Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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11 Best BigCommerce Apps to Escalate Ecommerce Business in 2024

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11 Best BigCommerce Apps to Escalate Ecommerce Business in 2024

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Think about it – you’ve got an online store that’s not doing too bad, but you’ve got this inkling it could be doing so much better. As you hunt for ways to give it that extra boost, you stumble upon a real gem – BigCommerce.

There are the best BigCommerce Apps that are whooping for you to use it to make the best use of it, each one brimming with features meant to give your eCommerce business that extra oomph. They’ve got everything, from marketing to customer service, covering all your online business needs.

But with such an array of choices, which ones do you choose? Let’s go through 11 BigCommerce apps that can take your eCommerce business to new heights in 2024, leaving you with a more robust, efficient online store.

Key Takeaway :

Desku.io is a top BigCommerce app for customer service, offering affordable and sleek helpdesk features, real-time chat support, and automation for improved customer interactions and higher conversion rates. Tidio and Gorgias are also notable apps for enhancing customer engagement and providing efficient customer support on the BigCommerce platform in 2024.

What is BigCommerce?

Best bigcommerce apps

BigCommerce stands out in the ecommerce space, offering a comprehensive toolkit for businesses to launch, operate, and expand their online stores. Regardless of size, any business can leverage BigCommerce’s versatility and sector-specific features to craft a distinctive online presence. More than just enhancing store aesthetics, BigCommerce enables multi-channel selling across various platforms, widening your customer reach.

As your venture grows, BigCommerce scales alongside, providing advanced functionalities and integrations to support expansion. With BigCommerce, you’re not just starting an online store; you’re laying the foundation for future growth.

11 Best BigCommerce Apps to Look in 2024

Keeping up with the latest developments in ecommerce for 2024? If so, you should pay attention to the new and improved BigCommerce apps. Some of the customer service apps that have caught our eye include Desku.io, Tidio, and Gorgias. These apps are constantly changing and adding features that can make your day-to-day tasks a breeze.

On the other hand, BigCommerce apps for marketing are also making some serious strides. These tools promise to completely change the way you interact with your customers. So, get ready for some exciting changes in the ecommerce world.

Customer Service Apps

As we look towards 2024, enhancing customer service through apps on BigCommerce is key to staying ahead.

Desku, for instance, automates responses, while Tidio offers real-time chat support. These tools not only improve interactions with customers but also offer insights to refine your customer service strategies.

Their seamless integration with BigCommerce makes them invaluable for competing in the ever-evolving online shopping landscape, helping you deliver superior customer experiences.

1 Desku.io

Best bigcommerce apps
Desku. Io

You might come across so many customer support platforms, but when it comes to the affordable and sleek helpdesk, then Desku.io is the one to always rely on.

Think of Desku.io as your go-to chat app. It’s designed to engage buyers and help keep those shopping carts full. It’s like having a friendly assistant on your site, helping customers and making sure they’re satisfied.

And that’s not all. Desku.io’s got this knack for providing useful insights and automating tasks. It’s like having a second brain for your business, helping you keep things running smoothly while providing top-notch customer support.

Desku.io has customization options and AI capabilities. These elements work together to create an improved user experience, which in turn can lead to higher conversion rates.

Now, let’s talk about price. Desku.io is pretty budget-friendly and considering all the features it offers, I’d say it’s quite a smart choice for businesses wanting to make a splash online.

2 Tidio

Www. Tidio

Looking at the eCommerce scenery for 2024, there’s an app that’s making waves, and that’s Tidio. It’s a fantastic addition to the BigCommerce platform, and it’s got some pretty cool features designed to help increase customer engagement and drive conversions.

Ever thought about having a live chat on your site? Tidio’s got you covered. It lets you interact with website visitors promptly, helping you spot potential customers and tackle any issues with cart abandonment as they happen.

But that’s not all. This BigCommerce app can also provide tailored product suggestions and announce sales to keep your customers happy and help drive those all-important conversions. Plus, thanks to its AI-driven chatbot, you can offer automated customer support all day, every day. It works perfectly with the live chat feature, providing a comprehensive customer service solution.

