All Help Desk Statistics You Need To Know in 2024

Updated : Jan 30, 2024
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Help desk statistics

All Help Desk Statistics You Need To Know in 2024

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In the year 2024, the business has upgraded itself with the help desk support platform which is indeed one of the important things to adopt may it be any business. The use case and the market are important to know before barging into any help desk customer support platform.

With detailed research, our team and I have finally made a summation of all the help desk statistics that will help to have an idea of how vast and important is to have a help desk customer support system well equipped in your business. Not only you can see the importance but you will also have an idea about what difference it makes in daily life and the business.

What will you know in this blog?

Help Desk Statistics

Top Help Desk Statistics to know in 2024 for your business

Help desk statistics on social media channels that customers most use.
General help desk statistics that you should know.
What is a good customer service according to help desk statistics?
All help desk statistics you need to know in 2024 -
The biggest obstacles to delivering high quality help desk services often lie in the lack of accurate and insightful help desk statistics.
All help desk statistics you need to know in 2024 -

Help Desk Market Statistics

Help desk market statistics refer to data and information about the industry that provides customer support and assistance services. This includes things like the number of companies offering help desk solutions, the size of the market, trends in customer support technology, and customer satisfaction ratings.

A visual representation of help desk statistics in the us, with data reaching up to billions.
The value of help desk software has been emerging as customer query management has become easier.

✅ Around 79% of customers believe that getting personalized help and support is even more important than receiving personalized marketing messages. This means that customers value getting special assistance and attention when they need it.

✅ When businesses focus on providing better customer service experiences, they can increase their revenues by 4% to 8% compared to their competitors in the same market. So, by offering excellent customer support, businesses can make more money and be more successful.

✅ The market for help desk software solutions is expected to reach a value of USD 11 billion by the year 2023.

✅ Help desk employees who receive consistent training and engage in career-path planning tend to be more satisfied with their workplace.

✅ Among organizations, 37% provide performance-based raises to their service desk employees, while another 27% offer raises based on inflation rates.

✅ IT service desks utilizing machine learning technologies are projected to increase support capacity by up to 30%, making their operations more efficient.

✅ Only 24% of respondents believe that existing IT service management best practices have kept up with the changing landscapes of IT and business.

✅ The cost per ticket for support teams varies, ranging from $2.93 to $49.69, with an average ticket cost of $15.56. On average, it costs $1.60 per minute to handle a support ticket.

✅ Most support teams measure their performance through customer satisfaction survey results (48%) and the number of tickets resolved (39%).

✅ Among growing companies, the top initiatives driving IT investments are improving the customer experience (55% of respondents) and increasing operational efficiency (53% of respondents).

✅ Approximately 44% of businesses have already begun adopting a digital-first approach to customer engagement.

✅ Only 19% of companies have established a dedicated customer experience team to bridge gaps in their business operations.

✅ In the next two years, 56% of companies anticipate having a significant portion of their support team working remotely from home.

Help Desk Software Statistics

✅ By utilizing big data through help desk software, you can potentially save up to 670 working hours annually, decrease the volume of phone calls by 10%, and have 25% of your help desk team available for other tasks. (Source: webinarcare)

✅ Research on help desk software usage indicates that a mere 9% of companies make use of live chat features on their official websites.

✅ According to HubSpot’s 2020 report, a significant 86% of service teams acknowledge that implementing a help desk system boosts their productivity.

✅ In the case of high-growth service teams, as many as 51% depend on help desk systems, as revealed by HubSpot’s 2020 study.

Help Desk Adoption Statistics

Most companies want and are now willing to adopt a help desk system in their business, in a way that some ratio says everything you need to know.

This ratio is between the year 2016 to 2020. According to the stats, the adoption ratio has grown by 103% and this is not something to avoid, these are crazy numbers. This states that a help desk platform is something that every business should look forward to adapting it.

We recently have gathered some of the latest trends and statistics on the Help Desk customer support platform. Let’s get into it.

Customer Service Impact:

67% of customers are willing to pay more for a great experience.

✅ 84% of shoppers are willing to spend more to get better customer service.

✅ 52% of brands report that technology helps them deliver better customer support operations.

✅ 86% of service teams note that having a help desk system increases their productivity.

✅ Among high-growth service teams, 51% rely on help desk systems.

Help Desk Efficiency:

A pie chart displaying the statistical breakdown of knowledge base utilization in percentage (66%).
The knowledge base is one of the efficient features of the help desk platform and the numbers says it all.

✅ Leveraging help desk software big data can save up to 670 working hours per year.

✅ The average Call Quality for US Insourced Service Desks is 88.3%.

✅ The average Voice Agent Utilization for US Insourced Service Desks is 45.1%.

✅ Call Abandonment Rate was as high as 9.6% in the US Insourced Service Desk Benchmark.

✅ The average Daily Technician Absenteeism for US Insourced Service Desks is 5.1%.

✅ The average % of Contacts Originating in Chat for US Insourced Service Desks is 9.0%.

