Updated : Apr 24, 2024
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10 Impressive Benefits of Live Chat for Ecommerce Business

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10 Impressive Benefits of Live Chat for Ecommerce Business

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Talking about the Benefits of Live Chat For Ecommerce, it has shown some groundbreaking results and let us give you one example of how Live Chat can be beneficial. 

Imagine you walk into a store finding that one T-shirt you wanted for so long, and now boom! You don’t have the size in the store. You are mad, and you keep asking and now there is no response. You will be frustrated because your “need” and “slow response” have loosened your patience within you. You have so many questions like,

Will they bring the T-shirt you were looking for?

All the staff there ask you to call or email the help system concerned and you feel frustrated and end up leaving the store. We will never go back to the company where we experience unpleasant customer service.

The best Ecommerce Helpdesk consists of the best features and that is Live Chat: Real-Time Engagement with customers, let’s understand a bit about it!

Key Takeaway :

Live chat is a real-time online communication method where users chat with customer support or other individuals through text messages on a website or app. It is considered to be one of the finest features that help to easily have a conversation, run sales, recommend products to their customers, take out surveys and much more!

All in one ai chatbot and automation crm for ecommerce brands
10 impressive benefits of live chat for ecommerce business -

What is Live Chat? [Ecommerce Focused]

Live chat is a real-time online communication method where users chat with customer support or other individuals through text messages on a website or app.

Considering Desku’s Live Chat, it is easily embeddable on your business website. Considering the Live Chat in Ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, it is easier to have a conversation with your customers.

What is Live Chat Delight for Ecommerce Business? [With Desku]

Live Chat for Ecommerce is considered to be one of the finest features that help to easily have a conversation, run sales, recommend products to their customers, take out surveys and much more!

Have a look!

Order details on fingertips

Value reduce
Ecommerce live chat delight

Who has all the time in the world to always juggle between multiple platforms? It becomes overwhelming to manage everything at once, and hence Desku provides utter relief from all the fuss and lets you manage order activities under one platform also helping to improve customer engagement.

Personalize orders for your customers from Live Chat

10 impressive benefits of live chat for ecommerce business -

Help your customers with product recommendations, and suggest to them what they are actually looking for. Imagine everything just from a live chat widget. Customers love personalisation and why not offer when you can?

Your customers love to see products under their budget straight!

Value scale customer 1
Product under your customer’s budget

When customers cannot find products under their budget, they often tend to leave your site. Show them directly what they are looking for. Understand the budget of your customers, and recommend products that they expect there is no chance of losing your visitors but will always have visitors who will convert into paying customers.

Ecommerce customer solution

Now we are living in this digital world differently – instead of stores, we now have ecommerce websites, and instead of store assistants who run to each other to find proper help, we have live chat assistants that take seconds to help a customer get started. 

This is just the beginning of how effective Live Chat for Ecommerce has developed and is in action.

Let us dive deep into this article and learn more about the Benefits of Live Chat For Ecommerce that will change the game in giving a pleasing experience to customers. 

10 Benefits of Live Chat For Ecommerce Business

1. Instant Service To Customers 

There are a variety of products available online – if your customer has taken a liking for your product and wants to know more about it – addressing the issue as soon as possible is the only gateway to making the purchase possible. 

Benefits of live chat for ecommerce

Delaying response time will make your customers shift their focus to some other product from someone else, because, let’s face it – we all love variety. 

A whopping 57% of the customers leave a purchase in the middle only owing to delayed response time. 

Hence, this should not be a mistake you make for your business today. 

And yes, you will not make the mistake if you have a live chat feature. 

With live chat, you can give instant showcasing of the product or other details and prevent sales from slipping away. Improve Ecommerce Customer Experience like never before!

2. Serving Many Customers at the Same Time 

A business will have more than one customer for its various products. 

With phone support, an agent can make one call per customer at the same time, but with live chat, that same agent can talk to multiple customers at the same time. It is time to Boost Ecommerce Customer Service in your business

When asked customers, 12% of them expressed their frustration over delayed support, and therefore, live chat is a better option. 

Not only that, you get to decide in which order you will have to tackle all the queries that come from the various customers. 

3. A Seamless Experience for The Customers 

The paramount importance of Ecommerce live chat is that it makes the experience very smooth for the customers. 

Ticket resolution

Be assured that you will have a seamless connection with businesses, without interrupting the shopping experience if you take help from live chat. 

A live chat window is very easy to spot and within a few seconds, you may send in your query. 

Furthermore, you get to track customer insights like when your customer had initiated the conversation and several other features which help you read their behaviour better. 

All in one ai chatbot and automation crm for ecommerce brands
10 impressive benefits of live chat for ecommerce business -

4. Automation Processes

We already know that the benefits of automation help a customer support team to make it a faster process altogether – but this becomes even easier and smoother with its automation feature.

