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Shared Email Inbox Explained | Top 10 Shared Inbox Software Solutions

shared email inbox account

Shared Email Inbox Explained | Top 10 Shared Inbox Software Solutions

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A shared email account is something that keeps each team member on the same page and what can be better than beating the struggle of the communication gap?

Shared email accounts

From managing emails to replying to customer queries, everything is aligned in the centralised platform, and how?

In this article, we will everything about Shared Email Accounts and their management. Let’s find out.

Key Takeaway :

A shared email account is a general email address that is accessed and managed by multiple team members or individually. It is a great tool for team communication and can be used for managing emails, replying to customer queries, and prioritizing tasks.

What is a Shared Email Inbox Account? 

What is a shared email account?
What is a shared email account?

A shared email account is a general email address that is accessed and managed by multiple team members or individually. 

A single email address is shared among them instead of having personal email addresses. With this, any support agent can respond to emails and efficiently divide the workload.  

The use of a shared inbox is working best in the help desk support as it eases down the customer emails by assigning them to any support agents from the team. 

Also, team members can manage incoming emails and prioritize them. The team can track email activity, and monitor the progress.

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Types of Shared Email Accounts

Types of shared email accounts
Types of shared email accounts

There are various types of Shared Email Inbox, which are defined according to the business and the use case in your company.

Let’s discover all the types of Shared Email Inboxes!

Team/Departmental Shared Inbox 

A team or departmental customer service shared inbox multiple agents can use cooperatively. With team email, the team can send replies to incoming messages and maintain a collective communication channel. 

With this shared email inbox, an efficient workspace is offered and the team will have access to the shared mailbox which ensures a smooth workflow. 

Support Shared Inbox Email 

Customer support shared inbox email is dedicated to providing assistance and handling sales or support queries. By using team email management tools, team members can collaborate and organize the flood of emails, assign tasks, and also maintain an extensive knowledge base to better customer experience

Sales or Business Development Shared Email Account

This type of email account is specifically used by the sales team to manage client communication. The sales or business development team email accounts allow the group to manage sales-related email messages, track leads, and work on email management strategies

Emails from the shared inbox give a point of contact among email aliases and maintain an effective record of sales inquiries and opportunities.

Project Email Account

A project team inbox is an email inbox that is particularly created for a project. It helps your teams to communicate and send emails, and manage project updates. 

Creating a shared email for the project allows a team to send and manage emails, share information, and also be sure about everyone is on the same page to discuss project requirements.  

General Customer Service Shared Inbox 

These shared inbox tools are used to access the shared address to access the mailbox of the customer service team to handle email requests. In a customer service best-shared inbox, support agents ensure the consistency of service offered. 

By using a shared inbox, multiple team members can distribute the workload from individual accounts and enhance the flawless customer experience. Access to the shared account will help teams to manage multiple accounts and manage customer emails punctually.

Top 10 Best Shared Email Inbox Software

  • Desku
  • Helpscout
  • Outlook Shared Inbox
  • Google Collaborative Inbox
  • Kyako
  • ClientFlow
  • Front
  • Hiver
  • Helpwise
  • Sortd

Desku: Use a Shared Email Account for Team Management

Desku’s shared inbox is a unified email management software for the customer support teams to answer email requests using a single email address. 

Shared email account

With access to the shared mailbox, all the team members can easily assign and prioritize tasks, organize tasks based on their status, and ensure timely responses to emails.

The use of a shared inbox simplifies workflow for the support team, improving collaboration.


  • Unified Email Inbox
  • Private Notes to Communicate Internally 
  • Prioritize Customer Query 
  • Organize Email Tickets According to their Status 
  • Collision Detection to Prevent Simultaneous Reply from Two Support Agents
  • Easy Assignment of Tickets to Relevant Support Agents
  • Saved Replies
  • Ticket Summary 
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Suggested Answer


7 Days Free Trial 

Startup: $29/month

Team: $59/month 

Business: $89/month 

HelpScout: Shared Email Account for Customer Support

Help Scout is a customer support platform that offers a shared inbox as one of its features. Help Scout‘s shared inbox is an email account that is created for any email address and invites other team members to collaborate from that address. You can also use Help Scout’s other features, such as live chat and knowledge base, to provide a more comprehensive customer support experience.


  • Email Ticket Assignments
  • Private Notes for Internal Chat 
  • Saved Replies 
  • Email Tagging 
  • Multi-channel Communication 
  • Advanced Security 
  • Advanced Search


15 Days Free Trial 

Standard: $20/month 

Plus: $40/month 

Pro: $65/month

A shared mailbox from Outlook helps your team to be more productive while working on email tickets. It lets you stay on top of the messages and events. It is one of the powerful email management features offered by Microsoft for seamlessly organizing email. 


  • Send and Recieve Emails
  • Schedule Appointments
  • See Details of the Contact 
  • Prioritize Task
  • Locate Messages


Microsoft 365 Personal: $59.75/year

Microsoft 365 Family: $75.60/year 

Google Collaborative Inbox: Best Shared Email Account for Business

Google collaborative inbox is a popular email service that provides a user-friendly interface, and vital security features. With a range of organizational tools and seamless integration with other Google services, Gmail offers a reliable and convenient email experience for personal and professional use.


  • Automatic Email Filters and Categories 
  • Smart Replies 
  • Google Calendars
  • Google Meet
  • Google Drive 
  • Google Maps 
  • Google Workspace


It is free to use. 

