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Zendesk reviews 2024: What customers complain and love

Read Zendesk reviews to gain valuable insights about the platform.

Zendesk reviews 2024: What customers complain and love

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Before you pay for any Zendesk product, you need to very-well understand the platform’s landscape. Our today’s guide is all about helping you navigate the various facets of Zendesk whether you talk about its current standing in the world of customer support solutions, price point, user reviews, or value for money factor.

Zendesk is a great choice for businesses looking to enhance their customer care strategies. Throughout our 280+ hours research we found that any users’ experience with Zendesk has been impressive, as it allows seamless communication and efficient issue resolution. That deserves appreciation.

Is it the best customer service software? This honest review guide sets a stage for a comprehensive exploration of Zendesk reviews. We’ll highlight both the commendations and critiques from Zendesk’s diverse user base, and not hesitate to explore even the darkest side.

Just a quick word – Zendesk isn’t without flaws, and you may not like many things if you’re a small business. Hence, many have already migrated to Desku in 2023.

Zendesk alternative 4
Zendesk alternatives to look forward

Key Takeaway :

Zendesk is a popular choice for businesses seeking to enhance their customer care strategies, offering a user-friendly interface and a vast array of options for seamless communication and efficient issue resolution. While it has received praise for its customization capabilities and integration landscape, some users have encountered challenges with its customer support and advanced-level features. Overall, Zendesk’s performance and reliability have earned positive reviews, making it a reliable solution for businesses committed to delivering exceptional customer support.

User-Friendly Interface: A Highlight for Many

This platform, especially when contrasted with various competing customer support software like ServiceNow, and SpiceWork, Zendesk is pretty easy to understand and use. It’s a simple yet fantastic software ready to help your customer support experts to fight the customer service fires. They do understand that no customer service expert would like investing too much time in fighting with the learning curve when supporting the customers is already such a tough job. 

The support ticket management system can make anybody a fan. At the screen’s bottom, you will have tabs that help navigating and multitasking through numerous issue screens without needing to fret about loading a fresh page.

Many market experts see Zendesk as a unique service mostly because of the vast plethora of options they offer. You just need to tap on the already-open issue tab to tackle your tasks instead of opening multiple tasks and killing your computer speed. So, your software navigation becomes pretty smooth.

Even while reporting, you’ll love the user-friendly design. There’s a separate tool for handling the reporting, and thankfully, you get this tool with all pricing tiers. This certainly saves time and hassle. 

You can choose among custom and pre-built dashboards. So you can choose among streamlined efficiency and your own solutions while building your customer support reports. However, we won’t call that unique, as many other customer support platforms offer that. 

When you use the live chat and phone support options on Zendesk, it feels as if you’re using Facebook! Customer support experience highly increases with such a level of ease, and as there are no intricacies, time is spent faster.

While using Zendesk, neither you have to do any guesswork, nor you need to invest time finding options and features. Simplicity seems to be Zendesk’s biggest mantra. However, a few advanced level features do seem to be baffling, but keep in mind, every customer support software cannot be like Desku.

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The Zendesk Suite

Zendesk suite pros and cons
Zendesk reviews 2024: what customers complain and love -

Customer support teams can reap a lot out of Zendesk Suite. You’ve got a decent all-in-one suite of Zendesk’ most famous products to implement frictionless omnichannel support without any fuss. However, it will cost you some training time, extra up-front setup, and obviously, extra charges. So, it’s the time to cherish Zendesk’s core products. You’ll be able to plan perfectly whether you need to go with the full package or begin with a handful of key systems. Undoubtedly, this learning will save you money.

Zendesk Support

This product is Zendesk’s support ticketing system. With this, tracking, and solving customer queries is pretty simple. You can’t call Zendesk Support just a normal help desk. It’s a friend of the customer support agents and sales teams to nurture customer relationships with personalized and highly responsive cross-channel support.

You get all customer support requests in just one platform, and that way, you hardly find yourself in a bewildering situation. Remember, client satisfaction comes with the agent’s productivity. It’s somewhat more appreciable than Intercom and Front in this department.

Zendesk Guide

We can describe Zendesk Guide as the company’s treasure of knowledge – it’s a self service solution. Customers can find a lot of answers themselves by sailing through the vast ocean of this knowledge base.

