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Top 10 Email Management Tools for Efficient Business Communication

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Top 10 Email Management Tools for Efficient Business Communication

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Today, on average, emails have an open rate of 18% where the CTR is about 2.6% and so;

Email management software has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes where email communication plays a pivotal role in connecting with customers, and managing a growing influx of messages can be challenging.

This comprehensive guide will tell you everything about Email Management Software for your business.

What is Email Management Software?

Email Management Software refers to a set of tools designed to help individuals and businesses efficiently organize, sort, and respond to their email communications.

It goes beyond the capabilities of standard email clients by providing advanced features and functionalities specifically tailored for managing high volumes of emails.

These software solutions offer a wide range of features that cater to different user needs and preferences and how?

Top 10 Email Management Software Solutions

When it comes to email management software, there is no shortage of options available. From streamlining your email workflow to enhancing customer service, these software solutions offer a range of features and functionalities to meet your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best email management software available on the market.

  1. Desku
  2. Missive
  3. Microsoft Outlook
  4. Hiver
  5. Front
  6. LiveAgent
  7. Sanebox
  8. Omnisend
  9. Klaviyo
  10. MailerLite

1. Desku


Desku offers an all-in-one platform for eCommerce solutions to boost your business. With Desku, you can effortlessly manage customer support and help desk tickets by staying in sync with support agents.

The platform offers several outstanding features and one of its distinct features is the shared inbox enables support agents to access and handle shared email accounts from a unified inbox, streamlining communication and enhancing efficiency.

Desku: Best Email Management Software

Desku specialised in the management of emails. The first choice of any busy business owner is always Desku. Shared Inbox for teams helps in internal collaboration so that customers always stay on the same page.

Shared Inbox Features at a Glance

AI-powered Inbox: Desku’s shared inbox is AI-enhanced and optimized for efficiency, making it perfect for modern support teams.

📌 Ticketing: It allows team members to effortlessly collaborate to promptly resolve intricate issues.

📌 Omnichannel: View all customer support interactions in one location, ensuring a unified approach.

📌 Ticket Assigning: Quickly team up with peers to solve complex issues, enhancing collaboration.

📌 Customer Details Integration: Combine your customer data and strengthen your team inbox with all the details they need.

📌 Service Level Agreement (SLA) Integration: Enhance customer service with integrated SLAs.

Benefits of Shared Inbox

  • 50% Less Support Queries: The shared inbox helps in reducing support queries, preventing team burnout.
  • 40% Lower Support Cost: By streamlining processes, the shared inbox helps in cutting down support costs.
  • Enhanced Team Efficiency: Experience a lightning-fast, easy-to-use inbox that enhances team efficiency.
  • Unified Customer Interaction: All customer support interactions are viewable in one location, ensuring a seamless experience.

Desku’s shared inbox is designed to enhance team efficiency with the world’s fastest shared inbox. It’s not just about managing emails; it’s about creating a collaborative environment where support agents can work together to provide the best customer service.

Pricing of Desku

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  • Desku Offers 7-Day Free Trial 
  • Startup: $29/month
  • Team: $59/month
  • Business: $89/month

2. Missive


Missive is the best email management software that helps teams collaborate and stay organized. It is a cloud-based app that can be accessed from any device.

You can use the platform’s tools to make collaboration easier. Assign conversations to specific employees or teams, label emails for better organization, and create rules for task automation. This helps improve your workflow.

The platform offers various helpful features like canned replies, collaborative drafts, and internal comments. Moreover, workload balancing ensures the fair distribution of tasks among your team members. These tools foster better teamwork and efficiency.

Pricing of Missive

  • Missive offers a free plan.
  • Starter: $14/month
  • Productive: $18/month
  • Business: $26/month

3. Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager software system from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 software suites.

Though primarily popular as an email client for businesses, Outlook also includes functions such as calendaring, task managing, contact managing, note-taking, journal logging, and web browsing.

Like Gmail, Outlook users can access Microsoft’s suite of productivity applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote, Teams, Skype, and calendar and to-do list tools.

Pricing of Microsoft Outlook

For Home 

  • Microsoft 365 Family: $9.99/month
  • Microsoft 365 Personal: $6.99/month

For Business

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic: $6/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard: $12.50/month
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium: $22/month
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for Business: $8.25/month

4. Hiver

Ehiver 1

Hiver is the best email management software that helps teams collaborate and manage their email more effectively. It is built on top of Gmail, so teams can use it without having to learn a new platform.

