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The Top 5 Advantages of Best Shared Inbox Software

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The Top 5 Advantages of Best Shared Inbox Software

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What is Shared Inbox?

The Best shared inbox software that can be accessed by multiple agents using a single email address. It can be viewed by any company agent and doesn’t have to create multiple views as a shared email inbox lets you handle all the emails from a single view irrespective of the department.

shared email inbox is an email management software that allows team members to collaborate easily. As a result, it facilitates smoother communication among the customer service team.

Key Takeaway :

Shared inbox software, such as Desku, offers a centralized platform for team members to access and manage all incoming messages, emails, and conversations, streamlining communication and improving efficiency. It also provides granular access control and permissions, reducing the workload, promoting seamless collaboration, and enhancing the customer service experience.

What are the Key Features of Shared Inbox?

Centralized CommunicationAll team members can access and manage emails, messages, and conversations in one place.
Real-Time CollaborationTeam members can collaborate and work together on emails and messages in real-time.
Assignment and OwnershipAssign emails or messages to specific team members for ownership and follow-up.
Conversation HistoryMaintain a complete history of conversations, ensuring context and continuity.
Internal Notes and TagsAdd internal notes and tags to organize and categorize emails and messages.
Email and Message TrackingTrack the status of emails and messages, such as read, replied, or pending.
Workflow AutomationAutomate repetitive tasks, such as routing emails or assigning them to specific teams.
Priority and SLA ManagementSet priorities and manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for timely response and resolution.
Collaboration with External ContactsCommunicate and collaborate with external contacts, such as clients or partners.
Integration with Other Tools and SystemsIntegrate with various productivity tools and systems, such as CRM or project management.

Top 5 Advantages of Shared Inbox Software in 2024

Centralized Communication to Avoid Back & Forth

A shared inbox provides a centralized platform for team members to access and manage all incoming messages, emails, and conversations. Instead of having separate individual inboxes, everyone can collaborate and respond to messages in one place.

This eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication, as team members can easily view and respond to messages without having to forward or CC multiple recipients. Centralizing communication streamlines the workflow, improves efficiency, and ensures everyone stays on the same page

Better Access Control & Permissions

Best shared inboxes offer granular access control and permissions, allowing administrators to define who can access and interact with specific emails or messages. This ensures sensitive information remains secure and only authorized team members can view or respond to relevant communications.

Reduce Workload & Improve Collaboration

By centralizing communication, shared inboxes eliminate the need for team members to manage multiple individual inboxes. This reduces the workload, minimizes duplication of effort, and promotes seamless collaboration by enabling team members to easily collaborate, delegate, and coordinate tasks within the shared inbox.

Managing your email inbox efficiently can be challenging. The best shared inbox software can streamline communication, collaboration, and task management among team members. With Pro Tips for Inbox Management, you can organize emails, prioritize tasks, and improve productivity, ultimately keeping your inbox more manageable and less overwhelming.

Improve Your Customer Service Experience

Shared inboxes enable teams to collectively manage customer inquiries, providing a unified and efficient approach to customer service. With shared access to customer communications, team members can respond promptly, share information, and maintain consistency, resulting in an enhanced customer experience.

Increased Accountability & Transparency

Shared inboxes foster increased accountability and transparency within teams. As all team members have access to the same set of messages, it becomes easier to track progress, assign ownership, and ensure timely responses. This promotes transparency, reduces the chances of tasks falling through the cracks, and enhances team accountability for managing customer inquiries and internal communications.

Why Choose Shared Inbox Software for Your Business?

When it comes to managing team email and providing excellent customer support, using shared inbox tools for businesses is a wise choice. Shared inbox tools offer a range of features that help streamline communication and collaboration within your team.

Along with email management features, shared inbox tools offer productivity and task management tools, making it easier for your team to stay organized and efficient. Whether you’re a small team or a larger organization, a shared inbox is an essential tool for managing your team’s email communications.

A Single View of All Customer Emails

With a common inbox, you can consolidate all customer emails into one place. Managing email communications efficiently is enabled by eliminating the need to switch between multiple accounts.

Faster Response Time

Assigning emails, setting priorities, and utilizing internal team chat features within the shared inbox solution streamlines communication, resulting in quicker response times and improved customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Productivity of Agents

Features like email assignments shared drafts, and shared labels enable seamless collaboration, enabling agents to work together on complex tickets, delegate tasks, and share the workload, ultimately boosting productivity and ensuring timely resolution of customer issues.

The best shared inbox software can revolutionize email management techniques by allowing teams to collaborate effectively, assign emails, and track progress. This helps streamline communication, prevent emails from falling through the cracks, and ultimately boost productivity. With the right software, email management becomes a seamless and efficient process.