Guide offers the most relevant info considering the user’s needs. You won’t find difficulties in developing a knowledge base that helps customers resolve their issues by themselves rather than troubling the customer agents. Yes, there are in-built AI-powered tools too.

Zendesk Chat

With Zendesk cat, you can conveniently engage customers via live chat and messaging on your mobile app or website. On several occasions, the help seeker doesn’t want anything except a real human to help him/her out. With real time chat, letting customers reach you out when they’re in need isn’t tough. This can highly help in avoiding customers to leave your product or service just because of fuss. 

Not just that, agents can simultaneously help multiple customers with automated opening/closing of tickets keeping user behavior at center. This clearly means better support experience with time saving, isn’t it?

Zendesk Talk

This integrated call center software helps your support staff offer more productive and personal support through phone call, and this proves to be extremely helpful when it comes to tackling complex customer queries. This feature adds efficiency to the conversations, and this omnichannel support experience highly helps retaining customers. The reason? Customers get instant help when they seek to resolve baffling issues in no time, and what could lead to better customer satisfaction than that?

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Customer Support: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Choosing Zendesk can undoubtedly transform the way you manage customers, providing a superbly helpful unified platform for multi-channel support. The tools Zendesk offers give businesses the flexibility and insights (which are vital) needed to create a positive customer experience. But, keep in mind that no service platform can keep its business going at a good pace without the heartbeat of the business – customer support. In this department, Zendesk’s performance is truly remarkable. Many ecommerce business owners appreciate Zendesk’s helpful support team. On many occasions, support agents have done a truly tremendous job in terms of solving issues instantly.

Positive customer stories stand on pillars like clear communication, positive attitude, and timely assistance. Users adore human touch while interacting with Zendesk’s support personnel.

But keep in mind, every single customer review can’t be a glowing testament. While sailing through the ocean of Zendesk’s customer reviews, we found several users who encountered hurdles on their customer support journey.

On the darker side of Zendesk were some bad stories, which mostly occurred due to reasons like miscommunications, delayed responses, and on majority occasions, lack of clarity during troubleshooting processes. These experiences and negative review narration highly helped our experts in highlighting the darker side of zendesk, where they truly need some improvements. 

No matter whether we discuss managing tickets or analyzing data, Zendesk stands out as a highly reliable solution for businesses committed to delivering exceptional customer support., but it needs a big heart to explore the ugly side – but we do have it.

There were some instances where Zendesk customer support mishandled or even neglected a few customers’ concerns. These complaints attract attention to some potential pitfalls that can take place during a customer’s journey with Zendesk. It’s vital for Zendesk to address these challenges to maintain its reputation in the customer support software market. Alternatively, you can check out Desku’s features & affordable pricing, as this customer support software has ensured 100& client satisfaction.

Customization Capabilities: Tailoring Zendesk to Your Needs

You’d easily fall in love with Zendesk’s customization capabilities. Many users appreciate the ability to tailor the Zendesk to their special needs, as it creates a highly personalized experience. This includes:

  • Automating workflows
  • Designing a help center to match the brand
  • Ticket forms configurations

However, keep in mind, the customization process isn’t an apple pie – the process has bewildered and frustrated many users. Yes, advance-level customization needs keen understanding and patience against the steep learning curve. Undoubtedly, flexibility is appreciable, but things could be better if Zendesk adds the salt of ease!

Integration Landscape: Seamless or Stumbling?

Many users have to say a lot about Zendesk’s integration capabilities. We got across a few positive stories that highlighted fuss-free integrations with numerous applications, and boosted overall efficiency. Users find joy in perfectly executed connections that put extra stars to their Zendesk experience.

Flipping the coin, a few users find themselves in a bewildering situation while integrating Zendesk software with their existing systems. The stumbling blocks can hinder the information flow, no matter the reason behind that is compatibility issues or technical glitches. So, it’s a mixed case, but we’ll honestly admit it, happy customers make the bigger percentage.

Performance and Reliability: Meeting Expectations or Falling Short?

Zendesk has earned bundles of great reviews for its stability and speed, which further elevate performance and reliability. Regarding performance, you’ll mostly find positive reviews only. Just imaging, how can a customer support software mark its name among top 3 without offering smooth performance to support agents and customers? Yes, that makes sense. You can expect quick response times, and minimal downtime. These positive encounters fill Zendesk users with satisfaction.