Hiver is a user-friendly help desk integrated directly into Gmail. It offers all the essential tools for excellent customer support without the overwhelming complexities found in other help desk products.

With Hiver, you can efficiently manage customer support tasks right from your Gmail inbox, making it a convenient and straightforward solution for businesses.

Pricing of Hiver

  • Hiver offers a 7-Day free trial
  • Lite: $13.41/month
  • Pro: $34.15/month
  • Elite: $48.78/month

5. FrontEfront

Front is an email management software designed to improve team collaboration and efficiency in handling emails.

It merges the convenience of email with the organization of a help desk, offering automated workflows and real-time collaboration.

By using Front, teams can bring all their messages together from various channels, ensuring they reach the right person for a swift response.

The software also provides valuable insights and visibility across all customer interactions, making it easier to manage and optimize customer operations effectively.

Front simplifies email management and enhances teamwork for better customer communication.

Pricing of Front

For Most Businesses

  • Growth: $59/month
  • Scale: $99/month
  • Premier: $229/month

For Smaller Teams

Front pricing and plans front 1
  • Starter: $19/month

6. LiveAgent


LiveAgent is an online Help Desk designed for small and midsize ecommerce businesses and also considered as the best email management software.

It provides various tools like live chat, ticket management, self-service portals, and change and license management, which can be used together or individually.

Additionally, LiveAgent offers broader customer relationship management (CRM) applications, including marketing and sales force automation, in collaboration with third-party software companies.

The platform is customizable and can adapt as small companies expand their customer base and online services.

Pricing of LiveAgent

Liveagentpricing 1
  • LiveAgent offers a 7 or 30 Days free trial
  • Small: $9/agent
  • Medium: $29/agent
  • Large: $49/agent
  • Enterprise: $69/agent

7. Sanebox

SaneBox is the best email management service that helps you take control of your inbox.

It does this by automatically sorting your email into several folders on your own host’s email server, based on each email’s importance.

SaneBox works by learning your email habits and preferences over time.

It uses this information to determine which emails are important to you and which ones can be safely moved to a folder for later reading.

Pricing of Sanebox

  • Sanebox offers a 14-Day free trial
  • Snack: $3.49/month
  • Lunch: $5.99/month
  • Dinner: $16.99/month

8. Omnisend


Omnisend is a powerful marketing automation platform created specifically for eCommerce businesses. While its primary focus is on email marketing, it also offers various other marketing channels.

With Omnisend, creating visually appealing email campaigns becomes a breeze.

The platform’s automation features allow users to personalize their messages based on customer data, engagement with previous campaigns, and shopping behaviour.

Email marketing automation with Omnisend involves sending targeted and relevant messages at the right moments.

Pricing of Omnisend

  • Omnisend has a free plan
  • Standard: $16/month
  • Pro: $59/month

9. Klaviyo


Klaviyo is a robust marketing platform designed to enhance the customer experience for eCommerce store owners.

Using Klaviyo, businesses can leverage customer data and integrate with over 300 other platforms to automate personalized email and SMS communications, creating a more tailored and engaging interaction for customers.

Many eCommerce store owners use Klaviyo alongside platforms like Shopify to create a comprehensive marketing ecosystem.

With Klaviyo, sending bulk SMS campaigns becomes easy, and each message can be personalized using powerful automation.

Pricing of Klaviyo

  • Email and SMS: $35/month
  • Email: $20/month
  • Free Plan

10. MailerLite


MailerLite is an email marketing platform that empowers users to create professional newsletters, landing pages, and websites effortlessly using its intuitive drag & drop editor, which includes an AI generator for added convenience.

With MailerLite, managing email campaigns becomes a seamless experience, as users can conveniently handle their campaigns on the go through the iOS app.

MailerLite offers seamless integration with various third-party tools and platforms, including Zapier, Stripe, WordPress, Shopify, and more, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Pricing of MailerLite

  • MailerLite offers a 30-Days free trial
  • Advanced: $20/month
  • Growing Business: $10/month
  • Free Plan
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing

5 Essential Features of Email Management Software

When evaluating email management software, certain features stand out as crucial for maximizing its benefits.

Let’s explore the key features that can boost your productivity and enhance customer service.

Email Inbox Filtering

  • Advanced filtering options can automatically segregate emails based on parameters such as sender, importance, and subject, allowing you to focus on critical messages first.
  • Managing a cluttered inbox can be a daunting task, but with the help of email management software, you can streamline this process.
  • Inbox filtering allows you to create rules and criteria for sorting incoming emails.
  • For example, you can set up filters to prioritize emails from specific clients or mark emails as important based on certain keywords.
  • By organizing your inbox in this way, you can ensure that you never miss important messages and can respond to them promptly.