✅ The average Self Help percentage of Total Contacts for US Insourced Service Desks is 9.7%.

✅ Net First Level Resolution Rate was as low as 68.8%.

✅ 37% of organizations provide their service desk employees with performance-based raises.

✅ IT service desks capitalizing on machine learning-enhanced technologies can free up to 30% of support capacity.

✅ Only 24 per cent of respondents think that existing ITSM best practices have kept up with the changing IT and business landscapes.

✅ Most support teams measure their performance through customer satisfaction survey results (48%) and the number of tickets resolved (39%).

Customer Engagement and Experience:

What are the most important aspects of personalized customer service and how can help desk statistics provide valuable insights?
One of the best ways to provide the customer experience is to always have a personalised conversation with customers.

✅ 44% of businesses have started a digital-first approach to customer engagement.

✅ A mere 19% of companies have employed a dedicated customer experience team.

✅ Over the next two years, 56% of companies will have a significant proportion of their support team working from home.

✅ Around 32% of major businesses around the world have adopted AI customer service technologies.

✅ More than half of executives surveyed (53%) emphasize improving customer experience and increasing operational efficiency as top initiatives driving IT investments.

✅ Businesses offering delightful customer experiences drive revenues 4% to 8% higher than their competitors.

✅ 84% of customers say that being treated like a person, not a ticket, is very important to winning their business.

✅ 67% of customer churn is preventable if brands resolve customer issues in the first contact.

✅ 33% of global respondents find the need to repeat their information multiple times as the most frustrating aspect of their customer service experience.

Channel Preferences and Personalization:

✅ 70% of cloud contact centre users cite security and compliance as the biggest reasons to invest in cloud technology.

✅ Customers are willing to spend 17% more with a company that offers outstanding customer service.

✅ 30% of respondents believe that speaking with a knowledgeable and friendly agent is the most crucial aspect of customer service.

✅ Around 77% of customers will be willing to recommend a brand to a friend or family after having a single positive experience.

✅ 68% of customers say that a brand’s perception becomes positive when they send proactive customer service notifications.

✅ According to 62% of customers, service insight and knowledge are key to a good customer service experience.

✅ 52% of customers have made additional purchases from a company after a positive customer service experience.

✅ Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by between 25% and 95%.

Cost and Savings of Help Desk Statistics

A man on a laptop with the words save money because it costs around only, seeking help desk assistance to analyze statistics.
Save your costs in resolving tickets.

As mentioned earlier, the expense of implementing a help desk system can be a concern for businesses. However, there are cost-effective tools available that offer the necessary features while also delivering additional benefits such as cost savings. Below, you can find help desk statistics and reviews that shed light on the costs associated with help desk tools and the potential savings they can offer.

Allocation of Service Desk Expenses:

✅ Globally, the most substantial portion of service desk expenses is dedicated to agent salaries and benefits, accounting for 53.6% of the total expenditure (HDI, 2021).

✅ In contrast, technology and telecommunications expenses make up a smaller portion, representing only 11.6% of the overall costs (HDI, 2021).

Agent Replacement Costs:

✅ Replacing a single service desk agent in North America can require a minimum investment of $12,000 (HDI, 2021).

Cost Efficiency of Self-Help Tickets:

✅ The average cost of handling a self-help ticket is $2.37, significantly lower than the cost associated with walk-up support, which averages at $37.52 (HDI, 2021).

✅ Automating the help desk ticket resolution process has resulted in substantial savings, with 22% of total service desk tickets being resolved practically at no additional cost (BMC).

Impact of Customer Experience Focus:

✅ Organizations that prioritize customer experience see a return on investment that is three times greater compared to CX laggards (BARE International, 2020).

Help Desk Automation Statistics

✅ Approximately 32% of major global businesses have embraced AI-based customer service technologies, ranking as the second most common application of AI following IT. (Tata Consultancy Services)

✅ Over half of the surveyed executives, totalling 53%, view migrating certain aspects of their contact centre capabilities to the cloud as a highly effective technology strategy. (Deloitte)

✅ Less than 60% of organizations employ automated alerts and reporting within their service desks, leading to outages being reported by other groups or affected customers. (HDI)

✅ A quarter, or 25%, of customer service and support operations are projected to integrate virtual customer assistant (VCA) or chatbot technology across multiple engagement channels by 2020. (Gartner)

✅ Approximately 75% of companies have intentions to invest in automation technologies like Artificial Intelligence and process automation. (Deloitte)

✅ Customer service agents who collaborate with AI experience a remarkable 69% increase in their job satisfaction. (Forrester)

✅ The manual handling cost of a help desk ticket amounts to $22. However, automation can resolve 22% of total service desk tickets practically at no additional cost. (BMC)

✅ Around 70% of users of cloud-based contact centres cite security and compliance as their primary reasons for investing in cloud technology. (Aberdeen)

✅ More than one in three companies acknowledge that customers and prospects prefer completing purchases or addressing service issues without the need to interact with a human agent, if feasible. (Oracle)

✅ The adoption of chatbots and natural language processing is expected to result in businesses saving over $8 billion annually by 2022. (IBM)

What are Help Desk Challenges to Know in 2024?