Integrating Tidio with your BigCommerce store is a breeze, and it can help take your customer experience to the next level. So, if you’re thinking about what eCommerce tools to use in 2024, Tidio should be on your list.

It’s time to get ahead of the game and give Tidio a place in your BigCommerce app toolkit.

3 Gorgias

The best ecommerce merchants offer exceptional customer service through their help desk.

Are you intrigued by Tidio? Well, there’s another BigCommerce app you might want to check out for 2024: Gorgias. This BigCommerce app shakes things up for ecommerce businesses searching for efficient methods to handle their store and customer interactions.

  • Gorgias has a live chat feature that boosts engagement and promotes active communication with buyers.
  • The app comes with chatbot support, pre-written responses, and seamless integration with various platforms.
  • Utilizing Gorgias can help lower cart abandonment rates and heighten customer satisfaction.
  • The app lets you tailor the chat widget’s look, display product suggestions, and broadcast sales news.

In essence, Gorgias brings you immediate support and custom conversations for your online store without costing an arm and a leg. This makes it a BigCommerce app you’ll want to consider to give your ecommerce business a lift in 2024.

Big Commerce Apps For Marketing

Leveraging BigCommerce apps for marketing can significantly boost your ecommerce business’s conversions and engagement in 2024. Chat apps like Tidio and alternatives offer instant support, enhancing customer satisfaction and potentially increasing conversion rates. They help engage potential buyers, tackle cart abandonment, and recommend products.

Marketing tools like Privy and Klaviyo enhance conversions with pop-ups, email, and SMS automation. These apps enable you to effectively target and engage customers in the BigCommerce marketplace, boosting brand visibility, customer loyalty, and revenue. Always align app choices with your marketing objectives and budget.

4 Remarkety

Ecommerce marketing automation powered by apps.

Looking towards the future, particularly 2024, Remarkety is showing promise as a powerful BigCommerce app that could change your email marketing game completely. It’s considered one of the top apps available on BigCommerce and is developed to make your business operations smoother.

So, what can Remarkety do for you in e-commerce? Here’s the lowdown:

  • It’s got serious skills when it comes to advanced email marketing automation. This means you can engage with your customers on a personal level and target them more effectively.
  • Remarkety is great at picking out different customer groups. This allows you to design marketing campaigns that hit the mark.
  • It’s got a neat feature where it sends automated emails when a customer abandons their cart. This is a really smart way to try and recover sales that might’ve been lost.
  • And finally, Remarkety has a strong reporting and analytics tool. This gives you the knowledge you need about how your email campaigns are performing.

5 Privy

The homepage of priy bigcommerce, an ecommerce platform, featuring various apps.
11 best bigcommerce apps to escalate ecommerce business in 2024 -

Looking into the future of 2024, there’s one app that’s grabbing our attention – it’s called Privy. This BigCommerce app is pretty impressive, using interactive displays to turn casual web browsers into faithful customers. If you’re running an online store on BigCommerce, you’d probably want to check it out.

What’s cool about Privy is that it gives you the ability to create custom pop-ups, banners, and other interactive stuff that can amp up your store’s conversion rates. It’s like having a personal sales assistant who never sleeps!

The best part? Privy and BigCommerce go together like peanut butter and jelly. This means everything works smoothly and you get all these intricate analytics that can help you understand how your store is performing.

It’s also a smart tool for tackling cart abandonment – a real pain point for many online stores. By encouraging more sales, it’s a key player in your BigCommerce toolkit. The way it gets customers engaged is pretty special and has put it in a league of its own when it comes to boosting business growth in 2024.

6 Klaviyo

A website dedicated to empowering smarter digital relationships with the help of bigcommerce apps for a thriving ecommerce business by 2024.

Hey there! Are you an ecommerce player looking to take your email marketing game to the next level in 2024? If so, you might want to consider Klaviyo for your BigCommerce store. Trust me, it’s not just any ordinary app – it’s one of the best BigCommerce apps out there.

What makes it stand out? Well, it’s famous for its personalized and targeted email marketing campaigns.