Yes, a few users faced hiccups in performance and experienced lags. However, the percentage of that happening is less. Considering the smoothness of performance, only Desku can beat it (and Freshdesk as well). 

Does Zendesk Pricing Structure balance Features with Affordability

Does zendesk pricing structure balance features with affordability
Zendesk reviews 2024: what customers complain and love -

This customer service software is a decent tool that plays the role of helping in elevating businesses’  customer relationship management and customer service. But what about the cost? Well, like its competitors only, here also pricing heavily depends upon the product. Zendesk Support and Zendesk Suite are the two most popular ones.

Zendesk Support Pricing

Essential Plan – $5 Per Month per Agent

Get Zendesk Eseential plan if you’re a small business or startup

Small b usinesses seeking a reliable customer service solution can certainly choose Zendesk. By buying this plan, you can offer your customers unlimited email support. Integration of social media channels such as twitter and FB in your support system is possible. Yes, it enables you to convert tweets, DMs, and posts into support tickets, and on top of that, setting a basic help center is also possible. Your customers can solve their issues by themselves. 

If you buy the Zendesk Essential Plan, you can anytime access Zendesk’s self-service help center. However, if you’re seeking better support, go for any of the advanced plans.

Essential Plan Key Features
  • Self-Service Support from Zendesk‍
  • Basic Help Center
  • Email and Social Channel Support
  • Website Widget and Mobile SDK

Team Plan – $19 per Month per Agent

Suitable for flexibility-loving mid-level businesses

With features that empower efficient communication and issue resolution, the team plan Zendesk allows organizations to streamline customer care effortlessly. If you grab the teamplan, you enjoy all the features you get with the essential plan, plus you can customize your help center code to perfectly match your needs. You get reports via Zendesk’s Support Performance Dashboard and Google Analytics. Zendesk makes possible to access email support during general business hours. Public apps and integrations are other benefits.

Team Plan Key Features
  • Essential Plan – all features
  • Business Hours Email Support from Zendesk 
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Business Rules
  • Public Apps and Integrations

Professional Plan – $49 per Month per Agent

With this plan, you enjoy a lot of upgraded features to help your business tackle large scale customer support needs. 

If you want to develop a local Agent Knowledge Base and support your customer support agents resolve issues in less turnaround time, this plan will suit the best. Yes, there’s multi-language support for the customers, which is pretty vital if you’re dealing with a global audience. Also, if you want to gather feedback, you can develop Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT). The in-built time tracking app is very useful to measure the productivity of the agents. Besides that, dashboard customization is another luxury. If you’re a professional plan customer of Zendesk, they’ll offer a strong 24 hour phone and email support during the business week, and again that adds to the convenience.

Professional Plan Key Features
  • Custom Reports & Dashboards
  • Multilingual Content
  • Team Plan
  • CSAT Surveys
  • 24-Hour Email and Phone Support During the Business Week 

Enterprise Plan – $99 per Month per Agent

If you’re a business who loves having complete control over your system, go for the Enterprise plan.

Yes, all Professional plan features are present, and on top of all that, you’ve got a special feature where you relieve personala assistance with implementation from Zendesk’s team. This popular program is called Zendesk’s Launch Guidance Program. Zendesk’s built-in Guided Mode is also there, whose role is to automatically queue tickets for every agent keeping priority at center and help agents between tickets to minimize ticket handling and response times. You can create 5 branded help centers as well. Zendesk’s team will always be present for offering you support via live chat, email, and email. 

Enterprise Plan Key Features
  • Professional Plan
  • Multiple Ticket Forms
  • Custom Agent Roles
  • Launch Guidance
  • Multibrand Support
  • Skills-Based Routing
  • Satisfaction Prediction
  • 24/7/365r Email, Live Chat, and Phone Support from Zendesk

Elite Plan – $199 per Agent/per Month

You can call it a higher version of Zendesk Enterprise. With this, your business can fully depend on Zendesk for almost everything related to customer support. 

We can call the Elite Plan from Zendesk the zenith of customer service sophistication. It is built for enterprises looking for unprecedented support featuring advanced elements of 99.9% assured uptime, personalized dashboard panels with sophisticated analytical tools, and open door for VIP support services.

The Elite plan facilitates companies with robust automation and workflow capabilities for enabling smooth customer experience. The whole system entails a complete range of Zendesk’s functional tools, facilitating effective communication, problem resolution, and customer satisfaction.

