recent additions like chat booths.

Promoting Two-Sided Discussions: Keep Reading

With WhatsApp Chatbot, communication is bidirectional. It implies that interactions between customers and enterprises are simple. Customers prefer real-time interactions with companies over responding to communications that are only aimed at them in one direction. Being the first app to provide dependable & quality-focused two-way chatting worldwide, Whatsapp addresses all these problems.

It works well as a channel for notifications such as order confirmation, customer service, shipping alerts, and others. The bot can be programmed according to human intervention where there are users worldwide for quicker responses. You can also customise messages or continue the same conversation to send automated messages according to your customer base. Customers will hate to remain clueless, it is even important for them to know if you are not available for them. Set the automated away messages so that your customers are well known for the unavailability status and so they do not stuff their hopes with expectations.

Maintains Attendee Engagement

This feature is particularly crucial for a developing company whose primary goals include increasing sales and attracting as many clients as possible. Thus, it aids in the development and enhancement of your campaign with the use of reach materials like videos, photographs, PDFs, and much more. Sending notifications to your users about offers and discounts is now possible with just one click. Track down everything with messages on Whatsapp with better verification of the team inbox.

In reality, WhatsApp event management increases lead generation by disseminating your messages and re-engaging with attendees to solicit their insightful feedback after the event.

Help Desk for Event Management

Managing every part of the event is a difficult task. For every event to be managed successfully, you must take a wide range of factors into account. Where messages WhatsApp comes in is in this situation. More than 1000 customers may effortlessly engage via WhatsApp Chatbot Business APIs and receive prompt service thanks to its event helpdesk.

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Whatever your sector, WhatsApp marketing is a smart approach to increase your conversion rates. According to current reports, if you text any potential consumer right after making the first contact, the conversion rate has increased to 112%.

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Receiving Feedback Immediately

Sending all your concerns or queries to your clients via WhatsApp is a better choice than calling each and every consumer to get their valuable input. Recent statistics show that WhatsApp has an open rate of about 70%, making it the best platform for marketing. Send Whatsapp messages instantly to your customers with the help of automation features and WhatsApp business automation works just perfectly fine with the easy message flow and conversation with customers.

You can only contact them through the app after receiving feedback, and you can do so immediately to discuss adjustment alternatives for your products. Not only that, but it also enables you to design innovative questions that match your brand and improve client contact in an unobtrusive manner.

Conclusion: Use WhatsApp Automation for Your Business

One of the various channels for client connection is a messaging app. But in addition to using your website, mobile app, and other channels for sales and support, your customers will probably rely on it. This means it’s crucial to make sure your clients are looked after throughout channels without a hitch. Know and note down the response time, a longer response time will irritate your customers.

Automation does not let customers wait for a long time but always gets back to them within 24 hours maximum. If there are urgent matters or other opportunities for businesses, authentication can easily be easy-to-use.

Your agents are likely to work in silos and constantly switch between channel-specific technologies in the absence of a unified platform for gathering, handling, and managing consumer queries. This switching between many apps may not only lengthen client wait times but also make agents less effective. Look for the best WhatsApp automation for your business that works in elevating the business through customer support interaction and retention.

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