Here’s what you can expect from Klaviyo:

  • Want to focus on a specific audience? No worries! Klaviyo offers advanced segmentation for that.
  • It also has automated workflows and triggers that respond to customer behaviour, making your job a whole lot easier.
  • Interested in how your campaigns are performing? Klaviyo has got you covered with its robust analytics and reporting.
  • Plus, it integrates perfectly with BigCommerce, ensuring your data stays in sync.

So yes, Klaviyo isn’t free. But trust me when I say that the benefits it offers far outweigh its cost. If you’re planning to up your ecommerce game in 2024, this app is a must-have.

BigCommerce Review App

Hey there, guess what? By 2024, the BigCommerce Review App is going to flip the script for your ecommerce business. It’s all about getting you the inside scoop on how your customers engage with your business and turn window shopping into actual sales. And the best part? It’s all happening through live chat.

Imagine having the ability to tailor the live chat experience to get your customers talking. That’s right, you can make it as engaging as you want, and trust me, your customers and your sales will thank you for it! And don’t worry, we understand that you can’t be there 24/7. That’s why we’ve chatbots that are always on the clock, ready to field any customer questions that come their way.

But hold on, there’s more. The BigCommerce Review App isn’t just a tool for feedback. It’s your secret weapon to get to grips with your customer’s journey across your BigCommerce stores. You’ll be able to see what’s hitting the mark and what’s falling flat, which means you can fine-tune your offerings to get the best results.

Honestly, keep your eyes on this one. In 2024, the BigCommerce Review App is set to shake up the ecommerce space, turning your business into a customer engagement dynamo. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

7 Fera

A screen shot of a bigcommerce ecommerce website.

Let’s talk about Fera, an app that’s making waves in the ecommerce world and is expected to take off in 2024. This BigCommerce app is a must-have if you’re looking to give your ecommerce business a lift.

Fera’s goal is simple: boost customer engagement and increase sales. It’s packed with features that make the shopping experience more personal and help keep those dreaded abandoned shopping carts to a minimum.

One of the standout features of Fera is its live chat and chatbot capabilities. These features offer immediate support to customers, increasing their overall satisfaction with your service.

But Fera’s usefulness doesn’t stop at that. It also provides options for integrating other platforms, making managing your data and customer interactions a breeze.

Fera’s emphasis on boosting conversion rates and keeping customers happy means it’s bound to give ecommerce businesses a major boost shortly.

BigCommerce Subscription App

Looking forward to 2024? One thing to keep an eye on is the BigCommerce Subscription App. This tool is making waves in the way businesses handle their multiple online shops. It’s a real game-changer for folks running ecommerce stores, offering support in real-time and making customer engagement better than ever.

This app gives you an inside look into what your buyers are doing during chats, which is a big help with your marketing and sales strategies. Plus, BigCommerce lets you customize the app, so it can fit right in with your existing business branding.

But the BigCommerce Subscription App isn’t just another app for BigCommerce. It’s a crucial tool in your sales and support arsenal, poised to change the way you manage and grow your ecommerce business in the coming years.

8 PayWhirl

Paywhirl is an efficient app that enables ecommerce businesses to easily manage subscription payments on platforms like bigcommerce. With paywhirl, businesses have the flexibility to streamline their payment processes and ensure a

PayWhirl is about to change the game in 2024! Like how the BigCommerce Subscription App has transformed the way you run your online stores, PayWhirl aims to shake up subscription management on BigCommerce. If you’re running an ecommerce business, you’ll find PayWhirl to be an indispensable tool from the roster of BigCommerce apps.

So, why should you take notice of PayWhirl?

  • It makes subscription management a cakewalk. You’ll find a range of billing options for your recurring revenue. No more headaches!
  • Do recurring payments to be managed? PayWhirl does it all for you, taking the pain out of manual payments.
  • The subscription widgets are fully customizable, so you can easily fit them into your online store.
  • Worried about customer retention? PayWhirl’s efficient subscription management can make a real difference and keep your customers coming back for more.

