Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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Comprehensive Comparison: Dukaan Vs Shopify [Which one is Better?]

Dukaan vs Shopify - what's the difference?

Comprehensive Comparison: Dukaan Vs Shopify [Which one is Better?]

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Dukaan Vs Shopify is the hottest trend and comparison in choosing the Ecommerce platform for the business. Choosing an Ecommerce platform is always a tough choice and business owners often get confused. Considering the Covid phase of our lives it has been the escalation for ecommerce businesses as every business was and is operated online. 

Shopify and Dukaan are some of the most demanding platforms that Ecommerce business owners like you will be confused about. So this confusion has to end, and we have sorted by comparing and analysing it deeply with the features, pricing, user experience, and customer support of each. 

Let’s get in without wasting a minute!

Key Takeaway :

Dukaan and Shopify are both popular e-commerce platforms, each with its own strengths. Shopify is a robust and widely used platform, offering advanced features and analytics tools, making it suitable for businesses looking for professional growth. On the other hand, Dukaan is an Indian-based platform, known for its simplicity and seamless store management, making it a good fit for businesses entering the world of e-commerce and looking for a user-friendly and scalable solution.

Comparison at a glance: Dukaan Vs Shopify

Category ShopifyDukaan
Pricing Starting Price: ₹1,994INR/moFree plan available
Starting Price: ₹14,399/year
User FriendlyYesComplicated than Shopify
CustomisationFree templatesLimited pre-built templates
Staff ManagementDifferent roles and permission to specific staff Allows to add employees and teammates
Scalability1,000 locations + high volume sales1,000 locations + high-volume sales
Supported PlatformsMobile applications: Android and iOs

Web: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.
Mobile app only (Android)
Report and AnalyticsYesYes
Customer Support24/724/7

Dukaan Vs Shopify: The Detailed Comparison

Shopify and Dukaan both are ecommerce platforms but have a slight difference in the primary feature that they serve. Shopify is considered to be one of the profound ecommerce platforms that focus on web usage that helps in-store management and the recurring growth of the store. 

Dukaan is a mobile-first approach that helps to manage everything from the mobile phone itself, whether it is shopping or just surfing. Both platforms serve Ecommerce businesses, providing equal opportunities. Of course, there might be some pros and cons for the same. 


Dukaan vs shopify
Comprehensive comparison: dukaan vs shopify [which one is better? ] -

Shopify is a fully-fledged ecommerce platform that manages the stores with its intrinsic features that allow it to keep the store up to date. It is built to manage the larger enterprises and everything that comes in between. It is a platform that is built globally to support businesses to build a solid business. Shopify is represented in almost 170+ countries and supports millions of merchants in the Ecommerce sector. 


Image 44
Comprehensive comparison: dukaan vs shopify [which one is better? ] -

Dukaan contributes to providing Ecommerce business owners to launch eye-catching stores on the platform to convert more visitors into customers. It helps business owners to launch their stores faster and with simple onboarding. It has higher scalability that helps to scale the store to the next level. Dukaan android mobile app is available to handle it at your fingertips. With the default features of the ecommerce stores, it is easy to set up and build the store with the default store themes to build the store. 

May you take any platform, like coins have two sides, there are always pros and cons of both of the platforms. 

Let’s have a quick overview of the pros and cons of Dukaan and Shopify.

Shopify 2
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Dukaan Vs Shopify: Key Features

1. Design and Customisation


✅ It provides a large template selection and almost over 70 free and paid templates combination

✅ It has professional templates to build your store with a professional appearance.

✅ It allows the customisable with the help of HTML, CSS, and Javascript which provides high control over the look that you want to create.


✅ It has limited options available in the form of templates to design for the store.

✅ Dukaan templates are highly simple and easy to use for store owners.

✅ No-Code store builder

✅ It is easier for the beginners to build a store

2. Product Management


✅ Advanced features like inventory management and tracking, product management and much more of Shopify help to manage the product and store.

✅ It provides large catalogues of products that are extremely useful for businesses to have a look at.

✅ It has fine product grouping available according to the customer’s browsing in Shopify


✅ Dukaan gives user-friendly and centralised easy-to-use products in the platform.

✅ Simple adding of products in the store makes the process smoother and faster

✅ It has categories that store owners can customise and maintain the store better.

3. Marketing and SEO Tools


✅ It has marketing tools to maintain and escalate your e-commerce store. It helps in setting up email campaigns, referral codes, marketing campaigns and much more with Shopify.

✅ Shopify provides built-in SEO Tools that help to write the content according to the SEO trends and optimise the search engines that help to increase the rank and visibility.


✅ Dukaan offers basic marketing tools compared to Shopify like discount code generating and referral codes.

✅ It does not have mature SEO tools that help to build visibility.

