Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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What is Chatbot Builder: 12 Reasons to Use One in Your Business

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What is Chatbot Builder: 12 Reasons to Use One in Your Business

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Innovation is taking over the market and when it is meant for the betterment of the business, it surely is a boon to the industry. Talking the Chatbot has grown in the industry and has become one of the important sectors that elevate customer engagement and has a prominent role in increasing sales.

Discover what is chatbot builder and how it can transform your business. This guide explores 12 key reasons to embrace chatbot technology in 2024, from improving customer service to increasing efficiency.

Key Takeaway :

In 2024, businesses need a chatbot builder for 12 compelling reasons, including automating customer conversations, boosting sales, being cost-effective, enhancing brand impression, and providing 24/7 customer support. Chatbots help reduce human errors, enhance customer loyalty, gather feedback, run product surveys, automate omnichannel support, offer self-service options, and reduce customer support requests, ultimately leading to improved customer engagement and business growth.

What is Chatbot Builder?

Reasons to use a chatbot builder
Chatbot builder

Chatbot builder is a no-code platform that helps users build the chatbot for automating conversations with their customers or users even without human customer support agents to talk to them. 

A chatbot builder helps to navigate and automate the conversational interface by just dragging and dropping processes that will help to automate the whole conversation. You do not need technical experts or developers to build the Chatbot. 

Yes, a Chatbot is now not considered a luxury but a necessity for a business to run its customer support journey seamlessly. Let’s understand a bit in depth why you should avail of Chatbot Builder in the business. 

Let’s dive in!

12 Reasons You Should Use Chatbot Builder in the Business

1 Automate Customer Conversation

Automating customer conversations can be the biggest relief for the business and customer support agent. Some customers will always look answers for to common questions that do not require the attention of the customer support agent. The well-trained Chatbot will give answers to customers in the right ways and on time. Customer support agents do not need to stay online to solve some basic queries of customers.

With the Chatbot automation, you can set the auto-replies, and away messages too which can ultimately help customers and visitors to expect the resolution time. Updating customers timely will help to gain the trust and relevancy of your business.

2. Boost Sales and Conversion Rate

The Chatbot and automation in the website, help to boost sales and conversion rate by various tactics such as automated survey building, product recommendation and much more. Let’s understand some ways through which we can understand better some of the best points.

Lead information of customers/visitors

If you are of a business that works specifically and relies on leads to nurture the sales process, then investing in the right chatbot builder platform like Desku is a must. Automating the lead-capturing process of customers and visitors will help businesses grow and contact them later for approaching. Well-trained chatbots can qualify the leads from multiple channels like Facebook ads, WhatsApp Business, etc.

3 Affordable and cost-effective

If you had to save the cost of one employee for just handling customer queries, imagine how much money your business would save out of it. Implementing live chat and automation helps to talk to customers effortlessly and can save up almost the expense of an employee. With Desku, it only takes a few steps to implement and start working to resolve customer queries. 

Chatbot Builder is surely an affordable platform that saves the expense of one employee but a lot can be done such as improving the return on ad spend that can be redirected to your Chatbot and can be the one to the rescue. It is way more cost-effective than availing of some other platforms.

4 Better brand enhancement and impression

With the better training of a chatbot and knowledge given, it will help enhance the brand value by automatically giving answers to their customers. When customers or visitors come and ask some common questions, the virtual smart assistant will always assist them and that will help in enhancing the brand value automatically.

Impromptu replies make the impression far better and make customers and visitors feel that they are being approached well and listened to.

5 Availability for customers 24/7 

Support agents do not have to stay available 24/7 for their customers to solve common problems. Still, virtual assistants like Eva AI and smart chatbots are always available to answer at any time. A visitor will not come and go without getting any answers so why not provide them instantly when you can?

Automation helps in decreasing human errors and can be available round the clock where customers do not need to wait and have no idea about when will they be approached.

