Unified Team Inbox Management for Business

Why Struggle with Individual Inboxes? Embrace Streamlined Collaboration with Shared Inbox Software. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing team inboxes, and hello to improved sales success.

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Better Email Management For Teams

Manage Team Email Inbox and avoid communication gap with customers.


Uniform Customer Engagement with Team Inbox System

Shared Email Management gives you what you need for smart collaboration, all in one place. Conduct parallel discussions with your team about complex conversation so you can send out precise responses every time.

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Inbox Zero is an attainable goal

All-in-one Team Inbox System to achieve Zero Inbox. Assign the tickets to the relevant support agents for faster resolution. Change status "Open, Closed, or Pending" according to the convince.


Privacy assured with secured sharing

There is no compromise for security and privacy here at Desku Team Email Management. Your data is protected and safe with us, encrypted both at rest and in transit. Our data centers are equipped with security layers to keep your information intact. Above all, you control your data.

Work Faster, Work Better

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Easy assigning, Faster Resolution

Tickets can be easily assigned to the relevant agents for the faster resolution and to never miss out on communicatIon. Sort tickets according to the status for avoiding the missmanagement.

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All conversation at one place

Save yourself the confusion of switching between multiple applications: channel your conversations to TeamInbox to streamline and manage them in a single place.

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Achieve Zero Email Inbox Goal

Messy inboxes can easily derail your productivity. Categorize conversations based on teams and assign specific tags or tickets to ensure about the uniform replies.

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Rules to automate repetitive tasks

Decide how you want to sort messages and set up rules to automate the process for accurate work distribution. We want to make your work easier and better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Shared Email Inbox is a collaborative communication inbox that helps you to connect with your customers in seconds. With Desku, you can connect your email address and guess what you do not need to share your credentials with your support team to access your email address. 

A Shared Inbox works by connecting to your email account(s) and providing a shared platform for team members to access and manage emails. Team members can view, assign, respond to, and track emails within the Shared Inbox, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page and that no email goes unnoticed.

One of the iconic benefit of Shared Inbox is that it can be easily accessed by multiple team members without sharing Email Credentials. Just add the team member’s email address for accessing all the customer emails that they have been receiving.

Yes, different emails and level of permission can be assigned to the user of Shared Email Inbox. 

Yes, it is very much easy to access and know who have responded to the Emails in Shared Email Inbox, as prior we have added their Email Address, their name will appear as an “agent name” and you will be able to track and very well know who have replied.