The elite plan is designed to be ideal for large scale operations for individuals who are devoted to providing quality support throughout every single contact point with consumers.

Elite Plan Key Features
  • Advanced Encryption & Security
  • 99.9% uptime SLA
  • Unlimited Light Agents
  • Data Center Location
  • 1-hour Service Level Objective

Zendesk Suite Pricing

We can describe Zendesk Suite as a perfect comprehensive customer service solution to streamline support processes. It companies various Zendesk products and offers a highly appreciable unified platform for seamless communication, and high-end customer engagement. This Zendesk product enhances your business’ overall customer experiences to a whole new level, thanks to features like integrated analytics and multi-channel support.

Professional – $89 per Month per Agent

  • Omnichannel Support via Social Media, Chat, Email, and Phone
  • Access Private and Public Apps and Integrations
  • Knowledge Bases for Self-Service Support
  • Support Effectiveness Analytics and Reporting 

 Enterprise – $149 per Month per Agent

  • Professional Plan
  • 24/7/365 Support via Phone and Guidance Chat Support, and Monthly Diagnostics
  • Multiple Ticket Forms and Mutilbrand Knowledge Bases 
  • Team Publishing, Skills-Based Routing, and  Roles and Permissions
  • AI-Powered Satisfaction Prediction
  • Mobile SDK and White Label Chat Widgets 

Data Security and Privacy: In-Depth Reviews

With data being the essence of any business operation in the digital world, attention to data security and privacy is unparalleled. This is the realization by Zendesk, which has adopted tough security mechanisms to safeguard the privacy and integrity of users’ data.

Data is encrypted using industry-standard encryption protocols for transmission between Zendesk and its users. Moreover, any data transmitted between the user and Zendesk servers, as well as all the data stored within the system, remains safe from intrusion by unauthorized parties. Encryption provides extra security; hence users can rest assured regarding information secrecy.

Furthermore, Zendesk has very strict measures pertaining to access control. Thus, only the right people, who are responsible for providing service and support, can access users’ information. The provision of role based access ensures that the employees in an organization can only gain access to information related to what they are expected to do thereby reducing the risk of internal intrusions.

Likewise, Zendesk ensures that it complies with international data laws in relation to the specific geographical location of a customer and his field of work. Such a commitment guarantees users’ trust that Zendesk is bound by the strictest security guidelines.

When it is a question for a rare security incident Zendesk has a transparent and timely notification policy to impacted users. In addition, this proactive communication informs users yet also shows that zendesk cares about resolution and correction.

The Future of Zendesk 

We’ve reached the conclusion of the Suite reviews, and we’re proud of our researchers for doing a lot of hard work to make it easy for you to analyze this software. Before writing this review, we analyzed over 400 Zendesk suite reviews to check whether Zendesk offers what it says or not. We cherished new features in 2023 and found this help desk software to be a good one. This CRM software understands admin, end user and business needs.

When we check Zendesk’s roadmap, we can clearly see its commitment to continuous enhancement, and that unveils upcoming features designed to add extra stars to the user experience. Ai and machine learning will certainly add sauce to the recipe, and we can expect more insightful analytics, smarter automation, and  alot more.

Zendesk focuses on teamwork and communicating as well. It aims at creating an environment where there will be smooth communication between both internal and external shareholders within an organization hence promoting a better working relationship among them. The implementation of increased collaborative tools may lead to faster problem solving and a stronger support environment.

Moreover, there will be an improvement to the way the UI looks, with emphasis placed on ease of use and usability. As technology develops, user expectations follow suit and Zendesk recognizes how important it is to offer a system which combines power with pleasure.

Finally, there will be further expansion in the integration landscape with the focus on support for wider choice of the third party’s tools. Interoperability is important for any business that is looking for one data sharing ecosystem.

While unwrapping the road plan and focusing on expected changes and new additions, which shall define the future of Zendesk, we would like to give you an idea about possible advancements and breakthroughs you may expect from this service. The future will bear witness to an upgraded AI for a better user interface and a more advanced Zendesk.

The platform’s versatility, like Zendesk, is unmatched, offering businesses the vital tools they need to navigate diverse customer interactions. Give Zendesk a try if you aim to transform your customer support strategy – our researchers say so. However, if you’re seeking for something more impactful at lesser costs, CLICK HERE.

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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