Read 9 Facts – Pros and Cons Of Intercom Subscription

Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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Get insightful Pros and Cons before buying an Intercom Subscription.

Read 9 Facts – Pros and Cons Of Intercom Subscription

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Welcome, canny investors and merchants! Are you eager to dive into the ocean of Intercom Services? Wait for a while. Before you jump, clutch your life jackets tight as we are about to surf on the Intercom tides to unravel the highs and lows of every wave that touches your business enterprise.

Before you hit that subscribe button and levitate your bank account, go through this transparent guide to understand the pros and cons of Intercom’s services. So, suppress your eagerness till this guide’s end, and switch your choice at the end of the guide.

Is it good to use Intercom in 2023 (read full review)? How easy is the product tour, and whether or not it is easy to use? What about the onboarding process and knowledge base? Are any new features included? Will your support team be able to elevate the level of customer engagement with Intercom? What does it do for customer success, and what about ease of use? What do Intercom reviews say?

Let’s find the answers now in our Intercom pros and cons guide!

Title: Read 9 Facts (Pros and Cons) Before Buying Intercom Subscription

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Pros and Cons of Intercom

Pros Of Intercom

Customization mastery deskus tailoring triumphs over intercom
Pros of intercom

1). Capturing Leads with Precision in Customer Support:

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Read 9 facts - pros and cons of intercom subscription -

Having an eye for the right prospect is a human mastery; converting that prospect into a successful lead is Intercom’s mastery. Intercom ranks first when it comes to lead engagement.

When you have Intercom integrated into your system, don’t be amazed to see the message reach the potential customer directly. It identifies the probable customers, and with its sales team in sync, it directs that conversation into a successful conversion of leads. In this department, it’s even better than Zendesk.

2). Building Comprehensive Customer Profiles:

Can you guess what lies at the heart of a successful campaign? The campaign, which targets human emotions and is crafted from the behavioural statistics of the customers, has enormous potential to generate successful leads.

Intercom provides a solid foundation to build a complete customer profile from every interaction. Right from the name to the decision parameters, almost everything is minutely recorded. 

This pool of data is then used to make strategic decisions to run personalized campaigns or target large audiences sharing similar interests.

The Intercom musters the customer’s behavioural data and keeps an eye on much more. When customers are browsing and when they are inactive, every piece of information is recorded. This data is used to craft personalized strategies and build comprehensive customer profiles.

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3). Enhancing Customer Service and Support:

Providing excellent customer service is at the core of Intercom’s Business. Intercom aims to record and process every minute detail of the customers. Name it, and you get it. Intercom has stored it all in its system, be it customer’s contact details, active status, or customer behavioural science. 

Further, this data is analyzed and used to make personalized marketing campaigns, never missing a single chance to turn prospects into successful leads.

Data repository combined with logical reasoning makes a precise marketing tool for Intercom to hit the target and elevate customer service. However, if you want the fastest shared inbox in the entire helpdesk solutions industry, Desku stands the tallest!

4). Real-time Campaign Monitoring and Optimization:

Want to have a vigilant CRM system? Intercom is at your doorstep, always ready to hover over your customers in the virtual world.

The Intercom gives you real-time access to open rates, clicks, shares, and comments. It’s like watching the performance of your show from the distant end. The farther you are with your eyes open, the more you can get the bigger picture of your efforts. This widened perspective helps to form impactful strategies to make your marketing campaign.

This real-time campaign monitoring can be perfect for implementing and modifying ongoing marketing campaigns as per the changing flow of the customer’s interest.

Cons of Intercom

Cons of intercom
Cons of intercom

Let’s imagine your boat hits the energetic waves powerful enough to sink you in this wavy turbulence. Feeling lost, right? With Intercom, few yet significant drawbacks are capable of driving your customers into the darkness, making them feel lost in the system. Let’s go through these cons of Intercom before you avail yourself of its subscription.

Image 6
Read 9 facts - pros and cons of intercom subscription -

1). Lost Message Trails:

Lost Message Trail is one of the drawbacks of Intercom. Imagine a customer enters the Intercom communication system and wants to figure out the last messages of his previous conversation. He is looking here and there, trying to retrieve it, but alas, he unwantedly wastes a lot of time!

