Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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How Can You Increase Shopify Orders With Desku Helpdesk?

Are you looking to enhance your Shopify orders using desktop? Learn the strategies and techniques to increase Shopify orders with the power of desktop technology.

How Can You Increase Shopify Orders With Desku Helpdesk?

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Business is all about dealing with your customers. Customer Relationship Services capitalize on Customers, and in turn, Customers capitalize on your Business Capital! And what could be a better way than taking support from the best customer service with none other than Desku by your side? 

Desku brings a spark of liveliness to the way your business interacts with its customers. Never lose track of your customer concerns; Desku’s help desk solution keeps you connected with your customers.

Desku’s Chatbots give in-person assistance on demand by the customers. Desku gives you the privilege to communicate around the clock with your customers, which in turn dignifies their association. 

Desku’s analytics and reporting tools strengthen the marketing strategies and future goals of the business. Fasten your seat belt with us, as we are going to witness the magnificent takeoff of your Shopify orders with Desku by your side in 2024.

Key Takeaway :

To increase Shopify orders with Desku Helpdesk, utilize its analytical tools to identify strengths, weaknesses, and customer expectations, leading to a better-focused online shop tailored for your target audience, ultimately resulting in higher Shopify order numbers. Additionally, leverage Desku’s automation features such as macros and rules to offload routine tasks, attend to every customer’s concern, and respond with a human touch, thereby enhancing the customer experience and increasing Shopify orders.

Features that help to elevate the Shopify Orders with Desku

Live Chat: Proactive Conversation with Customers

Live chat
Live chat

Desku’s Live Chat feature can be your true guide to assist your customers in their Shopify journey. Let’s take an example to understand how Desku’s Live chat is of great use in your Shopify account. 

Imagine a situation where a customer enters your online Shopify store with the intention of buying a product but is stuck with either the product specification or the payment issue. If you have Desku, your employee can instantly assist the customer through the Live chat window and speed up the buying process. 

Now, imagine a customer has a query and is trying to reach you. With email, it takes a minimum of one day to get his query solved. But with Desku’s Live chat in place, customers can communicate their queries in real-time and get them solved instantly by the employees. 

Desku’s Live Chat box sets a solid conversational bridge between you and your customers. It also helps to solve queries in real-time. It is considered one of the finest tools to assist in service to your customers. This fast response triggers a sense of utmost commitment and genuine care towards your customers. 

This in-need conversation elevates customers’ trust in your business and lays the foundation for a long-lasting relationship. The live chat feature of Desku is not merely a chat window but can be the driving force behind the customer’s loyalty towards your Shopify Store. 

With Desku’s Live chat, every chat becomes a new gateway for elevating your customers’ connection. 

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Shared Inbox and Ticketing System

Being with a team means working as a team, and Desku truly provides this platform to harmonize your team’s activity. 

With the Shared Inbox feature in hand, Desku enables your team to keep track of each and every minute detail of your customers. This conversation can be for assistance, query, discussion, or a suggestion; Desku’s Shared box has placed you in front of the whole team. Now, it’s up to you how to use this information for your next move.

When Desku’s Ticketing system is in place, it becomes easier to assign the right query to the right agent to get it solved quickly. This reduces the response time and speeds up the issue-addressing process, thus elevating customer satisfaction and assurance rates.

Strong connections amongst peers and routing the query to the right agent are key to team productivity, and Desku lends this key to use for your Shopify portal. 

Chatbot: No-Code Chatbot Builder

Chatbot deskubots no code chatbot builder
Chatbot: no-code chatbot builder

If you have a Website, you must have a chatbot in it. Chatbot has not just remained a trendy box in your online store but has become the need of the dynamic e-commerce platform.

With the flourishing internet services, the entire world is at the doorstep of e-commerce platforms. Irrespective of the time zone, customers from varied geographies will astonish you with their presence in your Shopify store. Having a human deployed around the clock in your virtual portal to assist the visitors is next to impossible. It is this little AI-powered conversational box that will come to your rescue to attend to your customers in any time frame. 

Gone are the days when you needed exceptional coding expertise to craft the chatbots for your website. With Desku by your side, you can easily have a chatbot that is trendy, perfectly aligned with your brand personality, functional, and tailored as per your conversational needs. 

The Desku Chatbot proves to be a virtual assistant in your Shopify store to answer any customer query, provide information about your product line, or assist in checkout processes. The well-built and AI-powered chatbot not only assists the customers but also heightens the customer conversational experience with your Shopify store with their immediate response.

This automated and personalized interactive chatbot can prove to be the virtual face of your Shopify store and can become a powerful tool to capture the customer’s attention across the entire world. 

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Knowledge Base: Self-Service Option for Customers

Knowledge base
Knowledge base

The fundamental force behind any rising organization is its power of Knowledge. Businesses use it to drive innovations and bring it forward to enlighten their customers. 

Desku is not far behind in providing an exceptional pool of Knowledge to its customers. Whether you are stuck somewhere or want to know more about products and services, Desku’s Knowledge Base is always there to cast light on your less-trodden paths. 

Knowledge Base not only frees your employees from repetitive queries but ignites the joy of breaking the tech-driven barriers in the hearts of the customers. This self-help knowledge portal equipped with FAQs, Product and Service information, and informative guides can prove to be the educational face of your business. It not only reduces the query clutter but streamlines the internal process to focus more on productive tasks. 

Desku’s Knowledge base is not just a source of information but signifies its transparency and commitment to keeping your customers updated with the latest innovations and services in the industry. Desku’s educational pool can become a leading path for the customers toward your Shopify store. To set up this knowledge base, online store merchants don’t even need to get assistance from a developer; it’s that easy!

