Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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Best Review Apps for Shopify in 2024

Looking for the best Shopify review app? Look no further! Our app is highly recommended as the best review app for Shopify in 2020 and 2021.

Best Review Apps for Shopify in 2024

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If you’re searching for the best review apps for Shopify that helps increase customer reviews on your store, offers the flexibility for sharing photo and video reviews, offers a free trial, helps in increasing customer trust level, and offers unlimited review requests, then you’re going to get your solution within minutes of reading this guide! 

With most of the product review apps for Shopify listed here, you get an automatic review request email feature for encouraging customers to share product ratings and reviews. 

So, aren’t you eager to know what our Shopify experts have concluded after an extensive 252 hours of research? 

Let’s check it out!

Key Takeaway :

The best review app for Shopify in 2023 and 2024 is ReviewXpo, which offers advanced features, customizable widgets, and a free subscription for stores with fewer than 50 orders per month. It also provides features like review requests, auto-replies, and support for multiple languages, making it a comprehensive solution for Shopify store owners.

Why do you need Shopify Product Review Apps?

Why do you need shopify product review apps
Shopify product review app

Review applications on Shopify is of great importance, improving trustworthiness and viability for a webshop. Such apps provide an opportunity for clients to express their feelings about purchased items to other buyers.

The importance of Shopify product review apps can be summarized in several key points:

  1. Builds Trust and Credibility
  2. Informs Purchase Decisions
  3. Enhances SEO and Visibility
  4. Identifies Areas for Improvement
  5. Increases Conversion Rates
  6. Encourages Customer Engagement
  7. Differentiates Products and Brands
  8. Showcases Product Usage and Application

How to choose the Best review app for Shopify

How to choose the best review app for shopify
Choosing the best review app for shopify

Here are the 10 most important considerations:

  1. Feature Set
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Customization Options
  4. Integration with Shopify
  5. Social Proof Elements
  6. Mobile Responsiveness
  7. Customer Support
  8. Pricing Structure
  9. Scalability
  10. User Reviews and Ratings

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Best review app for Shopify in 2023 & 2024

1. ReviewXpo


ReviewXpo is much more different than various Shopify review apps. You will find some tremendous advanced features along with amazing UI and design. Configuring the widgets as per preference is very easy.

This app also supports Shopify Theme 2 .0 to let you conveniently place the widget blocks wherever you like with the help of Theme Editor’s Drag and Drop feature. This feature even a beginner can use pretty easily.

Review Requests is another tremendous feature that is highly appreciated in many user reviews of this amazing review app. This feature automatically sends the email after a given number of days. It depends upon your subscription.

It is also possible to send another follow-up email to any customer to request him or her leave a review in exchange for some discounts or attractive offers. You can conveniently customize email content as well.

Besides that, the auto replies feature is another thing that wins hearts. High Power AI is used behind this feature. The ReviewXpo is localized into four languages which are Brazilian Portuguese, German, French, and English.

The best part is still remaining. If you are new to your store with less than 50 requests in one month, you can reap the benefit of the ReviewXpo free subscription. The growth plan is also reasonably priced at $15 per month, which covers 500 review requests, besides some tremendous features such as review moderation and custom CSS.

The third plan costs you $115 per month which you get the features of AI replies as well as video reviews.


  • Native integration with theme editor and Shopify themes 2.0
  • Beautiful UX and design for both customers and store admin
  • Advanced features like video reviews, custom CSS, follow-up email, AI auto-replies
  • Stores with below 50 orders per month can go for the free subscription
  • Various styles to choose from for the review widget


  • The admin UI doesn’t use Polaris.
  • The admin UI isn’t fully embedded into the store admin on Shopify.

2. Judge.me

Judge. Me
Judge. Me

Every single merchant understands the value of genuine reviews by customers and how they highly help in driving engagement and sales. Unfortunately, with Shopify, you don’t get any such built-in options for encouraging buyers to review. Also, you don’t get any such themes with which you get such features in-built.

However, you can try out a tremendous third-party app like Judge. Me. You will be amazed to know it’s completely free and you don’t face any sort of limitations. And you’ll be double amazed because it has more than 5500 reviews and the best average rating in the industry – 5.0. This means a lot.

The customers never find it tough to submit a review to the Judge. Me. The form is pretty simple to fill. You can show the average product review score in the product summary and collection pages.

Hence the customer will be able to conveniently navigate your store and find whatever product he or she likes. The most interesting thing is that even with the free plan, you get some unbelievable features such as picture video reviews and in-mail reviews.

