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Collecting Customer Feedback: Methods & Impact on Growth

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Collecting Customer Feedback: Methods & Impact on Growth

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Whenever we hear customer feedback, we get lost in the famous saying, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” In case of customer feedback, breakfast should always be the best.

So, do you want to know everything about customer feedback and why customer feedback is important for a business’s growth?

We have got you covered with this! 

Customer feedback is an essential element for every business be it small or large type (software companies use it to design new features, upgrade the existing ones, or fix any issues, companies leverage feedback to audit their inventory stock, shipping practices, and restaurant leverage it to let customer know about their dining or menus experiences.

Let’s elevate this point with the help of some stats!

  • Most customers do not feel like filling out tedious and long surveys or feedback forms during their visit to any store and purchasing the product. 
  • 52 per cent of consumers who face bad experiences have told their family, friends, or colleagues about it on social media platforms.

Let’s have a glance at customer feedback basics, some effective ways to take customer feedback, its importance in business, and how beneficial it is in Google Remarketing.

Key Takeaway :

Customer feedback is essential for every business, as it provides insights, issues, and personal views that customers share regarding their experience with a product or service. It can be collected directly or indirectly, and effective collection methods include using social media, taking follow-ups, offering incentives, monitoring website heatmaps, and collecting reviews and ratings. Customer feedback is important for business growth as it helps to understand customer satisfaction levels, supports teams to develop their skills, improves products and services, initiates conversations with customers, and brings new customers to the business.

What is Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is the input, issues, insights, and personal views that customers share regarding their personal experience with your product or services and any conversation they have had with the company.

The customer feedback can be collected directly or indirectly.

For instance, 

👉🏻Indirect Feedback: Customers can freely discuss your brand on social media without even tagging you (an indirect form of customer feedback) 

👉🏻Direct Feedback: when a customer leaves comments and reviews on your company’s website (which will come under direct customer feedback).

How to Collect Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is a good thing if you want to increase your product demand and supply. Customers provide feedback to friends, family, social media, competitors, etc. Hence, the question becomes: Are you going to listen to the feedback and incorporate necessary changes because of it?”

A few methods that turn beneficial for you in taking customer feedback are:

Use Social Platforms

Leverage social platforms to see how and what customers are talking about you online. Social media is for everyone and everyone is for social media. I think it has become a new search engine, where people will always find out what and how companies are performing and how people are reacting to it. Take feedback from your customers on social media platforms that will be visible to almost every person out there!

Take follow-ups

Follow-up messages are more important than the first message that you have sent. To take out the customer feedback and expect customers to take out time and leave a review. A follow-up message with some interesting cause attached for customers will surely help them to put their point of view about your company.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews are an important task for other people who might be looking for something like that your company provides. Reviews and testimonials play a crucial role that can be assurance for other people to purchase or go for the services or products that you are selling. If I talk about my personal experience, before purchasing any product, I would always look for reviews on how people like it and whether is it worth purchasing or not.

Offer Incentives

Offering incentives for providing customer feedback can highly contribute towards achieving significant goals. Incentives cannot just be in the case of money or cashback. It can be a small offer or discount code or to provide the offer in their next purchase or subscription. It can make a lot of difference in standing up in the market amongst competitors.

Proper Monitoring 

Constantly monitor heatmaps on your website to find out where customers spend more time. Focus on the pages on the website where customers are focusing and continuously browsing. If they are still in the thinking process, it might happen that your message to them will help them to be open and go for it ending their thought process. Focusing on monitoring will help to analyze the business interaction.

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Why Customer Feedback is Important in the Business?

To know the importance of customer feedback, it’s equally important to satisfy your customers’ needs.

Moreover, feedback is the mirror that your customers show you and trust me when it comes to “feedback” customers are brutally honest. May it be negative or positive.

A company cannot make its customers happy without accepting and implementing customer feedback. Moreover, without the feedback, you would not know if they are leveraging your product as intended or if they wish to continue with you. 

Let’s understand the importance of customer feedback;

👉🏻 Provide Insights of Customer Satisfaction Levels 

Customer satisfaction can only be measured by keenly observing customer reviews on a particular product or service and any interaction with your business. 

Identifying that customers are happy with your product and services should be a primary goal of any company. It aids in preventing churn, addressing customer issues, and building loyal customers.

Specific ways of collecting customer feedback, named customer satisfaction surveys, show how your customers feel and their satisfaction level.

According to a senior customer onboarding specialist, Katie Cort, “If the company does have a way of identifying whether their customers are happy or not – things like retention will not improve!”

👉🏻 Aids in Supporting Teams to Develop Their Skills 

Your customer support directly impacts their success concerning the products and services. 

Customer feedback facilitates you in ensuring that your support teams can help customers succeed because it can offer particular insight into good performance.

Teams that use customer feedback to create and enhance their skills are mostly preferred to fulfil customer needs and have great experiences. 

👉🏻 Helps to Understand the Core Audiences

Your business conducts massive market research and buyer research to deeply understand your target audience and how they could relate to your business.

While you gathered great insight, nothing is more valuable than direct insight from your customers, which significantly contributes to customer feedback.

They will let you gather more insights about themselves, how they leverage your product and services, and their expectations from you. When you understand their behaviour and know who they are, you can make experiences that directly show their requirements.  

Customers expect that whichever business they do with the brands will understand the needs and master them in their processes such as: 

  • According to business managers, 80 per cent of consumers splurge an average of 38 per cent more when the 80 experience is more personalized.
  • 80 per cent of consumers expect companies to understand their basic needs and expectations.
  • Over half of the consumers say they will become recurring buyers after a great experience.

👉🏻 Helps in Improving Product & Services 

Customers provide feedback that creates a negative experience. It may hurt the company sentiments, and the feedback helps to enhance your business operations and products, especially if you make any changes.