What to expect from him now? Frustration and anger? Absolutely!

The perfect chain of dialogue is lost somewhere in the middle, and he has to start over again with a disturbed mindset. Now, that sounds threatening!

Lost Message Trails have a singular effect on your CRM system and can be dangerous for your Company’s reputation, sales turnover, and customer reinforcement.

2). Confusing API Terminology:

Imagine a person talking in English and another replying in French. That will be a height of confusion. It will be inconvenient and will take a lot of time for the receiver to decode the terms and be with the flow.

The same situation prevails when you integrate the Intercom with your Company’s tech system. The API- Application Programming Interface is loaded with technical jargon, is difficult to decode, and is time-consuming to understand.

This becomes the technical hurdle in your expected smoothness of the integration process. It reduces your pace and may irritate you every time you go to Google and understand the jargon.

With Intercom’s technical API, this is the only possible solution you can have right now to overcome this hurdle in your Integration process. New users won’t be that happy with this.

3). GUI Navigation Challenges:

When you open the Intercom dashboard, does it baffle you with its layout? Welcome to the GUI Navigation Challenge faced by many Intercom users. Let’s lend a listening ear to what they have to say.

Users describe Intercom’s GUI as having an amazing sports car but struggling to drive. The Intercom has a wonderful set of features, but spotting them becomes quite tricky. It’s like you playing hide and seek on Intercom’s dashboard; the menu tends to hide, and your ultimate goal turns out to be of a seeker, distracting you from your original role.

We would only say, beware of Intercom’s GUI; go for it only if you are a trekker; it’s not meant for smooth drivers.

4). Loading Hiccups:

Imagine you are conversing with a person, and all of a sudden, your hiccups become an active participant. Can it distort the chain of thoughts and make the entire communication dull? Sounds hiccuping, right?

The Intercom customer support tool simulates the same hiccups while loading the conversations.

Suppose you are between the most convincing conversation with your client, and your client asks for some previous links, data, or references, and you try to load it from your Intercom system. What you get is a loading symbol, constantly moving in circles. 

Irritating, isn’t it? It creates a waiting mess between the ongoing conversation. This eventually leads to a broken communication chain, a solid diversion from your current topic, and a tiresome customer communication experience.

Can you afford to have this much patience in this fast-paced world? Think twice before you avail hiccuping plans for your super fast customers. In short, Intercom can’t be your perfect customer success manager.

5). The cost of this live chat software hurts!

Image 5
Read 9 facts - pros and cons of intercom subscription -

When you are dwelling in the high-end CRM sector, the giants tend to throw a Cathay deal.

The basic plan surely delivers the most functionalities and looks lucrative. Once you start your trek in the techy jungle, the need to opt for more advanced functions will start dripping money from your wallet. This amount gets noticeable once you pile up the advanced features one by one from the Intercom’sIntercom’sion plan.

Cost becomes noteworthy if it grants smoothness and ease of work, but with these bounces, it hurts even more! Especially when you have dollars and cents to spend from your pocket, the jaw-dropping amount for advanced features almost numbs your brain.

We recommend you step into Intercom only if you have a cash-rich business model; otherwise, opting for the less expensive yet efficient CRM system becomes the wisest decision. Is there anything that’s less and still offers similar features? Yes – try Desku (check the head-to-head comparison)!


CRM has become the niche of numerous companies, from startups to established giants; everyone offers almost the same level of services across the industry.

With similar services, you will find wide discrepancies in the pricing model. Yet the chances of errors and drawbacks of the services even stand at the zenith for the established giants like Intercom.

In this scenario, opting for the most budget-friendly yet highly committed and functional CRM becomes the only goal of CRM platform seekers.

You will not be amazed if we say we have spotted one amidst the giants, with a user-friendly interface and advanced features driven by evolution and innovation yet affordable. It is none other than a rising star in the CRM industry; it is proudly known as Desku. Get in touch to enjoy many features at very low costs!

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Gaurav Nagani
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