Yes, there is a premium plan also, which costs you $15 per month, and the only additional benefit you get with this one is the ability to do customizations.


  • Native support of Google rich snippets
  • The free plan offers some tremendous features such as pictures/video reviews or in-email reviews
  • Helps increase the conversion rate
  • Allows you to import/export reviews
  • Works perfectly with almost all Shopify theme


  • The admin UI is somewhat less intuitive and sometimes feels somewhat baffling
  • Even after installing, this app leaves its script in your theme

3. Stamped


You will hardly find a merchant who will not feel curious about what customers think about his or her products. The best way to understand the same is by getting honest reviews. Stamped.io is another tremendous review management software that helps in not just getting deeper insights but even helps you in fine-tuning your products or services indirectly.

The user interface will never baffle you, and the features are located perfectly. This app is not embedded into the Shopify platform. However, it uses the Shopify design system, giving you a similar feel. You can import reviews from various sources such as FB, Aliexpress, etc.

This app has made a lot of merchants happy, and that’s the reason you see a lot of 5-star rating reviews for Stamped.io. The appearance is perfect, and so is the functionality.

A few merchants were not happy with the review widget integrated while using black theme backgrounds. However, the same can be adjusted using custom CSS code. This app can also be used to send questions and answers or net promoter score surveys. Creating banners along with reviews is another fun thing with Stamped.io.


  • Quickly takes photos and videos within reviews and requests email.
  • It allows you to develop rich snippets for SEO
  • Reviews-rich snippets will improve your search rankings.
  • They may be implemented in question-and-answer queries or in NPS surveys.
  • Simplification of collection, moderation, and analysis of reviews.
  • It automatically posts any review you write on social media.
  • Measures and analyzes the customer’s satisfaction level using the NPS (net promoter scores) method.
  • Makes it possible to generate and post social banners.
  • Smart Assist ensures your customers give good reviews.


  • Requires ‘custom css for themes with a black background.’ 5
  • The App UI is hosted on another site and does not directly connect to the Shopify platform.

4. Loox


For making any customer buy any product or service, the primary thing is to generate trust in his mind. And to generate this trust, nothing can be better than honest reviews from existing buyers. This highly pushes the decision-making power of the customer on the positive side. This finally leads to successful sales.

Loox is a decent app that can help you gather video and photo customer reviews, conveniently publish them on your online store, and make them look attractive and impactful.

With Loox, you can gather authentic reviews from your customers and display them in your store with some special widgets that enable you to show these reviews in various forms in the most enticing way. These include review pop-ups, carousels, review sites, bars, and more.

Many merchants have praised the way Loox helps increase the store’s authenticity and boost conversion percentages for various merchants. LUX integrates with various apps, which may be a good way to help you make it even more influential.

With Loox, you can even offer a discount in exchange for submitting a video or photo review, which customers love many times. This way, Loox helps in motivating customers to share reviews, which highly increases sales percentage.

The basic plan of this amazing tool starts at $ 9.99, and the biggest plan costs you $599. Many plans falling in between differ from each other in terms of offerings and features. You may need to invest a lot of time understanding which plan suits you the best.


  • It offers a discount, or sometimes a gift, for a review.
  • Sends review request emails
  • Referral program management tool.
  • Gathers and -publishes reviews automatically
  • Allows to customize emails
  • There are many formats for displaying your reviews, such as stars, sidebar widgets, homepage carousels, etc.
  • Imports reviews from AliExpress
  • Integrates Twitter, Facebook Pixel, Google Shopping and more


  • The price may look high, considering what you deserve.
  • Offers discount for video/photo reviews
  • There is no free option.

5. Omnisend


Are you trying hard to increase your conversions? Are you feeling frustrated while building workflows for capturing leads or failing to improve your retention rates? Then it’s your time to try Omnisend.

This tool can manage a lot of stuff for you, including push notifications, SMS, email campaigns, and more. Creating emails or long chains of emails for browsing Abandonment, Card Recovery, Review Requests, etc, is very easy with a tool like Omnisend.

You get a lot of preset features, and that’s the reason you can start using this tool in minutes. Also, you will be amazed at the range of customization options available. If you have a larger customer base, then truly, this tool is going to win your heart because you can segment your audience based on shopping behaviour, engagement, etc.

This tool works perfectly for those looking to increase the subscriber list’s size. Adjusting sign-up popups, wheels of fortunes, bars, etc, is very easy, and all these things highly help in capturing more leads.

