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Desku provides a complete Shopify customer support process in an integrated and simple format.

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Power Up Your customer experiences Using Shopify Data.

Save time by avoiding repetition of questions

Desku helps you view your customer’s order history when a ticket is generated. This helps in faster resolution without any need for copy pasting or switching between tabs.

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Personalization with desku. Io

Get scalable personalization in Spotify

With Desku, you can provide a personalized customer experience using the information like name, shipping address and much more, which will be already present.

Update your Shopify orders from the helpdesk

It can’t get simpler than this! Update shipping addresses, order value, and even issue a partial refund from the Desku helpdesk itself without shuffling between multiple tabs.

Update orders with desku. Io
Automate task with desku. Io

Common tasks? Automate them all!

With Desku, you can automate up to 22% of your common tasks ranging from sending out updates for most common questions to looking up for most recent orders, etc.

Prioritise Tickets Based On Urgency

We help you detect the meaning and intent of each message by thoroughly researching the return policies, tracking updates, etc. This helps support agents prioritize tickets based on the factor of urgency.

Detect intent with desku. Io
Amplify The Support For Your Shopify Store To Get The Best ROI

Live Chat

Convert visitors into customers by providing seamless conversation flow through live chat options. Use our sharply optimized agent interface to engage in conversations quickly and automatically.

Ticketing system

Organize all your customer communication in one place by using our ticketing system. You can assign tickets to different service agents for faster resolution of queries.

Social media posts and ads

Integrate your social media accounts to respond to messages, comments, and enquiries from one place. Give your customers the best service experience!


Create templates for frequently asked questions. Use custom data variables to frame the most apt answer and save it as a macro to be reused automatically.

Auto reply

Create highly personalised response to common queries like “where is my order” by making it quickly and automating it upto 22% of the support tickets using Desku.

Intent and sentiment detection

Detect customer intent like a refund, exchange, shipping, etc. using inbuilt analytical tools of Desku. This helps you set up automatic replies or generate a ticket.

Support and revenue statistics

Our all-in-one helpdesk can track support agent metrics like ticket volume, response time, and resolution time. Use these statistics to streamline your revenue strategies.

Multi-store connection

Desku lets you connect all your Shopify stores to it. This way you can integrate all tickets from your stores in a single place for easy accessibility. It aslo makes dispute resolution process faster.

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