Today the world is moving faster, and consumer impatience and demands have escalated. Meeting their expectations requires optimizing response times and ensuring top-notch performance from your help desk representatives.

Conducting a help desk performance review can help overcome these challenges, possibly utilizing a help desk metrics Excel template.

✅ A staggering 86% of customers expect the ability to seamlessly transition between different communication channels while maintaining smooth conversations with agents. (Gladly, 2020)

✅ Customer service plays a significant role in brand choice and loyalty for 90% of consumers. (Microsoft Dynamics 365, 2020)

✅ Failing to meet customer expectations leads to a 56% termination rate in business relationships. (Microsoft Dynamics 365, 2020)

✅ Recent studies reveal that 93% of service teams believe customer support expectations in 2020 have reached unprecedented heights. Furthermore, 86% assert that customers are now better informed than in the past. (HubSpot, 2020)

✅ Over two-thirds of customers desire proactive engagement from brands through customer notifications. (Microsoft Dynamics 365, 2020)

✅ A remarkable 55% of customers anticipate continuous improvement in customer service from brands each year. (Microsoft Dynamics 365, 2020)

✅ The experience offered by a company holds equal importance for 79% of consumers, just like its products or services. (Salesforce, 2021)

✅ A majority of customers, 78%, are willing to forgive brands for their mistakes, provided they receive exceptional service. (Salesforce, 2021)

✅ Customers prioritize a fast resolution (61%), a favourable outcome (57%), and convenience (47%) in every customer service interaction. (Netomi, 2020)

✅ About 27% of consumers seek proactive customer service. (Netomi, 2020)

✅ Across physical stores and online platforms, 70% of customers expect businesses to deliver the same standard of personalized service. (Suzy, 2020)

✅ A significant 64% of consumers feel that a lack of personalization makes them perceive themselves as mere tickets rather than valued customers. (Gladly, 2020)

Why do these help desk statistics matter to your organisation?

These help desk software statistics emphasize the crucial need for businesses to continuously enhance their customer support services. The COVID-19 pandemic triggered shifts in customer expectations and introduced new challenges. Moreover, consumers are increasingly informed about technological advancements, heightening their expectations for top-tier customer service.

In the present landscape, the quality of your customer service can either make or break deals with consumers. Customers possess the power to influence others to either embrace your brand enthusiastically or turn away from it. They achieve this through word of mouth and, more significantly, through social media, which has an extensive reach. To maintain a harmonious relationship with customers, especially when they seek support, referring to this help desk statistics report is indispensable.

If you require further insights before implementing a help desk application, consider exploring the distinctions between help desk and ticket management software. This understanding is vital because, inevitably, you will encounter ticket management scenarios. You’ll discover that these two often collaborate to streamline and simplify how you address customer concerns.

Best Help Desk Platform to implement in your business in 2024

Desku, help desk customer support platform
Desku: help desk customer support platform

Considering the best help desk customer support platform, we have gone through all the statistics that are important for you to understand before implementing or availing of a customer support platform in the business.

One of the best help desk customer support platforms that can be convienent for your business is, Desku.

Desku is an all-in-one AI-equipped customer support platform, that helps to maintain the customer queries under one platform, may it be from any multiple channel. With the intent of managing customer support queries with ease, it has become the most wanted customer support platform, especially for Ecommerce business owners where they can integrate the most used e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

The help desk customer support platform like Desku is all you need to keep in mind for everything in the business.

The numbers don’t lie

In the fiercely competitive modern business landscape, understanding your customers’ desires and the potential repercussions of failing to meet their expectations is paramount.

The statistics mentioned earlier, be it the increasing prominence of social media platforms or the swift embrace of automation, provide valuable insights to optimize your help desk software effectively.

While impressive technologies like chatbots and self-service portals are capturing customers’ interest, it’s essential to recognize that many customers still yearn for personalized support interactions imbued with a human touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adopting a help desk system is critical because it significantly enhances customer support efficiency and satisfaction. With 86% of service teams acknowledging that help desk systems boost their productivity, and a customer willingness to pay more for better experiences, a robust help desk system can lead to increased revenue and competitive advantage. Moreover, the adoption of help desk technology aligns with the growing customer expectation for seamless, efficient, and personalized support experiences.

How Does Help Desk Software Impact Customer Service Efficiency?

The key benefits of implementing help desk software include improved customer satisfaction through faster and more accurate issue resolution, increased operational efficiency by automating routine tasks, and significant cost savings in customer support operations. Furthermore, help desk software provides valuable insights into customer needs and behaviors, enabling businesses to continuously improve their products and services. Lastly, it supports a digital-first approach to customer engagement, meeting the expectations of a modern, informed customer base.

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