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Comprehensive comparison: dukaan vs shopify [which one is better? ] -

Pricing Plans: Dukaan Vs Shopify

Pricing plan of Shopify

It offers a free trial for 3 days and then you can easily start from Rs 20/month for 3 months which is equivalent to having a free plan.

There are paid pricing plans that you should know in-depth about. Let’s understand each plan.

Basic PlanShopify PlanAdvanced Plan
For individuals and small businessFor small businesses professional reporting For small businesses for professional reporting

Basic Plan of Shopify: ₹1,994INR/mo

  • Basic reports
  • Upto 1,000 inventory locations
  • 2 accounts for staff

Shopify Plan: ₹7,447INR/mo

  • Professional reports
  • Up to 1,000 inventory locations
  • 5 staff accounts

Advanced Plan: ₹30,164INR/mo

  • Custom report builder
  • Up to 1,000 inventory locations
  • 15 staff accounts

These plans are alternative solutions for the business to choose from.

Image 42
Comprehensive comparison: dukaan vs shopify [which one is better? ] -

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Pricing Plan of Dukaan

Free PlanStarter PlanGrowth Plan
For getting startedFor small business and influencersFor small businesses

Free Plan: ₹0

  • 1 Online Store
  • 4.99% Service Fee
  • 1 Staff Account
  • 7 Themes
  • Web + Mobile Access
  • Custom Domain
  • Dukaan Delivery

Starter Plan: ₹14,399/year

Everything on Free, plus:

  • 1 Online Store
  • 3.99% Service Fee
  • 2 Staff Accounts
  • 2 Warehouses
  • 7 Themes
  • COD & Manual Payments

Growth Plan: ₹37,499/year

Everything on Starter, plus:

  • 3 Online Stores
  • 1.99% Service Fee
  • 5 Staff Accounts
  • 5 Warehouses
  • 14+ Themes
  • Theme Editor
  • Returns & Replacements

Pros and Cons of Shopify and Dukaan

Pros of Shopify and Dukaan

Shopify Dukaan
It has its own domain and appNo technical or coding skills required to build the store
High scalabilityIt has own domain and app
Easy user interfaceAffordable pricing plans
Easy onboarding Free business tools to explore
3-days free trial 7-days free trial
24/7 customer supportStrong seller support

Cons of Shopify and Dukaan

Shopify Dukaan
More features are available in the advanced plan.Starter plan is a higher
Larger business needs something highly customisable and flexibleNo option for customisation in HTML and CSS
Limitation in appsCan do more in customisation and designs
Easy onboarding Lack of features in the mobile apps
The starter plan is a higher Focused more on Indian Markets and business

Dukaan Vs Shopify: Which is suitable for your business?

After all the comparison and the detailed information for each, Shopify and Dukaan we have concluded with the overall points that might be suitable for the business, let’s get into it.

For Shopify

Shopify is built for businesses that are keenly looking for ecommerce store management with advanced features and analytics tools. It is specially built for businesses that are looking for professional escalation in the business.

Why Ecommerce Business Owners Choose Shopify?

👉🏻 User Friendly: Shopify is built and it is easiest to use when it comes to new store owners in the Ecommerce sectors.

👉🏻 Affordable Pricing: Shopify is the profound e-commerce platform which is the most affordable and multiple pricing plans are available for different types of business sizes.

👉🏻 Rich Features and Functionality: Shopify is a wide platform, it has some fantastic features that help to organise e-commerce business owners to scale their businesses. It has robust functionality that is much more flexible than other platforms. Apart from the features and functionality that it offers, it has multiple integration and third-party tools that make the work easier.

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For Dukaan

Dukaan is an Indian-based ecommerce platform that allows multiple business owners to manage their stores seamlessly. Dukaan is specially built for ecommerce stores that are entering the world of Ecommerce and are thinking of building the business, Dukaan can be the right fit for them.

Why Ecommerce Business Owners Choose Dukaan?

👉🏻 Robust Integration: Dukaan offers the most used third-party tools and integration. Software like billing, shipping status, management accounting software and much more helps business owners maintain their stores in easier ways.

👉🏻 Highly Scalable: Dukaan provides highly scalable options to raise the Ecommerce business to some extent level. It gives you the option to extend and increase website traffic and helps to manage the e-commerce store.

👉🏻 Advanced Features: It helps to enhance to elevate your online store with the help of advanced features like marketing, automation, website traffic, advanced reports, and much more.

Conclusion: Dukaan Vs Shopify

Both platforms offer a similar purpose but with a slightly indifferent focus on serving the e-commerce business. Comparing the pricing, features, and user-friendly features and UI, you can choose from Dukaan and Shopify. At last, it depends on your accurate business needs. Dukaan is much simpler than Shopify if your business needs are simpler and you are just starting with the Ecommerce business.

Happy Reading!

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