Complex Tickets can be Split

This feature of shared inbox platforms ensures that each agent can focus on their assigned portion, preventing duplication of efforts and increasing efficiency in handling intricate customer inquiries or requests.

Transparency Among the Team

A shared inbox promotes transparency within your team by providing visibility into each team member’s actions and progress. With a basic shared inbox, team members can track the status of emails, monitor responses, and collaborate effectively, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and enhancing overall team collaboration.

In the brief conclusion, shared inbox software offers various tools and features to streamline communication and collaboration for different types of email inboxes. It can benefit individual, team, and departmental inboxes by centralizing messages, assigning tasks, and tracking conversations, ultimately improving productivity and efficiency across the organization.

7 Best Shared Inbox Software Options To Look For

  1. Desku
  2. Help Scout
  3. Hiver
  4. Helpwise
  5. Kayako
  6. Front
  7. Missive

Desku: A Shared Inbox Solution for Easy Collaboration

Desku is a helpdesk platform for reliable customer service. It has a feature as a shared inbox tool that allows managing all customer emails in one place. Inbox for teams enhances productivity and makes it easier to solve customer queries.

A shared email accounts system offers streamlined collaboration, organized communication, and efficient team management. Compared to other shared inbox software, Desku provides a user-friendly interface, robust security features, and seamless integration with other productivity tools. The advantages of Desku’s shared email accounts system make it a top choice for businesses seeking enhanced teamwork and productivity.

Key Features of Desku:

Tagging: A feature of the shared mailbox that enables you to tag the tickets and makes it easier for customer support teams to resolve the issue efficiently.
Notes: This feature lets the agent write a note in the chat box that is visible to them. It helps team members to collaborate before sending replies.
Macro: Macro is a feature of shared inbox that allows you to send replies to inquiries like order confirmation, refund, product return, and a welcome message from the chat box.
Unified Email Management: Efficiently manage team emails with the best-shared inbox software that offers a collaborative inbox solution, allowing small teams to easily manage shared accounts and assign tickets.
Easy Assignment of Tickets: Streamline ticket management by using shared inbox tools that allow specific team members to assign and prioritize customer inquiries, ensuring efficient resolution and customer satisfaction.
Ticket Summary: Shared inbox solutions offer a ticket summary feature, presenting a succinct overview of customer inquiries.
Sentiment Analysis: Incorporating sentiment analysis capabilities, shared inbox tools automatically assess the tone and sentiment of customer emails.
Suggested Answer: Shared inbox software includes suggested answer features, equipping support agents with pre-written responses or templates to efficiently address frequently asked customer questions.
Prioritize Customer Inquiry: Empower your team to prioritize customer inquiries by utilizing a centralized inbox by giving ticket priorities as high, medium, low, and critical. 

Check out the complete step by step guide on How to Set up a Shared Inbox with Desku

Help Scout: Team Email Inbox for Multi-Channel Support

Help Scout’s shared inbox software offers a comprehensive set of inbox tools that empower teams to optimize productivity, foster seamless collaboration, and deliver exceptional email support. With features like shared accounts, specific team member assignments, and productivity tools, Help Scout’s shared inbox is an ideal solution for small teams looking to efficiently manage their shared email communications.

Key Features of Help Scout:

Advanced Search: Effortlessly locate the information you need using powerful search capabilities offered by shared inbox software.
Light Users: These shared inbox tools offer the flexibility to include light users in your team, allowing your entire company to benefit from closer customer relationships without breaking the bank.
Collision Detection: Stay informed in real-time when others are viewing or responding to a request with intuitive indicators provided by the best-shared inbox tools.
Assignments of tickets: Efficiently assign and track ticket assignments in a shared inbox, ensuring clear ownership and accountability among team members, leading to streamlined ticket management and timely customer support.
Notifications: Stay updated and informed with real-time notifications in a shared inbox, enabling team members to promptly respond to new messages, important updates, or assigned tasks.
Multi-channel communication: Engage in seamless communication across multiple channels within a shared inbox, consolidating emails, chats, and other customer interactions.

Hiver: Shared Inbox Gmail for Teams

Hiver seamlessly integrates with Gmail, enhancing its functionality and offering a robust set of inbox tools. This shared inbox tool allows Hiver subscribers to manage emails collaboratively, assign them to specific team members, and add notes.

Key Features of Hiver

Email Delegation: Effortlessly assign emails as tasks to your team directly within Gmail, enabling seamless tracking of their progress.
Shared Drafts: Facilitate real-time collaboration on email responses by sharing drafts with your teammates, streamlining the editing and feedback process.
Automation: Automate repetitive and mundane tasks through rule-based automation, freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on more meaningful work.
Email Notes: Add contextual notes to emails in a shared inbox, allowing team members to provide additional information, instructions, or insights to facilitate collaboration and ensure comprehensive customer support.
Collision Alerts: Receive real-time collision alerts in a shared inbox, preventing multiple team members from simultaneously working on the same email or customer inquiry.
Customer Surveys: Collect valuable customer feedback directly within a shared inbox by sending customer surveys, enabling teams to gather insights, measure satisfaction, and make data-driven improvements to their support processes.

