ChatGPT for Customer Support

Eva : A cutting-edge AI assistant for rapid, accurate responses to customer inquiries—reducing support burden and expediting resolutions.

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Answers but with Accurate Resolutions

Advance ai
Zero setup required

Eva Needs No Setup

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Eva is already in production, and we have begun collecting feedback from our customers. As with all our products, we are adopting a careful approach to ensure that it provides an exceptional user experience. Over the next few weeks, we will gradually extend invitations to more customers to participate in the beta testing, allowing us to gather further feedback as we continue to refine the product.

Taking part in the beta will be free of charge. As we’re still in development, we’re not able to provide details of future pricing at this time but will share at general release. If you’re in the beta, you will be notified of any future pricing and won’t be charged without your consent. 

Participation in the beta testing phase will be offered at no cost. Since we are currently in the development stage, we are unable to disclose specific pricing information for the future. However, we will provide pricing details upon the product’s general release. Rest assured that beta testers will be informed of any upcoming pricing changes, and no charges will be incurred without their explicit consent.