You can send automated welcome messages to your customer, help them track their orders, use two-click customised templates, and handle queries with certain rules set up accordingly with automation. 

With Desku, the automation feature in live chat is as smooth as butter. 

Screely 1694691281891

The chatbot in Desku’s live chat can quickly answer common questions to save time for both customers and agents. Desku also allows for a seamless automation experience with scheduling appointments and booking reservations for the customer. 

5. Measure Team Performance

Everyone wants to provide great customer service, but the importance of e-commerce live chat is in the fact that it helps you understand how you will perform great customer service.

One of the most important ways of providing good customer service lies in how your team performs to ensure good customer service.

Ai chatbot

Live chat helps and supports you with invaluable analytics and team performance insights concerning customer service. 

They help you measure first response time, resolution rates, the performance of individual agents, customer satisfaction scores, and first response times.

6. Self-Service

Who does not like having a shopping experience where it feels like it is their store and they are controlling everything? 

Giving autonomy to customers while making a purchase is a great way to retain customers for longer times. And with the live chat feature, that is no longer impossible. 

Most businesses have confirmed that the live chat feature has indeed solved most of their store problems, and it is even better with its self-service features.

In this way customers help customers – they cancel an order themselves, easily change their delivery addresses, and return the delivered products and even the store owners do not bother to keep assistants and helpers lingering around. 

Customers get instant help and have the autonomy to manage their issues – this significantly improves the overall customer experience

All in one ai chatbot and automation crm for ecommerce brands
10 impressive benefits of live chat for ecommerce business -

7. Personalisation

This can be counted as one of the most significant advantages of live chat for e-commerce.  

With the best live chat tools available in the market, you can view features like chat history, purchase history, all the pages they were browsing, and the times for which they were browsing each. 

Screely 1694691811704

You can initiate conversations with a customer stuck while making a purchase and like magic, help the customer out yourself without them having to knock on your door for further support. 

In this regard, picking up the correct live chat for ecommerce is important. The live chat feature in Desku helps identify customer behaviour by the way it stores the necessary customer information and prevents you from asking irrelevant questions to them. 

With such information, you can create highly personalised suggestions and relevant recommendations that make a fantastic shopping experience for the customer.

8. Cost-Effective

Among all the Ecommerce live chat benefits, the cost-effectiveness of the use of such a feature is the most relevant reason why all digital e-commerce businesses are resorting to live chat facilities today.  

With a fantastic self-service portal and its integrations with CRM software, it releases your agents of added pressure, provides instant customer support, and makes your agents available for other necessary work. 

The fact that your agents can chat with multiple customers and handle a lot of work at the same time, saves time and reduces cost. Increased productivity from the agent’s side increases the company’s overall ROI.

When in live chat support, the cost per contact is only $5, the price of phone support contact is a whopping $12

It is estimated that the cost of scaling live chat support can decrease anywhere from 17-33% lower than all other forms of communication. 

9. Capture Leads Even if You’re Offline

Customers will visit your stores during business hours and also during non-business hours when you and your whole team are completely offline. 

Screely 1694692047323

But would a smart businessman want to lose valuable leads only because he is offline?

I don’t think so. 

Just leave an after-hours form with your website through live chat and customers can fill in the contact information and every other relevant detail, while you can come online whenever and assist accordingly. 

With live chat, collect contact information when you’re offline, and without an agent, send in automated messages to help them in the initial journey of what they are looking for and other generic details. 

10. Helps Collect Customer Feedback 

The final step in purchasing a product is to have feedback on it. Even if we are not dealing with a purchase, we should get a customer’s feedback on how effective our customer support team was in dealing with their query, and how smooth of an experience they have faced with the business’s service team. 

Rating popup

Live chat agents can easily ask for direct feedback from a customer, which helps you measure the CSAT score more easily and better than any other communication channel. 

Great live chat for e-commerce will also help you create reports and provide other analytics based on the CSAT score. Hence, live chat truly is the best and the most cost-effective way of getting customer feedback. 

All in one ai chatbot and automation crm for ecommerce brands
10 impressive benefits of live chat for ecommerce business -

Benefits of Live Chat Summed Up

All the companies are slowly realising the potential of live chat’s importance in their businesses.

Harvard Business School has confirmed that incorporating the live chat feature into your business increases the profits of a business by25-95%!

Considering how big that figure is, if you want to pave the way for your business to success, start incorporating the live chat feature and let it do wonders for your business. 

Live Chat is considered to be one of the efficient ways of having a conversation with your customers and Desku’s Live Chat, it gives more than just a conversation.

If you’re still confused about choosing the right live chat software, let me remind you that Desku’s live chat feature offers seamless management for enquiries, and has spectacular technical support.

As a smart Ecommerce Business Owner, you know what to choose now!

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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