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Helpdesk for Shopify

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Best customer support software for the Shopify Business Owners

Personalization at a scale

We make it easy to get customer data from Shopify. We automatically put the first name, last name, and address into your Helpdesk For Shopify software—in sync with your store and mails making everything seamless for managing your Shopify customers.

Manage your Shopify customers

All-in-one Helpdesk For Shopify is here with seamless features and endless integrations. Features like Live Chat and Knowledge Base make it easier for Shopify Owners to manage their customers.

Why go, Manual? Automate your common task

Shopify Business Central Integration with Desku brings automated support tasks such as putting up the latest updates and answering the most common questions. Desku makes it almost 20% of your customer support tasks.

Get support for your Shopify Business

Establish the powerful features for your Business

Live Chat

Never leave your customers hanging! Give instant replies to maximum customers but with fewer efforts as we have sharply optimized the agent interface and its tools in Live Chat.

Ticket System

Solve customers' queries in the most organised ways. Easy assigning tickets to the support agents so that they can be solved quickly with accurate solutions.


Streamline your email inboxes for receiving queries. A shared inbox will help in sorting the tickets according to customers and subject.

Multichannel Helpdesk

Give your customer better and easier support by allowing them for approaching to you through multiple platforms. Replying to emails to chatting within the Helpdesk.

Integrate Shopify Apps

Integrate Helpdesk For Shopify to provide your Sales team with any information they need for faster resolving of the queries of your customers.

Self Service Portal Coming Soon

Let your customers solve basic queries by themselves before coming in contact with the support agent ultimately decreasing the number of ticket generation.

Simple, Yet Powerful Integrations

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powerful integrations

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