Kayako: Best Team Collaboration with Shared Email Account  

With Kayako’s customer service team email management tool, multiple users can access customer support tickets and conversations. It offers a centralized location to store all customer communication so that it becomes easy for the teams to track the conversation and contribute to the solution. 


  • Internal Notes 
  • Single View
  • Integration 
  • Collision Tracking 
  • Canned Responses 
  • Knowledge Base 
  • Customizable Workflows


It has two pricing plans Kayako Cloud and Kayako Classic On-Prem. Contact Kayako for pricing details. 

ClientFlow: Powerful Shared Email Account Solution 

ClientFlow is the best SaaS CRM solution for shared inboxes. With the features offered by this team email management tool, agents can work on email marketing strategies, update about the project, and track the work. ClientFlow offers automated mail sent to the shared accounts for faster resolution of queries. 


  • Lead Management 
  • CRM 
  • Automated Emails 
  • Automated SMS 
  • Integrated Fax
  • Custom Reporting 
  • Integration and Automation 
  • Task Management 
  • Marketing Automation 


Try ClientFlow for 3 months for free.

Front: Best Tool to Manage Email Inbox 

The email inbox from Front is a simpler way to manage a shared account using email alias like direct emails to your primary inbox. With Front’s one inbox, an agent can use shared email templates to respond to queries faster and more consistently. 


  • Email Analytics 
  • Message Templates 
  • Rules 
  • Assignments 
  • Universal Inbox
  • Workflow Management 
  • Multi-channel Communication 


Growth: $59/month 

Scale: $99/month 

Premier: $229/month 

Hiver: Collaborate better with Shared Email Account

Hiver offers a shared inbox tool with the simplest solution of shared inbox feature that any team member can collaborate and distribute the workload. It allows a team to access the shared mailbox from within their existing email. 


  • Email Notes
  • Email Delegation 
  • Shared Drafts 
  • Collision Alerts
  • Email Tags 
  • Analytics 
  • Round-Robin Assignments 
  • Customer Surveys 
  • Automation 


7 Days Free Trial 

Lite: $9.76/month 

Pro: $26.84/month 

Elite: $40.26/month 

Helpwise: Customer Support Shared Email Account 

Helpwise’s shared inbox is a universal inbox to centralize query management for multiple channels. With this shared account, a team can experience communication via multiple channels from a single place. Multiple people are using shared inboxes to manage emails and reduce the workload. A customer support team can add private notes, reply to incoming emails, and assign tasks to other agents. 


  • Multi-Channel Support
  • Internal Notes 
  • Automate Conversation 
  • Automation Rules 
  • Saved Replies 
  • Advanced Analytics 


7 Days Free Trial 

Standard: $15/month

Premium: $25/month 

Advanced: $50/month 

Sortd: Top Shared Email Inbox Software

A Sortd shared account is a way to manage a Gmail team mailbox. It is a Gmail add-on that allows the team to manage Gmail accounts more efficiently. Within your Gmail inbox, it transforms emails into an organized list that can be shared and collaborated on. 


  • Assign Client Emails 
  • Track Work 
  • Deliver Fast Response Times
  • Create Team Visibility
  • Collaborate on Key Accounts 
  • Assign and Delegate Emails 


14 Days Free Trial 

Starter: Free Forever

Essentials: $8/month 

Business: $12/month 

How to Set Up a Shared Email Account in Desku? 

Setting up a shared inbox with Desku takes 2 minutes. A shared inbox helps in managing the queries all together, and never missing out on any customer queries, may it be from any communication channel.

Let’s learn how to Set Up Shared Inbox for Teams with Desku.

  • Go to Settings: Go to general settings and click on “Apps” and in apps, click on “Browse integration” 
  • Select Shared Inbox: A page with all the integration will appear and from that select shared inbox, and click on “configure”. 
  • Add New Shared Inbox: Click on “Add New Shared Inbox” in the left corner and fill in all the details that are asked. 
  • Once you have configured the inbox right, you can edit the inbox, email CC and signature, and auto-reply according to your preferences. 
  • To edit the inbox, click on the “Setting” button that is given for all the inboxes that are configured.  

How to Select Shared Email Account Software?

The best-shared email inbox solution for your team depends on various factors. 

  • You will need a specific budget and requirements. Whatever email inbox you choose, it should have the ability to give you a seamless customer experience. 
  • The solution should also offer shared access to one email address and ensure that all the team members can work together.  
  • Besides providing the necessary features and tools for managing the shared account efficiently, it should also accommodate the special needs of your team.
  • The end goal is to simplify the management of the shared email inbox, make sure all emails are effectively addressed, and streamline and cohere the team’s communications.

Conclusion: Choose the best tool for your team 

A shared email inbox guide in a nutshell is about telling you that managing the shared email can be powerful and easy both at the same time for enhanced team communication and for distributing workloads. With the ability to add a shared inbox and utilize team email management tools, this guide has covered everything that you need to know.

With the features of Desku’s shared Email inbox, the support team can track email conversations as well as they can assign tickets to relevant agents, and organize the team inbox to reduce the workload. 

Desku’s Shared Inbox Account

Whether it’s for customer support, sales, project management, or general team communication, implementing a shared email inbox can significantly improve workflow efficiency and enhance the overall productivity of the team.

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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