It creates a new sense of engagement for your store visitors. And you must know more engagement means greater chances of sales. You can track the performance of your campaigns in the app’s analytical dashboards, which are very easy to understand.

Besides enticing campaign reports, you also get a real time view of your store visitor activities. There are two paid plans, which are” Standard” and “Pro,” costing you $16 and $59 per month, respectively.

Both of them allow you to reach up to 500 contacts. With the standard plan, you can access 6000 monthly emails and 60 SMS, while there are no limits with the “Pro” plan.


  • Segmentation features to improve targeting
  • Setting automation workflows is very easy
  • Email, SMS, and push notification universal solution
  • Dashboards for analytical measurement of your campaigns


  • The support team has had some difficulty assisting some merchants in understanding the features of the available APP.

As we completed the first review of integration apps for Shopify, we’ve got another fantastic solution for all your customer management needs. 

Integrate Desku, and get beneficial features such as a ticketing system, Eva AI-powered and AI-powered Inbox to automate the procedure of replying to customer queries.

6. LAI Product Reviews

Lai product reviews
Lai product

Do you like to have complete control of your web visitor reviews in your hand? Do you want to import reviews from various sources such as AliExpress, Amazon, and drop shipping apps? Are you planning something to boost trust in your new store visitors? Then, it is time to get a tool like LAI product reviews.

Working with different review formats is possible, whether they be videos, photos, or simple text. Also, you have a lot of flexibility in highlighting them.

This app offers you highly customizable layouts. You can choose from dynamic grids, double columns, rating stars and whatnot. This tool helps in gathering more and more reviews with time.

You can automatically send review requests after the completion of orders and create review popups to help customers leave their honest reviews for a reward. With the free version of LAI Product Reviews, you get 12 colour themes and 6 review widget layouts, which we feel is generous enough.

It also supports reviewing rich snippets without adding any branded watermark. Talking about the paid plans, you have “Essential,” which costs you $ 4.95 per month, then comes “Growth,” which is $ 9.95 per month, and finally, you the “Expert,” which is $ 14.95 per month. All of these offer fully customizable layouts, review collection popups, and an unlimited number of reviews.

With the Growth plan, you can go for video reviews as well. The Expert plan includes higher import limits, exclusive customization and a few other functionalities. You got a 7-day free trial on your side.


  • Can reply to reviews
  • Different types of review widgets and the ability to customize them.
  • Structured data support
  • Import from various sources
  • Revisit emails used to collect and pop up popups.


  • The free plan does not support all types of reviews.

7. AiTrillion

Ai trillion

If you want a review app for Shopify that offers many marketing automation features, then AiTrillion is a perfect choice for you. You can create loyalty points and reward systems and create extra motivation for your store visitors to boost your conversion rates.

Setting up various activity-based triggers is fun with this tool. You can offer rewards like free shipping discounts and a lot more. Gathering product reviews is never tough with a tool like AiTrillion. You get email templates that are easy to customize and automate.

With AiTrillion, you can conveniently manage the looks of your reviews while they are displayed on your website. Implementing structured data also helps you get those reviews featured on Google. The good news is that you get 11+ features, web push notifications, SMS, email marketing, etc.

You can design your popups the way you want to capture visitors and memberships, display product recommendations, announcement bar, form, and so on.

This tool also offers various plans, and you can choose one according to how many customers interact with your products. The free plan is good enough for those with less than 250 active customers.

The “Light plan” costs you $25 per month, which includes 1000 contacts. If you want to go for 5000 contacts, go for the” Startup plan,” which will cost you $65 per month. Similarly, the “Growth plan” costs you $125 per month and it works with 20,000 contacts.

If you have a lot of engagement on your web store, then we’d recommend you go with the “Professional” plan, which costs you $225 per month and allows 40 000 contracts or more. In simple terms, you get more emails with every tier you shift in your subscription. However, the basic functionalities remain the same.


  • Can use segmentation data in creating customized propositions.
  • Free plan available for stores with fewer than 250 customers
  • App for one-stop marketing automation
  • Integration with VARIOUS popular apps
  • Custom-designed templates for emails and pop-ups


  • Customization capabilities dissatisfy a few merchants.
  • Merchants complain the storefront is too slow and leads to poor performance.

8. Trustmark


Importing customer reviews from various sources such as Yelp, Facebook, Google, etc., or Spreadsheets is easy with a Trustmary tool. It’s a great solution for featuring testimonials and reviews on an e-commerce web store.