Seamless Integrations: Integrate apps that you need

Seamless integrations

Shopify store owners do want to avail themselves of the benefits of the CRM process but are afraid of the complex integrations. Worry not; Deksu brings you the most innovative customer solutions with an experience of seamless integrations. Shopify-Desku integration is as efficient as the heart and as disguised as the lungs, with integrations resembling the smoothness of the pulmonary artery connecting the two vital entities. 

This integration is not limited to creating a conversational comfort zone but developing a comprehensive ecosystem that imparts vitality to your Shopify store. Reinforcing the customer-driven strategies imparts meaningful connections with the business propelling agencies. 

This seamlessness is not limited to integrating with your CRM systems but extends toward secured payment gateways and 3rd party e-commerce integrations. Visit the Desku app store to learn more about integrations.

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Social Inbox: Connect Social media accounts

Desku not only provides an excellent customer support system but also lends you access to the unified platform of social media viewers where your potential customer dwells. 

Desku provides you with an opportunity to connect all your social media platforms through a single dashboard. Thus, you need to keep an eye on all the actions, stories, comments, discussions, debates, likes, or shares of your targeted audience through a common platform. The Desku app brings the power of customers’ perceptions and viewpoints into your lap, giving a well-informed and personalized touch to Shopify’s next strategic move.

Social Inbox is not only a tool but also a way to link your online store with social media discussions. You no longer have to switch platforms just to connect with your audience. Desku combines everything in a single inter-connected environment. You can comment, respond to questions, and manage mentions – all within our Social Inbox.

You can also communicate hassle-free to any social media platform via Desku’s Social Inbox. The prompt, accurate, and on-demand response is always welcomed by the customers. Desku’s Social Inbox keeps you vigilant and active at the same time. It also facilitates the path for personalized interactions and customer engagement. 

Desku’s Social Inbox brings a complete view of your customers’ interactions across the diverging platforms and increases your Shopify orders through a unified converging conversational platform. 

With Desku at the backside, the entire social media resides inside your Shopify store. 

Reports and Analytics: Glimpse of Business

When you talk about your business, you talk about the Numbers! Number of customers, number of orders, number of sales, and whatnot. It’s the world of numbers, where strategies are formed to increase the numbers. 

Shopify store owner Deksu truly knows this game of numbers and lets you use the data processing tools to configure strategies based on these numbers. Configured with extensive reasoning and logical arrays, Desku brings the most functional and Accurate reports and analytics to your doorstep. 

The customer’s queries, suggestions, requests, and every interaction are important in gaining insights into their buying behavior. Desku’s reporting tools become handy in keeping track of every discussion. Desku’s Analytical tools process the valuable insights from these reporting feeds, not missing the tiniest opportunity to let you carve a perfect strategy for increasing your Shopify orders.

However, this characteristic goes beyond just a dashboard; it serves as the guiding point for navigating various subtleties of your business environment. Identifying strengths so that can be increased, weaknesses you can improve, and strategies that meet customers’ expectations. The result? A better-focused and agile online shop that is tailored for your target audience, leading to higher Shopify order numbers. Accurate Reports and Analytics from Desku does not only mean data but insight, understanding, and shaping of an above-expectation shopping experience.

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✅ Macros and Rules: Automation

Want to get rid of cumbersome routine processes in your Shopify store? Desku’s Automation is always ready to extend its helping hand. Answering routine queries and informing about upcoming discounts and updates can be tiresome and time-consuming for your Shopify team. 

With Desku’s Automation, you can offload the team from these boring tasks and deploy them to more productive activities. Desku’s triggers and automatic workflow do the perfect job of freeing up your creative brains without compromising on the existing workload, ensuring every query is attended to promptly.

Macro is a step ahead in Desku’s automation process. Want to give a personalized response synonymous with human response? Macros come into the action. With macros, you can record a predefined response and cater it to the customer’s queries on demand. 

Desku saves your precious time with Automation and Macros, attends to every customer’s concern, and responds with a human touch, heightening customer experience and thus increasing your Shopify orders.


Desku helpdesk, developed by Desku Technologies LLP, is a perfect app for any e-commerce store owner, especially Shopify and Woocommerce merchants. Shopify app, along with Desku live chat, is a deadly combo.

There is enough customization on offer, and your agents will be able to reply to even very complex queries in no time. It will also help with certain tools in order to convert prospects into clients and boost sales. To know about pricing, contact the Desku – helpdesk now!

Any Shopify expert would love it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Desku if I’m new to e-commerce? 

Yes! Desku’s user-friendly interface helps even beginners to traverse and utilize its every function hassle-free. App integration is easy.

How does Desku’s Social Inbox work? 

Dependable apps like Desku allow you to manage all your social media platform queries from a single window called Social Inbox. You can read and respond to any query from this unified inbox.

What makes Desku’s Chatbot-Deskubots unique?

Desku has created a personalized Chatbot- Deskubot without the complexities of Coding. You can create meaningful, smart, and personalized conversations with it. Hence, Desku is highly recommended.

Can I customize Desku’s Knowledge Base for my products? 

Why not? Desku’s Knowledge base provides an educational section for incorporating product guides, FAQs, shipping and returning policies, or payment guides.

How does Automation benefit my online store? 

With Automation in place, the regular queries are managed promptly and automatically by the system, and your team is freed from the burden of routine work, and you can use them for more productive tasks. Shopper query fulfilment becomes easy, and shopping carts will face less abandonment.

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Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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