Desku: The Smartupp Alternative for smarter customer support

Desku is considered to be the best Smartupp Alternative that will help in engaging with customers proactively and resolve the queries faster than the traditional help desk community. With the smarter features the customer support operations are automated lowering down the manual efforts.

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Why do fast growing companies choose Desku over Smartsupp?

AI-Powered Automation Platform: The transformation you need

Desku is an AI-powered help desk feature that helps to navigate customer queries automatically with the equal benefit of a righteous human hand-off process.

  • No-code chatbot builder helping to automate the customer conversation.
  • ChatGPT-powered advanced automation features to ease down the manual work
  • Summarise tickets, detect the intention of customers or generate answers to their queries with Desku
  • AI-Assistant-EVA is the virtual partner for your business

Tear down the Help Scout’s basic functionality and upgrade how you provide customer support. A Smartupp Alternative that you are searching for is just a click away from being yours.

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Have an accurate insight into your business effortlessly

With accurate reports and analytics get the business at a glance and overcome what needs to be done and updated. How does reports and analytics feature makes the work easier?

  • Insights on accurate ticket interaction
  • Customer-resolved queries and insights
  • Performance management of customer support agent
  • Overall insights on the running business to get regular upgrades on what customers expect

Have your business at a glance with the by-default reports and analytics to get the business running and update it on what customers expect from your business. A seamless way to manage the business by having all the insights. The alternative to Smartupp that you are looking for.

Customer support on your finger tips [Mobile Application Android and iOs]

Minimal efforts to provide accurate customer support anywhere on the go. Get all the customer queries on your hands to approach your customers back anytime and anywhere. How?

  • Easy downloads on Android and iOs
  • Attractive UI with all the web-like functionalities
  • Cross-platform experience
  • Provide quality customer experience 24/7
  • Regular updates for better functionality

With the better mobile application installation, it becomes easier for support agents to provide customer support with convenience. Desku fulfils all the requirements that you are looking for in an alternative to Smartupp. Explore More!

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Desku vs. Smartsupp

Desku offers a unified chatbot experience, native integrations with help desk, CRM, and messaging channel software, and provides simplified contextual agent experiences

Smartsupp hurts your bottomline!

Smartsupp penalizes you for growing. With Desku, you pay exactly what you sign up for.
What do you pay for in Smartsupp?

Base Plan + Seats + People reached + contacts + add-ons = Final price

What do you pay for in Desku?

Base plan + Seats  = Final price

Desku with Unlimited Agents

Save big with Desku

Stop paying thousands of dollars per year for other tools and start saving with Desku. For 100 Agents.


Ultimate SME


Flat Fee / Month Billed Annually
freshdesk $82800$46800/Year
zendesk $66000$30000/Year
Intercom alternative logo on a black background. $46800$10800/Year
helpscout $48000$12000/Year

Rightly Planned For Customer Service Needs

It’s a fact! Desku is way ahead in terms of offerings and value.

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