You’ve got a lot of flexibility regarding options to present your testimonials and reviews on your Shopify website. You can choose among various widgets and try your hands in customizing its design. That’s not tough by any means.

Trustmark doesn’t just help you with showcasing your customer reviews. Instead, it also helps in streamlining the process of getting a constant flow of new reviews. It offers you some tremendous pre-tested review collection forms, which you can share via your website, embeds, emails, SMS marketing, etc.

You can encourage your new customers to create video testimonials for you using this app and these videos do increase your conversion rates much better than normal text and picture reviews. You also enjoy some additional features, such as adding social proof popups on your website and creating contact forms to catch new leads.

On top of all, you got an A -B testing of various widgets and forms, which will help you monetize and analyze the actual impact on conversations. According to that, you can adjust the way of representing your reviews in the upcoming time.

With the free plan of Trustmary, you get up to 20 published reviews and access to one widget and one review form. If you want to integrate this solution with your Shopify website, you will need the “Automate” plan, which costs you $290 per month. However, it costs you $249 per month if you bill annually.

Yes, that is a big amount compared to a few services mentioned in this list. But you do get a lot of features, such as an unlimited number of forms, widgets, and reviews. You also got integrations with HubSpot and Zapier, automated SMS email, A -B testing for installed widgets and review requests.


  • Different aspects of automated review collection.
  • Available library of widgets.
  • Testimonial widgets and collection forms in an all-in-one review solution.
  • Importing reviews from all major review platforms, including spreadsheets.
  • Analyzing review items and forms using a/b test and conversion data.


  • This may not be suitable for you if your site is not large-scale and is looking for many means of gathering responses.
  • A Shopify store should avoid using the free plan.

9. Fera


If you want a customer review tool for your Shopify that is not just straightforward but also helps you put your reviews in the most beautiful way possible on your Shopify store, then Fera is a great choice.

This tool will also indirectly help you in boosting your SEO. Besides ease of usage, you’ve got a highly attractive user interface and automatic review translations.

You may read a few reviews of users mentioning that the app doesn’t automatically delete the code inserted into your store’s theme, but let us tell you that this is not an issue from Fera. Shopify itself restricts this thing, and the Shopify team is working on improving the same.

Customization of this app is very easy. You can conveniently manage their content, video, photo reviews, etc. and review request mails and widgets. Also, you can freely ask your customers for both store and product reviews. Fera offers you three sorts of widgets: videos and photos, ratings and reviews.

If you want to make the design changes in any widgets or add extra charisma to the appearance, you can do it in a matter of minutes. It is also possible to set the number of reviews per product page for displaying and display conditions- for example, displaying reviews to the user from a certain locality only. This feature you generally don’t find in its alternatives.

You can use visual builders to customize your text messages and make them look more interesting. You have the option to send requests one by one or in bulk by automatic means. Yes, this tool also allows you to import reviews. Judgme, Facebook, Stamped, Google Business, Shopify Review, etc. You can also upload a CSV file or write reviews manually.

The free plan offers you 10 review requests along with one review widget. However, you will have to get a paid subscription to enjoy features like multi-language support, customizations, etc.

The Startup plan costs you $9, the Small plan is $29, and the Medium plan costs you $99 monthly. With all these plans, you get a free 14-day trial.


  • A special feature to let you set a review display condition and present it to selected customer groups
  • Review options for both products and stores.
  • Has an intuitive user interface
  • Send a review request email to a particular customer cohort
  • Adds incentives – discounts, points, cash
  • Offers SEO-rich snippets.
  • Fully customizable review widget


  • Only live support, design customization, multi-language support, or other vital parts can be found if you pay for it.
  • While the app UI is hosted on a separate page, it can be accessed through a shopping cart icon.

10. Yotpo


The next one on our list is Yotpo, which is somewhat more challenging to use in comparison to the review tools we have explained till now. Would you like to have a tour of what process you will have to follow to use this tool?

Okay. You can edit the email content in the app configuration settings first step. Next, you will have to customize the review widget at your convenience to choose the looks of your reviews on your Shopify store. These reviews will be displayed on the product pages, and then you can customize these reviews to match the feel of your branding.

Yes, non-technical people feel some complications in integrating this app into a theme. However, instructions are available following which the process can be executed. If you fail in that, you can always feel free to message the app provider support team and seek help.

This app isn’t embedded into Shopify’s administrative system. However, the app’s UI never baffles you. You get six primary sections in this app’s administration system. The first one is “Home,” whose main purpose is to customize key metrics and offer recommendations.