Ready Email Templates

  • Pre-formatted email templates save time and ensure consistent and efficient responses to common queries or requests.
  • Writing the same type of email response over and over again can be time-consuming and monotonous.
  • Best Email management software comes to the rescue with its email template feature.
  • These templates allow you to create pre-written responses for commonly asked questions or standard requests.
  • You can personalize these templates as needed and simply insert them into your emails with a few clicks.
  • This not only saves time but also ensures that your responses are consistent and professional.

76% of savvy brands choose to flaunt their designs with fancy HTML email templates for their email campaigns📧

Accurate Email Analytics

  • Robust analytics provide valuable insights such as response times, customer behaviour, and team performance, enabling you to optimize your email management strategies.
  • Understanding the effectiveness of your email management strategies is crucial for continuous improvement.
  • Email management software provides detailed analytics that gives you insights into various aspects of your email communication.
  • You can track metrics such as response times, email open rates, and customer engagement.
  • With this data, you can identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to optimize your email management processes.

Email Organization Tools

  • Email management software provides powerful email organization tools that help users efficiently manage email inboxes and stay on top of their messages.
  • These tools include features like email categorization, filtering, and tagging, allowing users to organize their emails based on different criteria.
  • With email organization tools, users can easily prioritize and sort incoming messages, making it easier to focus on the most important emails first.
  • This streamlines the email workflow, reduces clutter, and ensures that critical emails are never overlooked.

Automated Workflows

  • By setting up automated workflows, users can create predefined rules and actions for specific types of emails.
  • For example, they can automatically move certain emails to designated folders, send automated responses to common inquiries, or escalate urgent emails to the appropriate team members.
  • Automated workflows not only save time and effort but also help ensure consistent and timely responses to customer inquiries, improving overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Why your business needs Email Management Software?

Email management software offers a wide range of benefits that saves time and increases productivity. It transforms the workflow and maximizes the conversation for individuals.

Let’s move forward and know the benefits email management software has to offer.

Enhance the Productivity of the Team

Email management software automates repetitive tasks like spam filtering, message sorting, and email templates, saving valuable time for more critical activities.

Streamlined Inbox for Email Management

Features like message flagging, tags, and labels enable efficient email organization and prioritization, ensuring important information is never missed.

Integration with Productivity Tools

Email management software seamlessly integrates with calendars and task managers, providing a holistic approach to managing schedules and tasks alongside emails.

Improved Team Communication

Shared inboxes facilitate collaboration, allowing multiple team members to access and respond to emails collectively, promoting transparency and efficiency.

Robust Security Features

The software offers encryption options, spam filters, and antivirus scanning, protecting sensitive information and ensuring email security.

How to Choose the Right Email Management Software?

Choosing the right email management software is crucial for businesses seeking to optimize their communication and customer support. With various options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to make the best decision.

However, let’s consider the below factors to choose the right email management software for your business.

Consider its Scalability

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing email management software is scalability. As your business grows, so will your email volume and user count.

You need to ensure that the software you choose can accommodate this growth without compromising performance.

Look for software that offers flexible storage options and can handle a high volume of emails without slowing down.

Check its Integration Capabilities

Another crucial factor to consider is the integration capabilities of the email management software.

Assess whether the software integrates well with your existing tools and systems, such as CRM platforms or helpdesk software.

Seamless integration can streamline your workflow and improve productivity by allowing you to access all your important information in one place.

Look for the Pricing Plans

Cost is always a consideration when choosing any software solution.

Evaluate your budget and compare pricing plans to ensure the software aligns with your financial constraints.

Keep in mind that while cost is important, it shouldn’t be the sole determining factor.

Investing in a reliable and feature-rich email management solution can have long-term benefits for your business.

Conclusion: Make Your Emails Better with Email Management Software

Email Management software is an invaluable tool for any business that helps reduce productivity, streamline workflows, and ultimately reduce the workload of the team attaining ZERO inbox.

This is utterly possible with Desku, which helps to streamline the email queries from customers in minutes.

Gaurav Nagani
Gaurav Nagani
As Founder & CEO of Desku.io, Gaurav has made a distinct mark in the customer support and ai bot field. His commitment to AI-enhanced solutions and his industry experience have been instrumental in modernizing customer service.

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