It’s good news for the Shopify merchants. We believe that eCommerce business owners have a lot on their plate and of course, it cannot be all together eaten. Ecommerce platforms like Shopify need to be sorted and aligned for managing their customers. Every time it is not possible for business owners and support agents to instantly get back to their customers on time, it gets messier when not managed well. There are times when your customer support may lay back that will ultimately affect the revenue generation of the business. 

Shopify is a big platform, where there can be millions of things to focus on. Leave Helpdesk Support for customers on us. From customer management to their query management, it is aligned with us. Let’s know how well Desku can arrange customer support for the Shopify business owners for their customers with its sleek features. 

Why do Shopify Merchants need a helpdesk ticketing system?

Shopify merchants surely need a helpdesk ticketing system to streamline customer support. There are various types of customers who may contact your support with various types of queries. It is important to note that getting back to every customer is much more important.

Various reasons are right for availing the helpdesk ticketing system for the Shopify Merchants. 

-Clean and transparent conversations between the business owner and their customer, can easily communicate with a clear conversation to avoid the communication gaps between the customers and the business owners. 

-Buyers and customers can easily communicate with directly the business owners for any queries that they come through. It becomes an easy channel for the customers to get in touch and resolve queries in no time. 

-Get the customer’s detail in the ticket generation panel, once they file any complaints in your support. From purchase details to customer details, everything can be 

-Shopify merchants can easily channelise the support and can manage queries from one roof. Easily change the status of the ticket and marked as open, closed, or pending according to the status of the ticket and its solution. 

-Avoid the mess of the customer’s queries bulking up, infact get the organised customer ticketing system. Solve the tickets according to the urgency of the customer and set the priority as a low, medium, and urgent. 

-Get access to the third-party web integrations. Smooth down the process for inlining the customer queries. Third-party integrations make the best way for conducting smooth customer support. 

How to configure Desku to your Shopify store?

Desku now allows configuring the Shopify store. Shopify merchants can easily configure the Desku for conducting customer support in the smoothest ways possible. This article can draft and will give you instructions regarding how can you configure Shopify with Desku. 

Connect your Shopify Store with Desku in just a few steps;

  • Type Desku in the search box. 
  • When you search Desku in the search box, it will redirect to the Desku page. 
  • Click on the “add app” 
  • Click on the “install unlisted app” in the top right corner.

Enter your appropriate credentials and simply log in.

There will be Shopify Dashboard open in front of you. 

Your Shopify store is successfully connected with the Desku. 

How to integrate Live Chat with Shopify?

(Live Chat widget will only appear when you have integrated Live Chat from the integration section)

  • Go to your Shopify Store.
  • Click on the “Theme” to set it further.
  • Click on the “Customize” button in the top right corner.
  • The sidebar will be opened in the left corner when you click on the “Customize” button. 
  • Click on the “theme setting” option from the bottom left corner. 
  • Select the “App embeds”
  • Enable the Desku Live Chat option. 

After you enable the Desku Live Chat, you will be able to see the Live Chat icon, and you are good to go. 

These are some of the easiest steps that help in configuring Shopify with the Desku. 

Features that will help in making the Shopify Merchant an easier way to make the management of customer care easier. 

Live Chat

The live chat feature helps the conversation smoother. You may instantly get in touch with the customers by answering their queries in no time. This will help customers in getting to touch with the support agents instantly. Live chat in a helpdesk software also helps in decreasing the ticket generation to ease down the support agent’s load of resolving the tickets. 


Chatbot in helpdesk support helps in automating the conversation between support agents and customers. It is not always possible to have a support agent available for 24 hours for their customers, and a chatbot can work like a magic. Customers will not be left unattended and hence the queries will automatically reach the support agent when Shopify customers will contact your business support. 

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is a self-service portal that will help your customers to find answers to the basic questions. There will always be customers who will have basic queries about Shopify products of your store, it can be easily solved by just going through the relevant information that is put in by the Shopify Owners. The knowledge base will help ultimately decrease the tickets and the rush for the support agents. 

Helpdesk Ticketing Software is not just about ticket generation, but having the relevant source of the customer management that is present for the Shopify merchants. We clearly understand your load off the eCommerce platforms that you have been always trying to align between customer support and the quality of the product. 


This blog tells more about how Helpdesk Software helps Shopify merchants to ease down their customer support services. With the sleek features of the Desku, it fits right with any business type because every business needs a cooperative customer management process that maintains customer support. 

Configuration Shopify with Desku is easier and just in a few steps. 

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