Helpwise: Shared Mailbox Best for Social Platforms

Helpwise ensures enhanced security and eliminates the need for shared emails by assigning each user their password. This shared inbox platform promotes real-time collaboration through integrated chat functionality, enabling seamless assignment and tagging of messages to specific team members. Know Helpwise better with below mentioned key features.

Key Features of Helpwise

Multi-channel Support: Effortlessly manage customer conversations across multiple support channels, including SMS, email, WhatsApp, and social media, using Helpwise’s comprehensive shared inbox tools.
Enhanced Security: Enhance security and protect sensitive information by providing each user with their password, eliminating the risks associated with shared emails.
Integration: Seamlessly integrate Helpwise with your preferred business tools, gaining valuable context for customer interactions and enhancing your team’s efficiency in managing the shared inbox.

Kayako: Shared Inbox to Manage Email from Single View

Easily collaborate and share customer support tickets within your team using Kayako’s shared inbox tools, which provide a consolidated Single View for efficient communication.

Key Features of Kayako

Streamlined Workflows Tailored to Your Needs: Enhance efficiency and consistency by utilizing customizable email templates for seamless communication and maintaining your brand identity.
Knowledge Base: Access a wealth of information from internal and external knowledge bases, empowering your agents with help desk articles and valuable resources to effectively address customer inquiries and concerns.
Integration and Compatibility: Connect your email accounts effortlessly with popular platforms such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.
Collision Tracking: Track and avoid message collisions in a shared inbox, ensuring that multiple team members don’t respond to the same customer inquiry simultaneously.
Canned Responses: Utilize pre-defined and customizable canned responses in a shared inbox, enabling support agents to quickly and consistently address common customer inquiries.
Single View: Access a unified and comprehensive view of all incoming messages, customer interactions, and internal team communications in a shared inbox.

Front: Shared Inbox Tool for Personal Email

Streamline your communication by managing multiple accounts in one centralized platform. Front offers a unique collaborative email editing feature, akin to shared drafts in Google Docs, fostering teamwork and eliminating duplicate responses.

Key Features of Front

Communication Across Multiple Channels: Efficiently handle customer inquiries across multiple channels, including emails, SMS, social media, and live chat.
Connect with Business Applications for Enhanced Workflow: Integrate your shared inbox with the applications including popular CRM tools like HubSpot.
Team Collaboration in Email Management: Collaboratively edit emails as a team, similar to utilizing shared drafts in Google Docs, to promote collaboration, accuracy, and consistency in customer responses.
Route Messages Automatically: Automate message routing with shared inbox tools, allowing incoming messages to be automatically directed to the appropriate team or individual.

Missive: Collaborative Inbox for Team Collaboration

Handle various channels such as email, social media messages, and live chat seamlessly with Front’s unified inbox. Benefit from features like canned responses, conversation assignments, shared labels, and rule-based automation to streamline contact management. Let’s see the key features of Missive further

Key Features of Missive

Live Drafting: This interactive feature provides real-time visibility of who works on specific cases, ensuring efficient teamwork.
Rules: Missive empowers you to create customized sets of rules that automate repetitive tasks, saving valuable time for supporting employees and streamlining workflow processes.
Canned Responses:  These handy tools enable faster responses, particularly when addressing frequently asked questions or recurring inquiries.
Custom Swipe Action: Customize swipe actions in a shared inbox, enabling users to perform specific actions, such as archiving, flagging, or deleting emails.
Multi-Language Spell Check: Ensure accurate and error-free communication in multiple languages with a built-in multi-language spell check feature in a shared inbox.
Hide Labels: Keep your shared inbox clutter-free by hiding unnecessary labels or folders, allowing teams to focus on essential emails and reduce visual distractions.

Conclusion: Choose the Right Shared Inbox

Discover the leading shared inbox tools for revolutionizing team communication and productivity. These tools offer numerous benefits for both small teams and large organizations. With shared inbox software, collaborate effortlessly on emails, ensuring seamless teamwork and exceptional customer support. Integration with popular platforms like Gmail and Outlook simplifies the process, consolidating communication channels in one centralized location.

Best shared inbox software

Choose Desku’s shared inbox software for enhanced productivity and a shared workspace. Experience convenience, efficiency, and collaborative power with top shared inbox tools, taking your communication to new heights. Integrate with various business apps for enhanced productivity and a unified customer communication experience. Elevate your team’s efficiency and communication with shared inbox tools.

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Gaurav Nagani
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