The next is “Performance” for improvement of performance, then comes “Managed content,” where you see and moderate the content of your reviews, and then comes “Analytics,” whose main job is to measure the reviews number, conversations, and average stars ratings. After that, you’ve got “Collect reviews,” which lets you edit and review emails and requests; then comes “Display reviews,” where you can make trend errors with your integrations.

Yes, a free plan is available, but there is not much to appreciate about what you get with it. Even for some simple features like offering your customer any special discount for a review needs a paid subscription. This is undoubtedly a negative especially when you compare it to the top contenders in this list. However, the paid plans are very well-priced. The cheapest one is the growth plan, which costs you $15 per month.


  • Gather both websites as well as product reviews
  • Google, Facebook, and Instagram are compatible.
  • Offers coupons for customers who have left feedback.
  • Reviews, ratings, photos, and Q&A from users.
  • This tool automates email and SMS review requests.
  • It demonstrates customer content onsite and increases conversion.
  • Find negative reviews that you need to pay attention to.


  • There are only 50 orders permitted under the free plan.
  • The app installation may prove complex, especially for those who are not tech-savvy.
  • App UI isn’t embedded into your Shopify.

Pro tip: Are you trying to streamline customer interactions and support processes of your Shopify store? Desku stands out as a robust helpdesk platform designed to empower Shopify owners! You get boasts of features ranging from, automated Workflows, AI-powered Inbox, Eva AI chatbot, Suggested Answers, Ticket Summary, Omnichannel support, Customer Details and a lot more!

Worry not, although all these features seem highly efficient, Desku’s pricing won’t disappoint you! Start your free trial for 14 days and reap out all these benefits to skyrocket customer engagement!

11. Ryviu


Do you want to generate social proof of your product’s excellence and improve your store’s credibility to a great level? Then Ryviu is a suitable tool. Undoubtedly, it will help you in boosting conversion rates.

Onboarding this tool is similar to the one you must follow while using Shopify. You get step-by-step guidance through the app settings to make app configurations fast and easy. Again, this app is also not embedded into Shopify’s platform. However, while working with it, you will not feel anything that difficult.

You get 7 main tabs in the administrative system.

  • The home tab guides you through various settings.
  • The review tab is used for analyzing, importing and managing reviews.
  • The product tab offers you products, overviews, Q&As, and reviews.
  • Then, you have the Q&A, which gathers customers’ questions about the products.
  • The email tab lets you edit and review requested emails.
  • The partner’s tab displays partner apps.
  • At last, you get the settings page from where you can cherish the configuration options.

One amazing thing about Ryviu is the in-app analytics for reviews, which displays reviews for every single product individually. You can also see review growth in various countries differently, as well as from where these reviews come.

Besides review widgets, question-and-answer widgets help display and answer customer queries on your product pages. A lot of merchants have appreciated reviews, pricing, and customer service.

However, there have been a few complaints regarding the app causing incompatibilities with various Shopify apps. So, you need to be a bit careful. With the free plan, you get review imports; the limitation is up to 20 reviews for 50 products.

You will have to upgrade to the minimum basic plan to send request review emails, and this costs you $6.99/month. Now, that’s generous pricing.


  • Has a CSV file editor
  • Offers different ways to showcase reviews.
  • Shows product reviews for every item.
  • Boasts a questions and answers widget
  • Cn import reviews from Etsy.com, Amazon.com, AliExpress.com, and Dhgate.com
  • Provides analytics for reviews
  • Integrates with Google Rich Snippet
  • Visual email build with edit option for review requests.


  • Your Shopify site does not include a UI app but will operate on an autonomous website.
  • The second option of importing a review is only accessible on paid plans and involves using CSV files.
  • The free version has a restriction of twenty reviews in the first fifty products.

12. Trustoo


With generous pricing and a range of suitable features, Trustoo is a decent tool for merchants who want to develop a good reputation for their Shopify store. Merchants can import product reviews from DSers and AliExpress in no time. Besides that, adjusting the review widget and encouraging new customers to leave reviews is not tough at all.

You can display reviews on your homepage or as a pop-up. You can choose from various styles, customize the colors, elements, and layouts, and make it look how you like it. Besides that, you get a lot of tools to collect reviews.

You can send push notifications, SMS, or emails, and you’ve also got the flexibility of offering a discount or a coupon in exchange for a customer review. Setting an automated flow for the same is also a very quick process.

