Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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Top 10 WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages for 2024

WhatsApp Messenger is a versatile messaging application that allows users to send text messages, make voice and video calls, share media files, and engage in group chats. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of

Top 10 WhatsApp Business Greeting Messages for 2024

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Business greetings have taken the internet by storm. They have become an important part of the social media world. WhatsApp, a social media platform that allows you to send text messages, has taken this trend and made it even bigger. Businesses on Best WhatsApp greeting Messages have become a way for people to share their marketing strategies and have a better understanding of the customer. 

They have become a way for them to connect with their audiences and have a better understanding of what people want. Business greetings have taken the world by storm and become an important part of social media. In this article, we will be giving you some of the best greetings you can use to maximize your reach and gain more followers.

Key Takeaway :

Business greetings have become an important part of social media, and WhatsApp has made this trend even bigger. In this article, we will provide you with the top 10 WhatsApp business greeting messages for 2024 to help you maximize customer engagement and make a great first impression.

Why is a Whatsapp Greeting message important?

A greeting message for business is not just a way to say hello. It is a powerful tool that can help you make a great first impression. If you still have not got the Business Greeting message for yourself, it is time to make one for your customers.

Below are some mentioned reasons:

  • Build interactive customer connection
  • Provide the confirmation or receipt messages
  • Welcome new subscribers with an automated process
  • Availability message

Build Interactive Customer Connection

For building the best impression of your brand amongst customers, it is important to send the first Whatsapp greetings message to visitors or your newly arrived customers. It develops personalization as well as lets customers know that we are concerned about them. There are high chances of converting visitors into customers in no time. 

Whatsapp business greeting message Whatsapp Business greeting message

We feel valued when we enter any store and someone asks, “May I help you”? Even when there is no help needed, we feel valued and considerate. This small kind of gesture helps in developing connections with the

A welcome message on WhatsApp is the same as a “Can I help you?” that you hear when you enter your favorite store or restaurant. Even if no help is needed, you feel valued and taken care of. 

Provide the Confirmation or Receipt Messages

The welcome message examples helps open the opportunity to ask for help when needed. It eases the process for customers to get in touch with the company in no time, as now they know you are available over WhatsApp. 

Whatsapp business greeting message Whatsapp Business greeting message

When any customer books an order, it is essential to tell them that you have confirmed or accepted the order. It will give customers clarity about their order confirmation. Not only does it give your customers clarity but they will be very well aware of the spam messages that will come their way because they know the relevant source. 

Welcome New Subscribers With an Automated Process

WhatsApp Greetings Message

When there are new subscribers, visitors, or new customers, welcome them with an open heart. Let them know that you are happy to have them by simply automating it so you do not forget or miss anyone. Consistency in interacting with customers timely helps in increasing the visibility of your brand. 

Availability Message

When any customers contact you, let them know about your availability. They deserve to know by what time they will be reverted. Set a message of you not being available at the time when they contact you. 

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10 Best Examples of WhatsApp Greeting Messages for Business

General Greeting Message for WhatsApp

Greet your customers well, when you want to give away a friendly approach you can always draft a message that brings up a better gesture and an interactive approach with customers. 

Hello <name>

We welcome you to <company name>. We are glad to have you as a new family member.

Visit our website for daily updates and new products. 

Let us know if you have any queries, we will be glad to assist you.

Thanks and Regards
Team, <brand name>

Let your customer know more about your brand, and educate them. 

When customers come in contact with you they are not much aware of your brand. Let them know more about your brand and product and educate them well enough. 

Hello <customer name>

I am Drashti and we welcome you to <brand name> where we will help you with <purpose of the brand>. 

We just want to let you know what our customers love about us. 

<what brand serves and its purpose>

Let’s find something that is relevant for you.

Want to look for more? Visit our website <website link> 

Thank you!

Team, <brand name>

Customer Support Message

Customers need to be heard and want a reply from a brand as soon as possible. Your customer support message will make your customers feel considerate. Customer support welcome message can go like this,

Hello <customer name>

We have received your query, and we are sorry to hear about the problems that you have to face. One of our team members will get in touch in no time. 

We appreciate your patience with us. 

Thanks and Regards

Team <brand name>

No availability message

Let your customers know about your availability so that they are aware of their expectations to reach out to you. If you are not available to answer them at that time draft a message to them and let them know that you will not be available at that moment. 

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We have successfully received your message, as we are not available right now, we shall get back as soon as possible. Kindly wait for our response within 24 hours. 

We appreciate your patience. 

Thank You

Team<brand name> 

Customer engagement 

When a customer shows up to your brand, it is important to approach or welcome them with open arms. When you do, customers feel considerate and related to your business. 

Customer engagement  Customer engagement 

For driving a strong engagement game, it is important to have interactive messages that will ultimately drive a better response amongst customers and business owners. 

Hey there!

Are you lost and tired of finding the <product name> that you are looking for? Well, now no more. Your favorite brand has bought the clearance sale up to 80% off. 

Do not get late and miss one of the best offers at your nearby store. 

Click here, <link> to explore the best offers. 

Grab Now!

Get more details about your customers!

Grab data as much as possible while you are not available to talk to them. This will help in collecting the maximum information about a single customer and you will have various sources to contact them. 


We are currently offline and we might not be able to respond to your message right away. Kindly leave your email address and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you!

How to send WhatsApp greeting messages using WhatsApp chatbots?

Personalization is crucial in creating effective greeting messages, as demonstrated by the examples provided. To achieve personalization, collecting the right data is essential. By leveraging WhatsApp chatbots, businesses can efficiently gather customer data and create tailored greeting messages that make customers feel valued. Partnering with a data-driven WhatsApp business solution partner, such as Gallabox, can further enhance customer relationships.

For businesses not yet ready to utilize chatbots, a starting point can be using WhatsApp click-to-chat links on their websites. These links allow customers to easily send messages to the business’s WhatsApp account. Additionally, free tools like the WhatsApp Link Generator and WhatsApp QR code generator are available to facilitate the process.

Wrapping Up With a Thought!

In any business, it is much important to get back to your customers as soon as possible. Greeting and welcoming messages represent and create an impression of the brand. These were some of the common WhatsApp messages that automate and make your engagement stronger. Customers should always know the brand that they approached should be much more interactive than expected. This drives customer service beyond expectations. 

Customers always contact you with expectations and yet if you set one there is no looking back. Get an official business greeting, and choose which message will be appropriate for your business. 

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