In a nutshell, incorporating tools like PayWhirl can supercharge your business growth and make the customer experience a smooth ride.

9 Sticky.io

A screen shot of a bigcommerce website, helping you operate your e-commerce business with confidence.
Sticky. Io

Thinking about taking your BigCommerce store to the next level in 2024? You might want to take a good look at Sticky.io. It’s part of the BigCommerce apps marketplace and is packed with advanced features that could help you boost your order management and ecommerce operations.

What’s great about Sticky.io is how easily it fits in with BigCommerce and other platforms. It’s like a one-stop-shop for all your ecommerce needs, making everything run smoother. Plus, it’s got some serious analytics tools that can give you a real insight into how your customers behave. This can be helpful when you’re planning out your marketing strategies.

But that’s not all. Sticky.io is also super scalable, which means it can grow as your business grows. The cherry on top? It’s fully customizable and packed with advanced features. So, if you’re looking to make a splash with your ecommerce business in 2024, Sticky.io could be just the ticket.

BigCommerce Mobile App

The BigCommerce Mobile App, a critical tool for ecommerce in 2024, enhances growth and efficiency, integrating seamlessly with third-party apps. It provides real-time insights into your online store, enabling data-driven decisions.

With built-in marketing tools, it boosts product visibility and sales. The app is compatible with existing business tools and offers customizable branding options.

10 Unbound Commerce

Ecommerce app performance delivered wordpress theme.
Unbound commerce

Unbound Commerce is an innovative app designed to enhance ecommerce businesses in 2024 by minimizing cart abandonment and improving customer engagement. It offers real-time support and product recommendations, standing out among BigCommerce apps for its ability to personalize the shopping experience. Here’s a concise overview:

  • Real-time Support and Product Recommendations: Offers instant customer service and tailored product suggestions.
  • Live Chat and Chatbot Features: Provides insights into visitor behaviour and offers personalized experiences, with instant support through chatbots.
  • Team Collaboration and Workflow Efficiency: Improves team coordination and customer interactions through seamless integration features.

BigCommerce Shipping Apps

As we look towards 2024, the future of ecommerce shipping is set to transform dramatically, thanks to BigCommerce Shipping Apps. These apps are being developed to make your shipping procedures more efficient and less prone to error.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features these apps are promising to offer:

  • They’re being tailored to match your BigCommerce store’s specific shipping requirements.
  • Major carriers are being integrated into the apps, offering instant shipping rates and label printing.
  • Your customers are set to benefit too, with tracking and delivery updates improving their overall shopping experience.
  • One of the main attractions is the automation of shipping tasks, cutting down on manual labour and reducing the chances of mistakes.

11 ShipStation

The best way to ship for bigcommerce is shown on a web page.

If you’re running an ecommerce business and looking for a shipping app that can make a difference, consider ShipStation. It’s a standout among BigCommerce apps, designed to streamline your shipping and fulfilment processes and take your business to the next level.

ShipStation is all about making your life easier through automation. It tackles shipping tasks with amazing efficiency, saving you time and effort. It works with many carriers and provides real-time shipping rates, so you know exactly what your costs are.

But that’s not all. With ShipStation, you can also customize your shipping options and branding to enhance your customer’s experience. This not only boosts customer satisfaction but also encourages loyalty and repeat sales.

The app also comes with reporting and analytics features to help you better understand your shipping performance. You can use these insights to make improvements and increase efficiency.

In short, if you’re looking for a shipping app that can help you grow your ecommerce business in 2024, you can’t go wrong with ShipStation. It’s a valuable part of your BigCommerce apps collection.

Conclusion: Use Desku to leverage your Ecommerce Store

Choosing the right BigCommerce apps can be daunting as well as challenging sometimes. Considering the customer support and help desk, it is important that the customer queries are seen and aligned.

Shopify and WooCommerce Business owners can connect their store with Desku to manage and handle the customer support queries in one. With the macors and automation, the task of handling Ecommerce business becomes half and much easier and time conserving.

Learn more about how Desku helps in leveraging and escalating your Ecommerce store in the finest ways possible.

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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