After every successful purchase, this automation will send an automatic message to the customer asking for a review, saving time. An automatic translation feature is also there, which is highly helpful for merchants working with a global audience.

You will be amazed to know that even Trustoo’s free app plan allows unlimited imports and reviews. However, there’s a limitation on the review requests you can send, which is 50 requests per month. Also, it comes with Trustoo’s branding.

You enjoy unlimited translations and requests with the paid plan, which costs you $ 9.99 monthly. Another benefit you are getting with this plan is the SEO feature, which helps you set structured data and get your review ranked on Google as a snippet.


  • Fast support
  • Customizable review widgets
  • Unlimited imports of product reviews


  • This app works only for AliExpress drop shippers.
  • Importing reviews caused some difficulties for merchants.

13. Automizely Reviews

Image 1

Do you like automation in your work processes? Then it’s worth reading about Automizely Reviews. This app does a lot for you. You can gather reviews after purchase and show them on your line store in the form of a list or blocks, all automatically.

Importing reviews from AliExpress can be done with just one click. Also, you can upload your reviews via a CSV file. You’ll have to activate the review widget to showcase reviews on your website. This will enable reviews on your product pages and display customer star ratings right below product titles, pretty much like you see on Amazon pages.

You can fully customize the review widget. There are various fonts and colours; you can also show the country flag. For review request emails, it is possible to set how many days after product purchase the email needs to be sent.

You can go to Thym customization to add the product information block to let widgets appear on your product pages. You can choose the app from the list. You get 15 language choices for displaying your customer reviews, which is highly helpful if you sell in various countries.

The app UI uses a Shopify design system to offer users as if they are using Shopify additional settings. The simplicity and admin UI of Automizely Reviews is truly appreciable. However, you don’t get any option for displaying reviews on homepages, which is certainly a drawback. Also, you cannot provide your customers with a discount code for submitting a review. The team is still working on it. Automizely Reviews is a free cost tool.


  • Uses Shopify native design elements
  • Ensures you can tailor the review design, color, and typeface to suit your business voice.
  • The app is completely free without any restrictions.
  • It has a visual editor with a preview to edit review request emails.
  • Import reviews from the AliExpress option.
  • Simple & clean Admin UI
  • Supports all Shopify themes
  • 15+ languages for review


  • The UI of the app is not integrated with Shopify and is on an independent site.
  •  Not possible to export reviews
  • Contact support to get rid of the “powered by Automizely” watermark.

14. Opinew


Like a few previously discussed review tools, Opinew also streamlines the process of gathering reviews from customers and helps boost customer engagement and brand trust. Gathering video reviews, photo reviews, etc., to create strong social proof is very easy with Opinew.

This tool is great for pushing positivity in the new customers who have just stepped into your online store. Gathering reviews is convenient as users can submit them via QR codes, SMS, or via mail.

Gathering reviews is possible for both products as well as your shop. You can fully customize the review, request emails, and increase the number of reviews by offering coupons and special discounts in order to exchange a review.

You get a step-by-step onboarding process on offer. Customer service also deserves appreciation as they are always ready to help in setting up this application for you. Most of the reviews say that there are no complaints regarding the speed and perfection of Opinew.

Also, this app offers various integrations, for example, with Klaviyo, Google Shopping, Facebook, etc. You need to remove code from the theme while installing this app. Otherwise, the product will be removed.

You get a 14-day free trial like various apps already mentioned on this list. The Starter plan is $19 per month. The Growth plan, which is suitable for medium-sized businesses, costs you $69 per month. The larger enterprises can go for either the Advanced plan, which is $149 per month, or the Enterprise plan, which is $399 per month. The number of review requests increases with these plans.


  • The step-by-step onboarding.
  • Can import reviews from AliExpress, eBay, or Amazon, or migrate .csv reviews
  • It customizes the look of review/star widgets.
  • Automatically optimizes all of your review photos for loading speed.
  • It allows sending of order emails as well as email requests to the old orders.
  • Develops rich snippets for good SEO.
  • Supports Google Shopping, Weglot, Klaviyo, PageFly, and numerous other applications.


  • App UI isn’t embedded into your Shopify platform
  • The free version is not available with the app


We’ve got an amazing solution to all your customer management issues! Desku is the key.  it’s a strategic tool that aligns seamlessly with Shopify’s goals of providing excellent customer experiences. Once you integrate Desku into your Shopify store, you can unlock the full potential of your customer support capabilities.

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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