6 No chance of human errors and mistakes

With the help of automation, there is no chance that human errors will be made because even with the best support agents, there are chances that mistakes can be made so the automation and chatbots will help to decrease the human errors that might turn out to be turn off for most of the customers. There is timely information and answers delivered to the customers or visitors without any fluff. 

7 Enhance customer loyalty

What do you think customers expect? Most customers expect timely answers and resolution of their queries. With the automation and the no-code chatbot builder, you can always provide accurate and timely answers to your customers or visitors. Always being there for customers, helps in enhancing the trust in the company and ultimately the loyalty. 

8 Gather customer feedback smoothly 

Business runs successfully when you know your customers better and what they expect from you. The survey building and CSAT feature of Desku helps to collect timely feedback from customers. Feedback helps businesses to know what their customers expect exactly so that they can turn their business customer-centric and ultimately one successful business.

9 Run product survey for users and customers

If you are running an Ecommerce business or a D2C brand owner, it becomes extremely important to know what your customers like and fond of what products they always demand and are looking for. This will help support agents and business owners to know what product they should enhance for customers.

10 Automate Omnichannel Support

Being available on multiple platforms becomes a bit tricky but it is not impossible with the best no-code chatbot builder platform. There are chances that human agents might forget to reply on other social media platforms but a Chatbot can never. To sustain customer engagement over multiple platforms, it is important to automate conversation as customers deserve the best customer service.

Stand out from the market and provide the best customer engagement experience where chatbot helps to automate the answers to common customer queries where customer support agents do not need to stay online to provide answers.

11. Offering self-service options to customers

According to reports and reviews, it is said that almost 40% of customers get irritated and frustrated when they are not able to help themselves. It is a must that customers can find solutions by themselves and can fix them. When you provide the self-service solution, it becomes easier for the customer support agent to not always stay for customers to solve common queries.

Talking about the Desku Chatbot, helps customers to redirect to the knowledge base or helps in showcasing the self-help articles. In a way, you can embed your knowledge base articles in the live chat for customers to have a reference and learn more about it. A self-service option gives confidence to customers and clarity for accessing the information and working on it.

12. Reduce the Customer Support Requests

Agent’s work should be reduced so that they can manage their attention to some important tasks. There are certain aspects that agents need to draw their focus on some other tasks and it is not possible if they are continuously stuck with the customer’s common queries which can be easily handled by the best Chatbot builder platforms.

You might be wondering what kind of common tasks can be handled with Chatbot. Talking about Ecommerce business, they already have a lot to deal with daily and it has a chance that human agents forget about talking to their customers or conduct any task that requires manual tasks.

  • Easily track customer order status and shipping process
  • Easily showcase the product details through the chatbot widget
  • Carry out the product survey to know customers better
  • Easily process refunds/exchanges/returns
  • CSAT for customers to put customer reviews and scores
  • Serve self-service options in the chat widget itself

How Desku helps as a Chatbot Builder in your business

Desku is an all-in-one customer support platform that will help business owners manage and handle customer queries with the help of a unified inbox. No-code chatbot builder helps to create conversation automatically and helps visitors and customers to get their answers anytime they want.

No-code chatbot builder is much easier to build as it has a drag-and-drop conversational interface that anyone can easily build and it does not need technical background for it.

The reasons why customers choose the no-code chatbot builder of Desku are; 

  • Drag and drop conversational interface
  • Pre-built chatbot builder templates
  • Easy implementation of Chatbot in your business website
  • Helps in collecting customer feedback 
  • Easy lead generation
  • Customizable and editable conversation workflow

Why would you miss this easy no-code chatbot builder platform that will help your business enhance sales, better customer engagement, and overall business enhancement? 


Chatbot is one of the important factors that any business can implement to enhance and boost customer engagement and connection. According to the recent trends in the business, it is stated that how chatbots have taken over the business and helped customer support agents build better relationships with customers. 

Considering Desku is the prominent no-code chatbot builder for most businesses, it helps to edit and make the Chatbot anytime for the business will help to easily have conversations with customers 24/7 even in the absence of the support agents.

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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