For instance, customers who mention a pain point in the onboarding process indicate to you that you may require an update of your process and additional clarification to make sure that it functions seamlessly.

Leveraging this kind of customer feedback tells that you are not making any changes on an assumption other than on the actual feelings and thoughts coming from the ones who matter the most.

👉🏻 Helps You Initiate Conversations With Customers

Customer feedback aids in identifying dissatisfied customers to start with and opens opportunities to correct them and change the relationship. 

Their feedback about the same situation aids in identifying areas of improvement and learning their pain points in your operations.

It is opening a dialogue with the customers and leveraging their feedback to make necessary changes that help escalate customer loyalty

83 per cent of the customers assent that they feel more loyal towards their brands that respond to their queries and resolve their complaints.

👉🏻 Bringing new customers to the business

Customer reviews are the feedbacks, and consumers generally rely on it when it comes to making decisions like:

  • 6.6x more impactful than branded content and 8.7x more impactful than influencer content
  • 69% of consumers would feel optimistic regarding leveraging a business with reviews having a good experience
  • 98 per cent of consumers prefer to read online reviews for local businesses.

The above statistics indicate that customers want to hear from the current customers and their experiences with you. When you take and ask for reviews, you offer potential customers the information they search for when taking a call whether to purchase, which aids in offering customer acquisition. 

How Customer Feedback is Beneficial in Google Remarketing?

The first question which stuck into my mind when I heard the word google remarketing is: what is Google Remarketing and what are the benefits of it?

What is Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing refers to the process of connecting with the customers with whom you have previously interacted on any device or your website.

It allows you to strategically frame your advertisements in front of the customers who are interested in your product, services, or brand, and create brand awareness by reminding their audiences to start a purchase.

Benefits of Collecting Customer Feedback in Google Remarketing

1.  Achieves a higher CTR

Advertisements that are built specifically for remarketing campaigns will have a higher click-through rate as compared to normal advertising campaigns. 

In this campaign, the user has already marked their presence on the website once. Your visitors/consumers are well-informed about the products and services that your company offers.

This is similar to the users who get attracted to normal ad campaigns, to get high-value customers as they are likely to convert as compared to those who are visiting for the first time. 

Customer feedback benefits in achieving a higher CTR by attracting customers to ad campaigns to get valuable customers.

2. Create Brand Awareness

Google Remarketing enables you to target your website audience and display ads with the help of custom graphics that look attractive as compared to normal text ads and will escalate your CTR and brand awareness. 

The company’s name and logo on different platforms will also accelerate your recall value amongst visitors. This allows you to establish yourself as a brand, offering you an edge over competitors in this highly competitive market.

3. Escalate User Engagement

Internet advertisements are created to accelerate user engagement. Marketers leverage different tools like documents downloaded, products sold, and forms filled to access websites’ user engagement.

Customer feedback allows marketers to accelerate user engagement by targeting the users in the loop. This will increase the chances of conversion rate.

4. Allows You to Target the Website 

By collecting customer feedback, you can target the websites which will perform better as per your opinion. Customer feedback helps Google remarketing by providing you the facility to choose the websites on which you want to advertise.

After the first step, you can assess the situation again to find out the website which is not attracting many users on your website. After this, you can turn away the ads from being displayed. By serving the ads on websites, you can guarantee that you’ll get the maximum ROI.

5. To Run Different Ad-copies

Different visitors have different preferences. They chose different wordings and colour combinations to run their ads. Creating an ad copy decreases the possibility of attracting different visitors.

Customer feedback in turn helps to run different ad-copies from the awareness stage to the consideration stage and then to the purchasing stage. Having similar ads for these stages will reduce the conversion rate. Google Remarketing also allows you to display specific ads to consumers at different stages of the purchasing funnel.

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How does Desku help in taking Customer Feedback Easily?

Desku is an all-in-one AI-powered customer support platform that will help manage all the customer queries operation in under one roof. Desku helps in conducting the reviews and ratings easily through multiple communication ways from Desku itself.

Desku allows customers to leave reviews and ratings from three channels;

Customer feedback
Collecting customer feedback: methods & impact on growth -
  • Helpdesk Portal Tickets
  • Email Tickets
  • Live Chat

Whenever customers contact you through any of these channels, customer can leave a review or ratings. For that, you can easily enable and disable that option. You need to simply save the changes and they will be implemented once the live chat or tickets are resolved and closed so that customers can write their experience that they have experienced throughout.

Image 18
Csat in live chat through reviews and ratings in desku


Taking feedback from your customer is someone who tells about your business which is more likely to be trustworthy for other audiences. There are generally two ways of taking reviews, one which is personal, not showcased anywhere that can be used for making regular changes and it is one of the ways that leads to building a customer-centric business, basically building a successful business.

Second, is testimonials, which you can always showcase in the form of case studies or testimonials on your website or social media platforms where you think other people can see it.

For the positive feedback drive, it is first important to focus on the primary way of taking feedback that is mentioned in the first step. If you are wondering how to implement that, Desku is just here to help you out with all the operations considering CSAT which is just a click process as mentioned above. Once you implement or add this process you will not only know more about your customers but also have better customer interaction and engagement.

Wait for none, try out now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is the importance of Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is immensely important as it represents the company to some unknown person. Not only that but it will let you know about your customer’s satisfaction level and even know your customers better.

2 What is positive customer feedback?

Positive customer feedback is a good perspective and point of view of customers that they have experienced in your company. Positive feedback will always let you know about how your customers are satisfied with your company.

3 Is customer feedback helpful?

Customer feedback is beneficial in knowing about the specific needs and demands of customers to resolve an issue and serve better.

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